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Axis Bank Savings Account
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Axis Bank Savings Account

Mr. Atul Bhargava, a 55 years old engineer, is overwhelmed by the fact that he’ll be retiring in a few years. However, he has enough saved up for his and his loved ones’ needs. 

He decided to look into some bank services that would prove beneficial for his future after retirement. Online research and discussions with his colleagues helped Atul make a decision. Here are the findings of Atul’s research on the types of Savings Accounts.

Axis Bank Savings Account

A Bank Savings Account – Why do you need one? 

Savings accounts are a storing place for your money managed by banks or financial institutions. The banks and financial institutions keep your funds safe and avail you of interest on the amount of money you’ve stored. You can access your funds anytime you desire, as they always stay liquid in a savings account.

Any individual with a regular income source should consider a savings bank account. Along with all the benefits and profits, a savings account acts as a safety net for future needs and emergencies. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to move money to and from. 

Axis Bank Savings Account

Axis Bank offers its customers a world of customized variety of savings accounts to choose from. Individuals from every walk of life can find their suitable match of financial products and services at Axis Bank. 

At Axis Bank, every savings account comes with unique features like a high transaction limit, free checkbooks, among others. Along with these features, every account holder also gets access to exclusive discounts and offers. 

All the customers opting for Axis Bank’s Savings Account can earn impressive interest of up to 3.75% depending on the amounts of their savings. 

Axis Bank Savings Account Types:

Easy Access Digital Savings Account: 

  • A debit card offers 1% cashback on all online spends 
  • Video-based KYC Opening 
  • No paperwork needed for the account 
  • Flat 10% cashback on Amazon and Flipkart via GRAB DEALS 
  • 5 – 45% cashback on over 30 major brands


 Burgundy Digital Savings Account: 

  • Debit Card, with instant 1% cashback on online payments 
  • Exclusive burgundy debit card benefits on lifestyle, travel among others 
  • Completely video-based KYC Account opening, zero paperwork 
  • Free assistance from highly experienced Wealth Specialists and Relationship managers 
  • Flat 15% cashback on Amazon and Flipkart via GRAB DEALS 


Government Scholarship Savings Account: 

  • Debit Card, RuPay Platinum Debit Card 
  • Daily ATM Withdrawal limit of Rs. 40,000 
  • Free unlimited Cash deposit and free four withdrawals every month 


Easy Access Savings Account: 

  • Secure Plus debit card with daily ATM withdrawal limit of Rs. 50,000
  • The first four transactions or two lakhs free 
  • One multi-city checkbook free per year 
  • Minimum 15% off on all the partner restaurants 


Senior Privilege Savings Account:

  • Visa platinum debit card with daily ATM Rs. 40,000 
  • One free multi-city Cheque book per year, Free first four transactions or Rs. Two lakhs. 
  • Enjoy heavy discounts and offers at health care services. 


Basic Savings Account: 

  • Rupay Debit Card 
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit of Rs. 40,000 
  •  Free unlimited Cash deposit and free four withdrawals per month 


Pension Savings Account: 

  • Visa Classic Debit Card with a daily withdrawal limit of Rs. 40,000 
  • Zero Charges incurred on DD/PO issuance
  • No cap on value and unlimited cash transactions


Future Stars Savings Account: 

  • Visa Platinum Debit Card with daily ATM withdrawal limit Rs. 1,5000 and daily shopping limit of Rs. 1,000 
  • One multi-city checkbook is free every year, free first four transactions or two lakhs worth of transactions
  • Personalized image debit card
  • Free debit cards for children under the age of ten years  


Axis Bank Minimum Balance Requirements: 

The various services offered at Axis bank require different types of minimum balance amounts ranging from a meager amount of Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 1,00,000 

Opening an Axis Bank Savings Account

Documents Required for Axis Bank Savings Account: 

The applicant and the co-applicants for the Axis bank savings account 

  •  Two passport size photographs
  • Proof of Age
  • Joint account applicants are required to provide ID proof documents of both the applicants, address proof can be of the primary account holder, along with a document proving the relationship between the two account holders.


Address proof and ID proof includes :

– valid passport, PAN Card, Voter’s ID card, valid driving license, photo ID’s of employment, Utility bills ( mobile, telephone, electricity bill), ration card, gas connection record, Income tax order, and Aadhar card

Address proof and ID proof for Hindu Undivided Family accounts: 

  • PAN Card/Form 60 HUF 
  • Declaration from the Karta 
  • Prescribed Joint Hindu Family Letter signed by all the adult holders 


Eligibility Criteria Axis Bank Savings Account

Axis Bank’s financial products and services are accessible to all Indian citizens and Hindu Undivided Families (HUF).  

Features and Benefits of Axis Bank Savings Account 

  • constant and steady interest growth 
  • Dedicated and highly efficient staff and services 
  • Variety of options of savings accounts to choose from 
  • Get the best offers and discounts on E-commerce and shopping
  • Gain access to highly innovative services in the banking and finance field 


The benefits of a savings account are numerous. You can gain maximum benefits when correctly informed and applying for the right bank and type of account you require. Axis bank avails a versatile range of savings accounts for everyone’s needs and preferences. This article benefits you with all the essential information you need to know about Axis Bank’s Savings Account.

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