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India First Life’s E-Term Plus Insurance Plan

With the onset of the pandemic, everything around has changed drastically. Today nothing seems more important than keeping yourself and your family safe. Life is uncertain and therefore, it is important to be ready for all uncertainties at all times.

Humans can take anything on themselves but would never want their loved ones to be in trouble, ever. However, unfortunate situations like death, disability, or critical illnesses can make life difficult. Term insurance plans are policies specially designed for these unforeseen situations. These plans offer financial help to the policyholder’s family in case he loses his life or any such tragic incident happens.

India First term plans

A term insurance plan is a type of insurance policy wherein an individual pays a specific amount as a premium for a certain period of time. In return, these policies offer a death benefit in case the policyholder dies or suffers an accidental disability during this period. IndiaFirst Life has recently launched their E-Term Plus insurance plan which looks promising and affordable at the same time.

 About E-Term Plus Insurance Plan

IndiaFirst Life’s E-Term plus insurance plan is a non-linked, non-participating, individual life insurance plan with a lot of benefits and coverage options. This e-term Plus plan is a comprehensive product that has been designed to provide financial assistance to the beneficiaries in case the policyholder suffers accidental permanent disability, critical illnesses, natural or accidental death. However, the plan has much more to offer. This e term plus plan offers provisions to receive benefits in form of regular incomes or a lump-sum amount, as per the option chosen. Moreover, tax benefits can be availed by the policyholders on the premiums paid and returns received, as per the prevalent tax policies.

As IndiaFirst life e-term plus plan is an online insurance plan, it is here to save your time, money, and energy that you would have to spend otherwise while buying a similar plan offline. IndiaFirst term plans always have to offer more than any policy aspirant can expect. This e term plan comes with 7 cover options that are sufficient to not only protect the future of your loved ones but also promise to pay guaranteed returns to make their present better.

 Why buy the IndiaFirst term plans?

IndiaFirst Life Insurance company is a joint venture of a few of India’s public sector banks like Bank of Baroda, Union Bank etc.  The company’s foundation was laid in the year 2009 and since then the firm has established its brand value in the insurance sector. The company aims at securing every Indian’s life with a life insurance policy and has won several awards for successfully doing so.

Here are some of the points that showcase why anyone should consider buying some of the most popular term insurance plans offered by IndiaFirst Life insurance Company:

  • More than 5.5 million Indians have chosen IndiaFirst Life Insurance company over other companies while buying a term insurance plan.
  • 100% genuine claim settlement is guaranteed at IndiaFirst Life Insurance.
  • Employees at IndiaFirst life insurance company try their best to ease the policy application and documentation process by helping you at every step.
  • IndiaFirst term insurance policies can be purchased both online and offline.
  • IndiaFirst term plans come with various options to choose the best one according to your budget and requirements.
  • The company allows you to choose among the premium payment modes, terms, and payout options while buying a term insurance plan.


Benefits of the E-Term Plus Insurance Plan

  1. There are seven different coverage options in the plan from which the policyholder can choose one according to his needs.
  2. The plan allows the insured to choose whether he would like the nominee to receive the death benefit as a lump sum amount or as a monthly income.
  3. Flexibility to empower the nominee to decide the payment mode (of the death benefit) at the claim settlement stage.
  4. The policyholder is provided with a lump sum amount if he gets diagnosed with a critical illness. (Available under the Critical Benefit Protector option)
  5. The company pays an additional payout in case the policyholder suffers an accidental death. (Available under the Accidental Shield Coverage)
  6. The plan offers a provision to increase your sum assured at important life stage events like marriage, childbirth, home loan, etc.
  7. The plan offers coverage against death due to COVID-19.
  8. The plan offers a provision to increase your coverage by 5% every year to cope with inflation


To wrap it up

IndiaFirst Life’s E-Term plus insurance plan is designed in a way to protect the today and tomorrow of all Indian families. The plan comes with a number of benefits and attractive features at an affordable rate which makes it worth purchasing. The best part is that buying this plan is just a matter of a few clicks.

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