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7 Simple Tips For A Successful Investment
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7 Simple Tips For A Successful Investment

One fine day Akash and Rajat were on their routine power walk. Akash and Rajat had been friends for a long time. Akash was a long time investor and had just recently come into some success. 

Akash and Rajat were discussing this only when Rajat felt the urge to step into the game. He also wanted to make more money like Akash. He, within a few days, started investing heavily into shares that he thought were good. 

As soon as he saw his investments making a slight loss, he got frustrated and retrieved his money. To his amazement, Akash had also invested in the same plan, and after a few months of holding it, he got decent returns. 

He, on seeing this, decided to invest carefully and follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

7 Simple Tips For A Successful Investment

Basic About Investment

Investors are not made in a day. It takes a lot of time and intelligence to become a successful investor. The investment game is not a simple one and has a lot of ups and downs. It is elementary to lose confidence and hesitate. 

It is because of the tremendous pressure it puts on us. Only a calm and conscious mind can deal with the stress. The journey should consist of a time frame. It should have a sufficient amount to start with. 

The amount should not be huge but should get a decent return. The source of your advice should be reliable. The journey should ideally be long term as it can lead to a lot of benefits.

7 Tips On How To Invest Your Money

Learning how the market works can only be gained through observation. The observation period should be sufficient enough to give you a good idea. Short term setbacks are the building blocks and should not be a boulder. One should always stay open and learn from mistakes.

1. Getting Started

It is a journey that you are embarking on. It is not a one-time event. One should set milestones to achieve. It is good to have a goal before beginning your journey. The key questions need to be asked. How much is to be invested? For how long the investment can be sustained? What is your retirement age?

2. Know what works in the market

Reading books and taking online courses can help a lot. Many theories such as diversification, market efficiency, portfolio optimization are necessary. People who came with these theories have even received Nobel prizes for their work. The scientific aspect is the key to understanding the market. 

On knowing what works in the market, simple strategies will do the trick. Understanding the business model you’re investing in is vital. Use simple words and examples to understand complex ideas. It imprints the ideas for a longer time.

3. Know your Investment Strategy

Formulating a sound strategy is the key. The person investing is the best person for himself only. One only needs a good system, and everything falls in place. A little bit of help can do the job. Individualists are the best kind of investors. They are careful and confident and follow a do it yourself approach. Being an adventurer has its perks. Only a slight adjustment, and the result will still be good. You should know your personality traits. Working in accordance can help you achieve great heights.

4. Know your Friends and Enemies

Some people pretend to be on your side. They will pull you down when you experience success. Investors compete with large financial institutions that have a better reach. They must be kept at bay as much as possible.

The worst enemy at times is you. Hastiness, indecision can lead to a huge downfall. The trick is, to be honest with yourself. It is to identify faults in your scheme and mend it. No third party knows the situation better than you do.

5. Find the Right Investing Path

Your level of knowledge, personality and resources should determine your path.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It is better to divide it smartly. Starting with a low-risk plan can get you sure benefits. It also builds up a lot of confidence.

6. Be in it for a Long Time.

Don’t get disheartened by early failures. Long term strategies are very fruitful. It is on the rarest of occasions that short term investment pays off. Being in it for a longer time always pays off. 

7. Be Willing to Learn

The market is unpredictable. It is always better to be a student. NO opportunity to learn should be passed up. Learning to invest is a gradual process. It only comes with time. The market may prove you wrong at times. It should not get to your head. Nor should early success. Always keep a keen eye out for knowledge.


The investment game is not easy. It is also very difficult to master. Thus always learning reading is a sure-shot way of becoming a great investor. Fortune favours the brave. Not giving up too early is a very important lesson. Also, not going overboard is essential for your financial well-being.


Can one invest without any prior education in the field?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to invest without prior knowledge as long as you have a good understanding of the market and its movements.

How to deal with losses?

Investing gives you profits and losses, one must always not over utilise their profits and always prepare for future losses. It means following a prudence principality.

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