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10 Benefits Covered By Maternity Insurance

What is a Maternity Health Insurance Policy?

A maternity health insurance policy is an additional cover or health insurance plan that is specifically designed for individuals who are planning to get pregnant or are already pregnant. This policy provides several maternity insurance benefits that can protect one against several financial issues down the line.

It should be noted that there are several health insurance with maternity benefits available in the market. One can choose to opt for these additional health insurance covering maternity benefits in India. However, in most cases, these benefits are not enough and individuals often have to buy additional health insurance with maternity benefits in India policy.

Good health insurance covering maternity benefits policy provides benefits like cover for expenses related to the delivery of the baby, treatment for any complications during pregnancy, and medically necessary termination. One can also get coverage for fertility issues, newborn hospitalization charges, and vaccination charges.

Understanding Maternity Insurance Benefits

If this is your first time looking at health insurance plans with maternity benefits, then it is quite understandable that you would be very confused right now. But you don’t have to worry about this as we are here to help you out. Today, we’ll help you understand several benefits associated with maternity insurance policies.

Having a child and being pregnant is an important milestone that does not happen every day. This is why you must do everything that is possible to get the best healthcare services for yourself and your child at this time. And you can get that by opting for a health insurance policy with maternity benefits.

Health insurance with the best maternity benefits will help in one combat against the rising maternity care costs in India. It can also help cover the costs of pregnancy tests and c-section deliveries.

Let’s now take a closer look at the benefits that are provided with maternity health insurance to policyholders. A list of these benefits is mentioned below.

1. Cover for Child-Delivery Expenses

The hospitalization costs for pregnancy-related complications, labor, delivery and c-section operations can be very high. But a good maternity cover will help you cover these costs without any hassle or worry.

2. Inclusion of Newborn Baby Cover

A newborn baby cover in maternity insurance provides financial protection to the baby during the first 90 days after birth. The number of days for which this protection is provided can vary from one policy to another. Most policies offer this benefit at no additional costs. However, in some cases, you might be required to pay a little extra.

3. Infertility Expenses

A good maternity cover should go beyond just covering for expenses related to the delivery of the child. Instead, it should also cover treatments related to infertility.

4. Medically Necessary Pregnancy Termination Charges

Life can throw some unexpected and sad turn of events towards an individual. And if one is required to terminate a pregnancy due to medical reasons, then the cost for the same should also be covered in a maternity insurance policy.

5. Sum Insured for Second Child

There are some maternity insurance policies that provide all these pregnancy-related benefits not just to the first child but also the second child. Some maternity covers also increase the sum insured value up to 200% in this benefit.

6. Delivery and Labor Expenses

All medical expenses incurred while delivering a baby are covered under this benefit. This benefit is provided up to the value of the sum insured and for a maximum of two deliveries usually.

7. Cesarean Section or C-Section Charges

A cesarean section or c-section is a procedure that is used as a surgical option for delivering babies. The costs related to this procedure are also covered under the maternity benefit. Usually, this procedure is selected as the birth option when it is not safe for the child or the mother’s health to have a normal birth.

8. Hospital Room Rent

All charges related to the hospitalization and room rent charges during the delivery of the baby are covered.

9. Pregnancy Complications

Some women also face complications during their pregnancy. This cover provides financial protection against charges related to different pregnancy complications.

10. Vaccination Cover

Expenses related to the vaccination of a newborn child are also covered under good maternity health insurance.

What is Not Included?

There are also some expenses that are usually not covered in a maternity health insurance policy. These expenses are:

  • Expenses related to harvesting and storage of stem cells
  • Preventive measures against possible future illnesses
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Prenatal medical expenses
  • Postnatal medical expenses


Who Can Benefit from a Maternity Cover? And What Benefits Can One Get?

A maternity cover can benefit individuals who fall under the following categories.

  • An individual who has bought a health insurance policy with maternity cover
  • An individual who has completed a waiting period and is ready to claim the benefits of a maternity cover
  • If an individual is married and over the age of 40 years
  • If one has not used the maternity cover for more than two children
  • A newly married couple who is planning to start a family in the next two to three years
  • Someone who is planning to get married soon and has a child in the next two or three years
  • Someone who already has a kid but is planning for the next child in the next two years
  • Someone who is not planning for a child anytime soon but would still like to safeguard oneself nonetheless


People falling into the categories mentioned above can get the following benefits after purchasing a maternity health insurance policy.

  • Financial Security: A maternity cover ensures that an individual is able to maintain a level of financial security without any hassle. The cover will prevent couples from spending too much of their savings and will also make sure that you have a stress-free delivery and onset of parenthood.
  • Important Long-Term Benefits: Maternity covers also enhance as time progresses. In most policies, the sum insured amount can increase up to a total of 200% for the second child. This is applicable if one has used the same maternity benefit for the first child.
  • Peace of Mind: Babies are a bundle of joy but welcoming them into the world can be very stressful.


Thankfully, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that with the number of benefits that you get with a maternity health insurance policy.

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