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10 Common Misconceptions About Pension Plans

Nilima is a single mother, and she has been working all her life. Her mother has recently been in an accident. Her mother’s health has been deteriorating due to old age. She has depended on other people for basic requirements.

Nilima has been thinking about pension plans. She has been talking to some agents regarding plans and policies. But everyone suggests something else. She started researching because of the confusion. The information she found cleared all her misconceptions, which are as follows;

Pension plan

Good pension planning is one of the essential requirements for old age. It should be done from an early age to secure your future. People today lack the right kind of enthusiasm for planning their pension fund. A financial crunch can be overwhelming when you are left with very little or no source of income.

Some widespread misconceptions regarding pension plans, which need to be cleared, are as follows;

Risky investment

This is the biggest and the most common misconception among people. Every other person feels that investing their money can lead to huge losses. Some plans indeed involve certain risks. But multiple plans carry very little to no risk.

Pension plans are overseen by qualified people like trustees and board members. This misconception is born because people lack information. There are investment plans, and not all of them involve risks.


Every person somehow is under the misconception that planning their retirement will be out of budget. People don’t realize that a small sacrifice today can make a huge difference tomorrow. It will provide you with peace of mind and a sense of security when you retire.

Yes, it can be challenging to collect all the money in one go. But it is not difficult to make small contributions.

The right time

Some people keep on waiting for the right time to invest. They don’t realize there is no right or wrong time in this. Starting as early as possible is always favorable.

The earlier you start saving, the more secure and safer your future will become. Also, if you start early, you would have to contribute much less later on.


People from this unspoken dependability on their children. They don’t realize that not everyone can carry such a burden. Financial crunch can become difficult to bear if pension plans are not in order.

Becoming a burden or depending solely on someone else can be a bad idea, even if it’s your blood. After the commencement of the retirement phase, you should live freely. This can happen with the right kind of pension plan.


People find guaranteed lifetime income quite attractive. But they usually choose to receive retirement plan benefits in lump-sum form. It is essential to understand that monetary security is of grave importance.

Passing on opportunities to get a lifetime pension or annuity is not advisable. Self-insurance is not a very stable and realistic approach. Humans tend to live long life. Thus, they should make a plan for retirement which is comparatively reliable.

Wrong focus

People tend to focus on reasons not to invest in pension plans, which are usually wrong, from lottery winnings to aiming to be successful to multiple other reasons. What they don’t understand is nothing should be left to chance.

It is very important to secure a safe and sound future for old age. A sensible backup plan is feasible. Being driven is a good thing, but it is also important to be more realistic.

All the plans are the same

Most people make this mistake. They think that most investment pension plans are similar. What is essential is to understand that they aren’t. Pension plans are formulated on different scales.

They should be thoroughly researched. People should invest in a plan that matches their needs precisely. Later on, it would help make a smooth transition from job to retirement.

No need for a pension plan

Sometimes, humans think there is no need to have pension plans. They feel that they wouldn’t live such a long life to have a plan. Life expectancy has been increasing every year.

There is a good chance that many people will easily live up to 90 or even 100 years. So, relying on a pension plan for their needs seems relevant enough. You should invest in pension plans as soon as possible.

No need for “income for life”

Times have changed a lot. People should move ahead with changing times. It is not easy to convert your pension into “income for life” with a one-time transaction. Before, it was easy to do it with an insurance company for an annuity. The rules have changed now. You can spend your retirement money as you deem fit.

Low taxes in retirement

People think the tax burden will be less during retirement years. People nowadays require as much income during retirement as they do in their working years.

It is essential to invest in retirement plans to reap benefits later on. If you need to withdraw from retirement plan savings, they would be fully taxable at ordinary income rates. So, it is advisable to think carefully before wasting your youthful years.


Various misconceptions surround pension plan information. You need to understand that not everything you read on the internet is correct and accurate.

Many misconceptions need to be cleared, from tax rates to not requiring a pension. Common misconceptions, once removed, will help you make the right decision.


What kind of insurance do I need?

It would help if you did extensive research before buying any pension plan. Every plan is different. Choose a plan that best suits your needs and will help you in the future.

Does insurance cost a lot?

Some insurance plans can cost more than others. But it is not true that every plan is costly and out of budget. Different plans are modified according to your needs, and you can always go for the cheaper one. A good plan doesn't always have to cost a lot.

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