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Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Scheme

In the last few years, the financial industry in India has grown substantially. A lot of new-age non-banking financial companies have emerged and they are now performing very well. The reputed NBFCs like Bajaj Finance are creating ripples and making all the right moves in the finance industry. From offering attractive home loans to providing key financial solutions, Bajaj Finance is a name to reckon with in the financial markets. As a result, the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme is also much sought after with many people opting for it over the fixed deposit schemes of the traditional banks. Read on to know why this is happening.

Reasons behind Bajaj Finance fixed deposit’s popularity

Here are some reasons why the fixed deposit schemes from Bajaj Finance are so popular these days:

1. High rate of interest

The Bajaj Finance fixed deposit rates are higher than the normal fixed deposit rates offered by the banks in India. This is a major reason why more and more people shift to popular NBFCs such as Bajaj Finance to open their fixed deposit account over the traditional banks.

2. Excellent digital presence

The Bajaj Finance company has a very good digital presence. You can open and access your fixed deposit account at any time. You can also use the fixed deposit calculator to check the returns and interest rates before you even start your investment. These facilities make Bajaj Finance a very popular FD provider for modern, tech-savvy investors.

3. Innovate customer solutions

If you read the ratings and reviews of Bajaj Finance as a company, you will notice the account holders speaking about excellent customer support. The company offers some of the best and most innovative customer support solutions that help you to have a very pleasant and smooth experience with the fixed deposit provider.

4. More flexible

As compared to the traditional banks, NBFCs like Bajaj Finance are more flexible. Apart from offering wider facilities and options in their fixed deposit schemes, they also offer other facilities like easy documentation, lower lock-in periods, etc. These make the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit schemes all the more attractive for investors.

Interesting features of the Bajaj Finance Fixed deposits

  • Available for Indian residents, as well as for NRIs
  • The minimum investment has to be a minimum amount of INR 25,000 per month
  • Senior citizens get up to 0.25% extra on their FD investments
  • An additional interest of 0.10% is available on the online fixed deposit investments
  • The tenures are quite flexible in nature and go up to a maximum of 60 months.


Regular benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Scheme

This apart, you get all the benefits of a regular fixed deposit such as:

1. Risk-free investment

A fixed deposit, in general, is a low-risk investment. Since the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit rates are fixed, there is no impact of the market fluctuations on the FD investment. This proves to be very useful, especially for conservative investors who dislike taking too many money-related risks.

2. Guaranteed returns

You can expect to earn regular returns when you invest your money in a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme. This is because the interest rate stays fixed for the entire duration of the FD. You can use a fixed deposit calculator beforehand to calculate the maturity returns and plan your finances accordingly. This is a very handy benefit of a fixed deposit in general and the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit schemes also offer this benefit to their investors.

3. Tax benefits

When you have any form of investment, you look for some additional perks such as tax benefits. The Indian Income Tax laws allow you to get tax benefits when you invest in a tax-saving fixed deposit of a minimum of 5 years and not otherwise.

This provision is available under Section 80 C of the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. The tax benefit, under which you can save as much as INR 1.5 lakhs yearly, is available on the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme as well.

Keeping these features in mind, we can understand just why the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit schemes have become so popular of late.

 How to open a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit account?

It is very easy to start a fixed deposit with Bajaj Finance. All you have to do is visit the website of the company. Fill in a very basic application form, complete the KYC details, upload a photograph and make the payment. Once that is done, you will be able to start your investment immediately and enjoy all the benefits on offer. It is quick, easy and offers many facilities that you should not stay away from.

To sum it up

Everyone looks to get the best facilities and benefits when they invest their money. So if you are looking to open a good fixed deposit account, consider getting a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme. As you can see, there are many logical benefits on offer and each one of them helps you to maximise your investments. Log in to the website of Bajaj Finance and explore your options. Understand the different rates of interest available on fixed deposit schemes. Then, choose your investment tenure and princi[al value with care. Once that is done, complete the quick formalities and start your Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme without any hassles whatsoever.

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