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Build Your Wealth Through Tax Minimization and Financial Planning

A father and his son, Raghav, and Ajay were talking, and playing casually, when Raghav noticed Ajay do something on his mobile phone. Ajay then told his father, he had been reading about tax benefits and other financial planning techniques on the internet.

Raghav got curious and did some research for himself, but wasn’t able to understand some things.

Various things need to be kept in mind while thinking of tax liabilities and their benefits and how your financial planning can be improved.

Go through the below-mentioned steps carefully.

Life situations

When it comes to creating and managing wealth, the greater you focus on limiting tax in your lifetime, the greater resources you’ll have for your family. You will be able to positively impact the people involved in your life, and impact the causes that matter to you.

You can reduce your tax bill by saving money in a company dedicated to this particular service, this is a good strategy that reduces tax and helps during your retirement time.

If people start saving early, their tax rates decline till they come at their retirement age.

By contributing towards IRA, you can withdraw these savings when you are in a lower tax bracket. Having investments that generate income, can be beneficial because they generate capital gains as well.


There are various advantages of tax planning;

There are often frictions between taxpayers and tax collectors. They both have opposite agendas; the taxpayers try to minimize tax liability while the tax collector tries their best to maximize the tax collected.

Every taxpayer can reduce their tax burden to save money for their future. These can be reduced by arranging your benefits which fall within the ambit of Income Tax Act, 1961. This particular act offers various kinds of tax management schemes which can be helpful in significantly reducing your tax liability.

Effective tax planning can increase the flow of white money in the country, which in turn seep benefits for the people living in the country.

Types of Tax planning

Short-range tax planning; investors resort to this planning of tax since this one is thought of and executed at the end of the fiscal year. This one does not make long-term commitments, and it also promotes substantial tax savings.

Permissive tax planning; there are several tax provisions, like deductions, exemptions, incentives, and more. All these instruments can go a long way in helping you reduce tax liabilities.

Apart from the above-mentioned particles, you can also save tax in multiple different ways. Donations towards charities and qualified organizations are also eligible for tax exemptions.

Individuals can now opt-out to pay tax at reduced rates and redefined income tax slabs by forging the various deductions and exemptions.

Financial Planning

Instilling the habit of planning finances in a young mind can be a seriously tricky and difficult job. How to begin and plan what to do, can also be a tough job. Start by these steps;

Managing Your Money

Managing your money need not be a habit that needs to be boring. Showing a dedication level and a commitment to go through with the task at hand, can go a long way in planning and keeping your finances intact.

The first step towards managing your money is deciding to save your money. Being financially independent can be the first towards adulthood, and realizing you are not a child anymore.

Have some kind of financial goal, which helps you through the process. Rather than thinking about it, start doing it. That is a good option.

Regulate Your Expenses

If you have a habit of living one paycheck after another, this habit can soon prove to be a burden to you, and lead to a stressful life. There comes a lot of unexpected expenses, at the end of the month, which can very easily turn to make mistakes.

Start by saving regularly, and making sure a fixed amount of your income goes untouched. Prepare a fixed, dedicated budget. Be strong-willed, that you have to stick to this budget, no matter what.

Then start categorizing your money into categories, ranging from most important expenses to the least ones. The more you create things from abstract to physical, the more and better hold of it you will get.

Maintain An Account

Now after deciding how much, you need to fix, to spend each month, make a personal account. Start by writing about the expenses from small to big, every little detail. So, you start gathering information about how much of your expenses can be curbed down.

Pull together your bank statements, and other proof of liabilities. List down your assets, investments, bank balance, and then arrive at the total value of assets.

Create A Personal Investment Portfolio

Think of creating your investment portfolio as a big achievement on your part. This one is considered to be the first step towards accumulating your wealth.

Building your portfolio can help in asset allocation, like debt, equity, and others as well. Equity is the best tax-efficient vehicle. Diversify your asset allocation according to your investment goals. It is always wiser to be a long-term investor to fully understand the functioning of the market.


Being an avid thinker can work wonders in your favor if you work towards reducing your tax liability, and understand your finances. Your financial wealth needs to be accumulated, and tax liability needs to be reduced so that you build a well-rounded financial life.

Your financial planning needs to be strong, to fully understand how your wealth can be improved. Income tax planning, if done under the right framework, can prove to be a legal right decision.

Based on your personal choices, tax deductions, and other variables, you can always have options available which can help regulate your wealth and keep you well informed regarding your financial investment risks and advantages.


Is It Necessary To Have Market Knowledge?

Having a well-rounded knowledge of the market, before you think about investing your money, can be a very important thing. It can help in reducing the risk the market has to offer.

Can The Tax Minimization Be Made Through Experts?

Yes, the tax liability can be reduced with the help of tax experts who provide you with knowledge of the risk factors involved in tax exemptions and deductions.

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