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Bank of Baroda Fixed Deposit Scheme

There are many banks, as well as non-banking finance companies in India that offer fixed deposit schemes. However, some old and established names, such as the Bank of Baroda are always favoured by the general public when it comes to opening fixed deposit accounts. Bank of Baroda is one of the oldest banks in India and has a huge number of customers. Understandably, the bank has a large number of customers who have fixed deposit accounts too. The reviews are generally very favourable and this makes the Bank of Baroda FD schemes all the more popular. The Bank of Baroda fixed deposit interest rate is also quite high and this attracts more customers. Take a look at this article to know more about the features and benefits of these FDs.

The rates of interest offered by Bank of Baroda on FDs lower than INR 2 crores:


Interest rate

7 days 14 days

15 days – 45 days


46 days 90 days

91 days 180 days


181 days – 270 days

271 days – Less than 1 year


1 year

Above 1 year – 400 days


Above 400 days – Up to 2 years

Above 2 years – Up to 3 years


Above 3 years – Up to 5 years

Above 5 years – Up to 10 years


Why opt for the Bank of Baroda fixed deposit scheme?

When there are so many options available, why should you opt for the Bank of Baroda fixed deposit schemes? If this question has come to your mind, we have the perfect answer for you:

1. A healthy rate of interest

The Bank of Baroda fixed deposit interest rate is very high and healthy. Since you want to get the maximum value out of your fixed deposit investment, opting for a bank that offers a good interest rate is very important. When you look at the Bank of Baroda fixed deposit rates, you notice that the rates start from around 2.5% and go all the way up to close to 7%. Special, higher rates are also available for the senior citizens who wish to open their fixed deposit accounts with the Bank of Baroda.

2. Available online

We all live in a digital age. This is why it is so important for everyone to have access to a financial platform that offers a high-quality digital service. The Bank of Baroda net banking app and the website are both very good and useful digital platforms where you can open your fixed deposit account with ease. This apart, you can also use the  Bank of Baroda fixed deposit rates calculator to see what the applicable Bank of Baroda fixed deposit interest rate would be, what your maturity amount would look like and so on.

3. Very trusted and safe

The Bank of Baroda is quite an established brand in India. As a result, all your transactions with the bank are guaranteed to be safe and secured. You can rest assured of having a smooth experience when you open your fixed deposit in this bank. Also, the customer support team of the bank is very good. You can contact them whenever you have a doubt related to your FD, its maturity, interest rate, withdrawal, etc. This is an added benefit you get when you decide to start a Bank of Baroda fixed deposit.

4. Flexible

Bank of Baroda offers a lot of flexibility in fixed deposits. From different tenures to different rates of interest, you can choose your fixed deposit investment as per your preferences and financial goals. This apart, the bank also gives you the option to withdraw the money at the end of your FD’s tenure or re-invest it. The flexibility you get is unparalleled and proves to be advantageous indeed.

5. Tax benefit

And last but not the least, you also have the benefit of opting for a tax-saving fixed deposit with the Bank of Baroda.
For example, the money you contribute towards the Bank of Baroda fixed deposit scheme is tax exempted up to INR 1.5 lakhs a year if you invest in a Tax-saving Fixed Deposit Scheme of a minimum of 5 years. This provision is possible due to Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India. At a time when tax saving is so crucial and tricky, getting the opportunity to save tax in such a simple way proves to be extremely beneficial for the investors!

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can quite obviously understand why the Bank of Baroda proves to be such a good fixed deposit investment platform. If you have some money that you want to invest in a good FD scheme, explore the options available from the Bank of Baroda and you will surely not regret your decision.

The bottom line

Keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, it can safely be said that the Bank of Baroda fixed deposit scheme is one of the best-fixed deposit schemes available in India currently. Not only do you enjoy the healthy Bank of Baroda fixed deposit interest rate, but you also get flexibility and excellent service. So if you are all set to start a fixed deposit investment, check out the options you have at the Bank of Baroda. Go for a suitable tenure and you will earn assured returns because of the Bank of Baroda fixed deposit rates. You can use the fixed deposit calculator online to get an idea of the returns before you invest.

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