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How To Avoid Common Investment Mistakes?


Mr Mehta, after seeing his colleague gaming a lot of profit by investing, decided that he’ll play the game of investing as well. He invested almost all his savings without having a proper plan. He gained a slight profit in the beginning, so he invested more in the same stocks. But suddenly, all his earnings went down as the share price of the stocks fell rapidly.

Mr Mehta then approached his colleague for help, and he taught him the basics of investment and gave him advice that helped him grow a lot, and by using his brain and strategy, he became one of the most influential investors.

Investment Mistakes:

While investing, we often incur a loss because we do not know about the market; here are some common mistakes that we should avoid to maximize profit:

  1. Not having a proper plan: If you are planning to invest without having a good plan, you might be making the biggest mistake of your life. Try to jot down your strengths and how much to plan to invest, and where. It allows you to invest appropriately.
  2. Not researching properly: Not studying enough and making you fall into a big problem. Try examining the shares you want to invest, research how the market works and after proper investigation, only move forward and invest your money into the share you feel is profitable for you.
  3. Investing in something you are not interested in: Sometimes, people invest in various fields, but they do not know about it thus might be because of peer pressure. It is always wise to invest in the market you are best at. It might not promise you great returns, but you can invest with your knowledge. At least you have the basic knowledge.
  4. Over expectations: Expecting too much while investing can be a significant drawback. Always expect the least so that even a little profit will not make you disappointed and you’ll be happy and satisfied. Expectations lead to disappointment, and you will not feel like investing more.
  5. Becoming stressed: You may suddenly see your stocks dropping and become dressed and invest in something that will incur you further loss in the future. It is essential to stay calm during crucial times. It helps you to make decisions very wisely, and you don’t make silly mistakes.
  6. Following the market trend: One of the most foolish things to do while investing is listening or doing what others do. Know your strengths and utilize your brain, then invest in the investment plan you have been eyeing. It is also essential to research the stocks you are planning to invest in.
  7. Investing in the short term: It is always to go for something long-term. Short-term investments are prone to risk and loss. Long-term investment plans come with surety and assure you profits; hence, all the experts have the same advice, i.e. go for long-term investment plans. 
  8. Investing all your money in one place: Never invest all your money in one stock. Invest that same money at different locations and maximize its utility. Always invest a small amount of money in different profitable shares to gain maximum profit and then invest in different stocks.
  9. Overtrading: Never overtrade. Always stick to a few but quality ones, which are old in the market and promise you to profit in the future. Overtrading can make you more confused about your decisions. Trade less but trade profitable.  
  10. Risking too much: It is often said that investing is how much we want to gamble, but it is not always true. If you risk too much and invest all your savings, it might be a significant loss for you, and you may lose everything you have. Rotating your money well is the biggest game-changer while investing.



Investing in something can be pretty challenging if you are a newcomer or a fresher, but it should be noted that just by avoiding some mistakes, one can get the maximum profits from it.


Why do I always incur a loss whenever I invest?

There can be various reasons why you incur a loss whenever you invest, and one of the main reasons maybe you are not investing in the right sticks or you lack research. Make sure you invest in the market before you invest.

Which is a good investment, short-term investment or long-term?

It is always advised to invest in long-term investment as it sometimes guarantees you profit. You tend to earn at frequent intervals, and it is beneficial if you are investing for the first time or are a beginner level investor. Long-term bonds will allow you to understand the market better.

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