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HDFC Bank Savings Account
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HDFC Bank Savings Account

Rohit’s son had just turned 18 and was soon going to college, and he wanted to open a savings account that would help his son. That is when he comes onto the hdfc savings account opening online since hdfc savings account opening online offers a wide range of savings account programs with unique features and privileges that can be used quickly and conveniently. Savings accounts provide world-class banking facilities and services. Customers can compare and select the best account for their needs, and a personal relationship manager can assist them at every stage. They are perfect for Rohit and his son.

HDFC Bank Savings Account

HDFC Bank offers the following savings account variations: 

  •  Savings  Account:  Auto Payment feature means that your dormant funds can earn higher interest, keeping in mind the hdfc savings account minimum balance.
  •  Regular Savings Account: This account is created for all your day-to-day banking requirements.
  •  Women’s Savings Account:  This account offers women a complete banking solution and caters to their financial, lifestyle, and investment needs.
  •  Kid’s Advantage Account:  This accounting scheme aims to develop money management skills in kids. It is an excellent method to accumulate savings for your child with hdfc savings account minimum balance kept in mind.


Based on your city, you can find the best discount and deals: 

Customers have access to discounts and offer for the following payment methods: 

 Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, Credit card SmartBuy helps customers find the best deals on the product they are looking for online by comparing different prices on different websites you can achieve this with hdfc savings account opening.

Features and Benefit Of HDFC Savings Account 

The hdfc online savings account scheme uniquely offers various options to meet different customers’ requirements. It provides a complete banking solution that allows customers and their families to benefit from one single account. Customers can enjoy everything from health, investment, etc., to simple banking solutions with just one saving account. Widest ATM networks across the country to meet all your banking needs. Free Net Banking, Mobile Banking, and Phone Banking have an hdfc online savings account.

Documents Required to Open HDFC Savings Account 

 Identity proof Address proof Latest passport size photographs Selfattested copies and originals for verification Eligibility. The account can be opened by an individual singly or jointly, minors of 10 years and above, children under natural/legal guardianship. Resident individuals (sole or joint account) Hindu undivided families Foreign nationals residing in India If you are a foreign national living in India, you may open a Savings Account by attaching a QA 22 form stating sources of credit and a copy of your residence permit. Basic savings account (farmer) This account is solely intended for farmers to engage them in the financial sector by providing a zero-balanced savings account that does not require an initial deposit with hdfc savings account opening.

Reasons why Savings Account is essential:

  • Safe avenue for funds: A Savings Account is a safe avenue for funds. The funds kept in a Savings Account stay there unless they are withdrawn or paid out. That is why a Savings Account commands such a low rate of interest. However, a Savings Account is liquid in a sense, and the customer can withdraw his money up to a particular limit at any point in time in a month. This works out to be very beneficial for salaried employees and senior citizens who can withdraw their monthly expenses and then earn interest on the other balance for the hdfc bank savings account.


  • Provides special value-added services: Many banks nowadays provide value-added services and benefits with a Savings Account. Several banks offer merchants’ discounts or cashback or reward points on the ATM cum debit card. Along with that, many banks provide some basic form of accident or medical insurance, foreign travel insurance, and other types of insurance covers for opening a bank account. You can get extra value by choosing an account that gives these benefits. A Savings Account also offers a passbook facility, net banking, checkbook facility as part of an hdfc bank savings account.


  • A place to collect funds and make payments: A Savings Account is an excellent place to collect funds from different sources. There are no limits on cheques deposited or cheques issued, or payments made from a Savings Account. This makes it hassle-free to own and operate.


  • Income-generating account: Unlike a current account, a savings bank earns interest. The balance earned in a Savings Account helps to improve the individual’s income. Some banks offer higher interest rates for maintaining a higher balance, while some offer sweep-in, a facility that allows earning higher interest income.



 You can help plan your child’s financial future. These valuable financial lessons can help your child manage their finances and learn the value of money.  Savings accounts may seem simple and simple, but they are an integral part of many lives.  With HDFC Bank InstaAccount, open a Savings Account instantly in a few simple steps. It comes pre-enabled with HDFC Bank NetBanking & MobileBanking, and you can enjoy Cardless Cash withdrawals.  Several types of Savings Account can be used for different requirements. This is their first interaction with the banking and financial system for many people.


How much interest can I earn from my HDFC Bank Savings Account?

The current interest rate offered on savings account funds is 4.00% per annum. Interest will be credited to a customer's savings account on a half-yearly. For any updates on the interest rates offered, kindly contact one of HDFC Bank's branches to know about the HDFC savings account.

What is the maximum duration for which the Standing Instruction is valid for a Kid’s Advantage Savings Account?

Standing Instruction is a mandatory requirement while opening a Kid's Advantage Account, and this is valid for a minimum tenure of 1 year. If you feel the necessity of continuing the same, all you need to do is place a request at the nearest HDFC Bank branch for information about the HDFC savings account.

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