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Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds 2021-22
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Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds 2021-22


Rajat, an employee of Tata Motors, had INR 50,000 as savings in March 2020. He wanted to invest his money somewhere for assured growth to counter the effect of inflation on his protection and increase the utility value of the same. So, he decided to go for mutual funds, especially large-cap mutual funds, because of their steadiness in growth. One year later, he witnessed the growth of nearly 20% of his savings, which was approx. INR 60,000. On the other hand, many small and mid-caps mutual funds had gone negative because of closure and bad performance of many companies which arouse from the Coronavirus pandemic and related instability in the international markets.

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds 2021-22

About Large Cap Mutual Funds 

Large-cap mutual funds are a class of value finances that generally put in the value-connected instruments of organizations positioned under 100 in market capitalization.                                   

Large-cap organizations are known for their strength and have a history of giving predictable returns. Be that as it may, large-cap mutual funds invest in those companies which might be beaten by little and mid-cap organizations during the bullish market patterns. Subsequently, these assets are less unstable than small and mid-cap mutual funds companies. Large Cap Mutual funds are considered relatively more stable because the companies are trustworthy and well established in the market. These are also called the market leaders and well-known brands with a good performance track record over the medium to the long-term investment horizon.

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds

These are the best large-cap mutual funds at the top-of-the-line and huge cap supports, giving great returns. Generally, these organizations are the large innovators in their field of organizations.

  1. Navi Large Cap Fund Direct Plan-Growth
  2. Axis Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth 
  3. Mirae Assets Large Cap Fund Direct-Growth 
  4. Nippon india large cap fund – Direct Plan-Growth Plan 
  5. Invesco India large-cap Fund Fund Direct Plan-Growth
  6. Franklin India Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth
  7. SBI Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth
  8. Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund Direct-Growth 
  9. Kotak Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth
  10. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth 


Two Best Large Cap Funds in India – NAV, Plan and Details!

There are several best large-cap mutual funds, but if you have to choose the main two, they would be nippon india large cap fund and mirae assets large cap funds. These two belong to the same category but are different in many ways. Now let’s just understand in detail about both of them.

1. Mirae Assets Large Cap Fund Direct-Growth: 

The mirae asset large cap fund direct growth is an active fund that invests in equity and equity-related securities of large-cap companies. The fund has an investment objective to generate long-term capital growth by investing its assets in equity. It is one of the best large-cap mutual funds. This asset fund was begun on 1 January 2013. Gaurav Misra oversaw the asset. The Mirae asset large-cap fund might beat expansion over the long haul.

Investments objective of Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Direct Plan-Growth- 

The speculation objective of the plan is to create long-haul capital appreciation by gaining potential venture openings by transcendently putting resources into the values of enormous cap companies. The scheme doesn’t ensure or guarantee any profits.

The least Investment and lockin period last venture for a single amount installment is INR 5000 and for SIP is INR 1000. The mirae asset large cap funds Direct Plan-Growth has no lockin period.

There are some of the facts of mirae asset large cap funds as follows: 

a. Total Assets Under Management(AUM) on 30th September 2020-Rs. 18,450 crores.

b. Expense Ratio-1.65%

c. NAV of mirae asset large cap fund direct growth on 30 September 2020-Rs. 51.44

d. Return on Mirae Assets Large Cap Fund 

  • 6 months – 29.24%
  • 1 Year – 3.91%
  • 3 Years – 9.95%
  • 10 Years – 11.74%

e. Minimum investment (Lumpsum) – Rs. 5,000

f. Maximum investment – No Limit

g. Exit Load – 1% if sold within 1 year

h. Exit Load – Nil if sold after 1 year.


2. Nippon india large cap fund: 

It is the Sixth-largest fund house in India in terms of assets under management. As of 31 August 2021, AUM was INR 2.67 Lakh crores. Mr. Sundeep Sikka is the CEO and Executive Director of Nippon India Mutual Fund. Before October 2019, Nippon India Mutual Fund was known by Reliance Mutual Fund. Nippon Life has procured larger part (75%) stakes in (RNAM) Reliance Nippon Asset Management. The organization will keep on running its tasks with practically no adjustment of design and the executives.

Speculation objective of nippon india large cap fund – Direct Plan-Growth Plan-

The essential investment objective of the plan is to try to create long-haul capital appreciation by putting prevalently into value and value-related instruments of large-cap organizations. The optional target is to produce steady returns by putting resources into obligation, currency market protections, REITs, and InvITs.

The least investment and lockin period last venture for singular amount installment are INR 100 and for SIP is INR 100. nippon india large cap fund – Direct Plan-Growth Plan has no lockin period.


In our opinion, Large-cap mutual funds are a wise investment decision for capital appreciation in the long haul since large-cap organizations are market pioneers having a decent history of creating wealth and goodwill. Consequently, interest in these organizations gives possibly consistent returns with a minimum level of risk.


Which is the better large-cap or mid-cap mutual funds?

Interests in large-cap funds are certainly less unpredictable, and yet, you can't anticipate exceptional returns. Then again, on the off chance that you are more disposed towards gathering significant yields than market hazard, you can put resources into a decent midcap fund.

Is a large-cap mutual fund safe to invest in?

Large Cap Mutual Funds are generally the more secure type of equity investments as they are known to endure bear markets. Large Cap assets can convey sound and stable returns with a wise venture skyline.

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