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Axis Growth Opportunities Fund

Mutual fund investment in India has taken off in a big way over the last decade. There is no doubt about the popularity of this investment vehicle with its varying risk and return options on offer. Today, there is no dearth of mutual fund options for every kind of investor. And, if you are looking for a mutual fund that offers investment in domestic and international securities, then the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund is the one for you.

About the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund

The Axis Growth Opportunities Fund invests in large and midcap asset classes with sectoral diversification. It seeks to generate long-term wealth creation by investing in equity and equity-related instruments. The fund is an open-ended one which means it can issue any number of unlimited shares at the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund NAV or net asset value that is declared daily. So it offers investors the flexibility and liquidity to buy and sell fund units at any time during a working day. Investors do not need to worry about a fixed maturity period. 

What makes the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund different?

Unlike most other mutual funds based in India, this fund not only invests in domestic securities but also in international securities as well. So if you’re an investor who is keen to get a small taste of the global securities market, this fund may be for you. The fund invests 65–70% of its portfolio in domestic securities and the remaining 30–35% in foreign securities. Therefore, the allocation of this offers investors global diversification.

The fund can do this as Axis Mutual Fund holds 75% of the company’s shares, while Schroder Investment Management Limited, an international investment management firm, holds the remaining 25%.

What advantages does this fund provide investors?

  • The Axis Growth Opportunities Fund offers the dual advantage to investors of Axis Mutual Fund’s domestic investment and research along with the international expertise in the international equities market by Schroder Investment Management Limited.
  • Investors get the opportunity to invest in global themes and companies that are not available in India.
  • As the portfolio of this fund is diversified between domestic and international securities, it provides a buffer against the typical volatility of equity markets.


Who should invest in Axis Growth Opportunities Fund?

  • It is suitable for investors who are looking for long-term capital appreciation. To get the most out of this mutual fund, you should remain invested in it for five years or longer. This enables your investment to beat inflation and market volatility while providing returns.
  • The Axis Growth Opportunities Fund is a unique one offering global investment opportunities in the equity market. So, unlike other mutual funds in India, it has a distinct advantage of adding global diversification to your investment portfolio.
  • This fund can offer very high returns, but investors must also understand that the fund falls under the Very High-Risk category. Investors must assess their risk appetite when investing in this mutual fund.


What are the investment options offered by the fund?

Investors can choose the Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (IDCW) option wherein the profits are paid out to the investors. Investors seeking a regular income may choose this option. 

However, to maximise your investment and wealth creation, opt for the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund Direct Growth option. Here the profits earned by the fund are reinvested into the fund itself, thus, compounding the corpus of wealth.

You may invest in the fund via a broker or agent, which means that the fund will be categorised as a Regular Plan. Or you can purchase it directly from the mutual fund house, usually via the fund website. This option is called the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund Direct plan, this helps the fund save on commission or brokerage charges. This benefit is passed on to the investor in the form of higher returns due to a reduced expense ratio.

Axis Growth Opportunities Fund review

A review of the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund Direct Growth plan’s past performance shows that it has consistently generated returns and without undergoing recurring ups and downs. The fund has delivered higher returns than most other funds in the same category. It also offers downside protection wherein any losses incurred due to market corrections have been controlled. The fund has invested majorly in the sectors of technology, financial, chemical, services, and healthcare. It has an expense ratio of 0.5%, which is lower than what other funds in the same category charge.

The Bottom Line

With its capacity to deliver high returns while mitigating losses and managing market volatility, the Axis Growth Opportunities Fund is an excellent option for long-term wealth creation. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow a large corpus. Invest today and make your future brighter!

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