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Central Bank of India Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Mr. Raj wants to ensure his son’s college education is done smoothly; for this, the Central Bank of India provides four Recurring Deposits programs to its clients, ensuring variety for best fit. By creating an Recurring Deposit account under any program, one can profit from the Central Bank of India’s RD interest rates. The minimum deposit required to create an RD account with this bank is Rs. 100. The Recurring Deposits term spans from 6 to 120 months (10 years). With this, Mr. Raj can be worry-free with the central bank of india rd interest rate.

Central Bank of India RD Interest Rates 2021 Characteristics

  • The Central Bank of India provides general citizens interest rates of up to 5.00 percent and senior citizens interest rates of up to 5.50 percent.
  • The interest on RD has been compounded yearly in the Central Bank.
  • The minimum deposit amount required to create an RD account is Rs. 100.
  • One can obtain a loan against the deposit amount; loans of up to 90% are available with the central bank of india rd calculator.


How to Calculate the Central Bank of India’s Recurring Deposit Interest Rate

The interest rate on a CBI Recurring Deposit may be determined using the following formula: A= P x (1+R/N) (Nt); this is how the rd calculator works


A = Amount on maturity

P = Installment amount

N = Number of times the interest is compounded.

R = Interest

t = tenure


If you want to know how much your maturity amount will be at the end of the duration, you can use the Central Bank of India’s online rd calculator. The procedure is straightforward; all you need to do is enter your RD account’s basic information and the help of the central bank of india rd calculator.

How to Open a Recurring Deposit Account with the Central Bank of India

Existing CBI clients can use Internet Banking to create an account online. All they need is an active online banking account, to which they must log in and establish an RD account connected to their savings/current account. Those who do not have an account with the Central Bank of India can open one at a CBI branch near them for the central bank of india rd interest rate.

Types of Central Bank of India RD and CBI RD Interest Rates 2021 

The Central Bank of India offers four types of recurring deposit programs to meet various customers’ demands.

  1. Recurring Deposit Plan: This scheme is especially suited for persons who have a consistent source of income. One of the key features that distinguish this plan is that any youngster above ten who can read and write can create this account. 
  2. Cent Swa-Shakti Flexi Recurring Deposit Scheme (Swa-Shakti Flexi Recurring Deposit Scheme): A minimum of Rs. 100 is required to start this RD account. Minors under the age of ten can apply for this plan along with their guardians. The attractive feature of this program is that you can deposit extra cash in addition to the core amount. The term period ranges from 6 months to 10 years. 
  3. Cent Lakhpati: This is a new initiative launched by the Reserve Bank of India that allows you to earn 6.55 percent p.a. on your deposit. The duration of this program spans from one year to ten years. 
  4. Cent Millionaire: With this RD program, you may earn great interest rates for up to ten years.


Eligibility Criteria for Opening an RD Account with CBI

Customers must meet certain eligibility conditions to open a recurring deposit with the Central Bank of India, which are outlined below –

  • Any Indian citizen can open an RD in their name. Individuals might also choose to make regular joint deposits if necessary.
  • Minors can open an RD with the help of their legal guardians. Minors above the age of ten (who can read and write) are permitted to handle the account independently.
  • Any charitable and educational foundations that do not run or conduct any commercial enterprise are eligible to participate in the Central Bank of India’s RD scheme.



An RD in the Central Bank of India instills the habit of regular saves by allowing you to invest a certain amount each month for a set period of months. These payments can be sent to a Central Bank of India Bank recurring deposit program by a Standing Order, an ECS mandate, or a regular direct remittance. 


What are the terms about installment payments?

Payments to the Central Bank of India's recurring deposit can be made on any day prior to the due date of each month. Customers will be given a customized passbook containing their name and deposit account number, CIF number, installment amount, investment tenor, deposit date, interest rate, and total maturity value.

Is there a way to renew my contract?

After maturity, customers can choose to reinvest the amount accrued in their RD account in the Central Bank of India. The Central Bank permits reinvestment in any of the other eligible Term Deposits. Customers will get either the current relevant interest rate for that scheme or the rate applicable for the RD account, whichever is lower.

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