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Bank of Baroda Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Many investors at various stages of their investment journey will like to invest a recurring deposit to have a means of fixed income and an investment mode that allows them to save an amount that they find comfortable, regularly. 

A recurring deposit is like a fixed deposit, in the sense that it allows you to go ahead and invest the small amounts leftover in your savings account at the month end, instead of waiting to save up Rs 20,000 or Rs 50,000 or more for a fixed deposit. 

When you opt for a recurring deposit, you choose an amount that you can comfortably put aside every month and that amount is deducted from your account (or you can pay actively, but it is advisable to choose direct debit so that you avoid nonpayment due to oversight, or because you forgot). The amount starts earning interest from the first deposit onwards, meaning that in the time you would have otherwise spent gathering funds for your investment, you already start earning interest. 

How to get exact interest rates of Bank of Baroda RD

Let us have a look at the Bank of Baroda recurring deposit interest rates anticipated  for 2022: For the average investor with an investment horizon of about 18 months and an investment sum of Rs 20,000 per month, the Bank of Baroda recurring deposit interest rate is 3.50%. 

However, you can figure out the exact rate of interest payable for your monthly investment amount and your investment tenure (or the period you are going to invest for) by simply using the Bank of Baroda RD calculator. The BOB RD calculator can be accessed here https://www.bankofbaroda.in/calculators/recurring-deposit-calculator

All you need to do is adjust the years, months, and amount and an interest rate will be displayed automatically.

Why get a Bank of Baroda RD? 

  • Like most RDs, the Bank of Baroda RD allows you to start saving even with a small monthly amount. 
  • It also allows you gradual earnings and compounding earnings. 
  • Although there is a minimum amount, Bank of Baroda RDs are flexible amount your RD installments. There is no upper limit as to how much you can invest per installment 
  • You can choose any time period you desire starting from six months to 10 years for your Bank of Baroda recurring deposit.
  • You can easily get your interest percentage and your absolute interest amount/ earnings amount using the BOB RD calculator. 
  • You can get a loan or overdraft facility against your Bank of Baroda recurring deposit. This is especially helpful if you have a low credit score and need credit. 


Ready to opt for an RD? Choose wisely:

Recurring deposits come with a world of benefits, but there are also some points that you must consider before you invest. 

Fixed monthly amount

You must adhere to the minimum deposit amount for your recurring deposit or you need to pay penalties, which in turn eat into your earnings. 

Automatic withdrawal

If you fail to pay up a few months installments – usually six months – the deposit is automatically paid back into the account (as per details for the maturity value to be credited) minus some penalties. 


Make comparisons of interest rates, fees and charges and penalties (and also the convenience offered, such as the option to open an RD online or tools like the Bank of Baroda RD calculator) offered by several banks before choosing one for your RD. 

Safe investing practices

Even if you are getting the best rates and are very comfortable with a certain bank, in order to avoid what PMC depositors are going through, you must always invest your capital across a few banks and not just in one bank. That way, should a bank that you invest with encounter some financial trouble or regulatory mess, at least only a portion of your capital will get tied down until the mess is resolved, instead of all your capital, as would be the case if you did not invest in multiple banks.

Also choose scheduled banks only. 

Looking for wealth generation? Other options

If you are looking for capital growth and have a risk appetite you might want to research mutual funds as a potential growth vehicle for your capital. 

If you do not have a risk appetite, and prefer to work with fixed income investments, you might still want to consider other types of investments like PPF, NPS, insurance products (if your financial goals are long term) and so on. 


A recurring deposit is a safe investment that can generate modest returns. It is an excellent option for investors with little or no risk appetite. Bank of Baroda offers investors the choice to invest in RDs at a range of tenures and for small to large deposit amounts.

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