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Income Tax e Filing
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Income Tax e Filing – Know Everything

Mr Sanjiv searches about e-filing of income tax on the internet. He finds out that he can e-file his income tax return, TDS return, AIR return, and Wealth Tax Return on https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

He also finds that the apparent benefits of income tax e-filing the return include not dealing with the inconvenience of paperwork and wasting time sorting through it. He wonders how ITR login works. He finds out that he can do his ITAX e-filing and his ITR login on the secure website.

What is the definition of income tax?

Individual income tax is a tax levied on an individual’s annual earnings. The amount of tax you pay is determined by how much money one makes in a given year. Income tax payments, TDS/TCS payments, and Non-TDS/TCS payments can all be made online. To make these contributions, all taxpayers must complete the required information. The entire procedure is simplified and expedited.

income tax e filing

For 2020-21, all inhabitants with an annual income of more than Rs.2.5 lakh p.a. are subject to income tax. If an individual’s yearly revenue exceeds Rs.10 lakh, the maximum tax they may pay is 30% of their income plus a 4% cess.

One can also submit returns, view form 26AS, outstanding tax demand, CPC refund status, rectification status, ITR – V receipt status, online application tools for PAN and TAN, e-pay the tax, and use a tax calculator on this government website.

Who should be responsible for paying income tax?

Individuals must file an ITR login if their total gross income exceeds Rs.2,50,000 in a financial year. For elderly persons, this ceiling surpasses Rs.3,00,000, and for super senior citizens, it reaches Rs.5,00,000. The businesses and organizations mentioned below must pay taxes and submit tax returns.

  • Corporations are businesses.
  • People’s Organization (AOPs)
  • Families Undivided in Hinduism (HUFs)
  • Local Governments
  • Individuals as a group 

Income Tax Return

Here’s all one needs to know about filing an ITR login online. One needs their Form 16 from the employer and any proof of investment to submit the taxes. One might use this to calculate the tax due and any refunds due for the year. The IT preparation software is available for download from the ITAX e-filing website. One might begin completing the income tax return after one has all of the necessary paperwork.

E-filing the Income Tax

The apparent benefits of e-filing of Income Tax and the return include not having to deal with the inconvenience of paperwork and wasting time going through it. One might e-file their return in the ITR login

One might also file returns, see form 26AS, outstanding tax demand, CPC refund status, rectification status, ITR – V receipt status, online application tools for PAN and TAN, e-pay the tax, and use a tax calculator on this government website.

Calculation of Income Tax

Manually calculating income taxes or utilizing an online income tax calculator are options. The amount of tax one must pay is determined by the tax bracket in which one falls. Salary income comprises the base pay, House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transportation Allowance, Special Allowance, and any additional allowances for salaried staff.

income tax e filing

Certain aspects of the compensation, such as Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), reimbursement of telephone bills, and so on, are tax-free. If one’s pay includes HRA and lives in a leased home, they are entitled to an exemption. A standard deduction of up to Rs.50,000 is available in addition to these exemptions.

There are five stages to e-filing of Income tax returns.

  1. One needs to fill out the ITAX e-filing registration form. To e-file an income tax return, one must first create an account on the IRS’s online tax filing site.
  2. Choosing the Income-tax e-filing method.
  3. Preparing the documentation ahead of time.
  4. Filling out the form and submitting it.
  5. Examining ITR V.


Ways of e-filing the Income-tax

One might e-file the income tax return in two ways. One option is to go to the download area, choose the appropriate form, save it to your computer, fill out all required information offline, and then upload it back to the site. One might also use the fast ITAX e-filing option to fill out the form online.

What happens after the ITR form?

An acknowledgement number is generated when one submits the ITR login form. One only needs to save the number if the return was submitted with a digital signature. IF THE RETURN IS FILED WITHOUT A DIGITAL SIGNATURE, an ITR-V is created and delivered to your registered email address

The tax filing procedure is incomplete unless the ITR V is confirmed and the ITR is invalid. Within 120 days of filing, one can electronically verify or submit the signed ITR V to the processing centre. 

How does e-filing of Income-tax work?

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Certificates and Form 26AS is used to calculate income and taxes. One needs to select the appropriate Income Tax Form. ITR login application may be downloaded from the Income Tax Portal. 

In the downloaded file, one needs to fill in the information.

One has to validate the data one has entered, convert the document to XML format, and finally, on the Income Tax Portal, upload the XML file.


The Income Tax Department offers the option of filing an income tax return electronically (e-filing). Before going over the processes required in e-filing an income tax return, a taxpayer must preserve all necessary documentation for ITR login, computation and reporting.


What is the purpose of collecting income tax?

The government collects income tax for various purposes, including paying state and federal government employees' wages and covering infrastructure costs. The income tax that the government collects serves as a source of revenue that is used to fund the nation's growth.

Is it necessary to pay taxes if you earn money in cash?

Yes, even if you make money in cash, you must pay income tax. However, if the cash credit remains unaccounted for, the tax is levied at a flat rate of 60%, with no further tax advantages or exemptions available. A 25% surcharge is added on top of it, and a penalty of 6% is added on top of that.

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