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Will Covid-19 Vaccines Provide Lifelong Protection? This is What We Know So Far

After spending almost more than a year under lockdown due to the spread of deadly Covid-19, the people were waiting for its vaccine with bated breath. A vaccine that would combat the coronavirus. A ray of hope was seen when Pfizer and AstraZeneca delivered their first dose of Covid-19 vaccination. The vaccine has been prepared by the unabated cooperation of researchers and scientists all around the globe.

Surprisingly the trepidation and contention still soar high, as people are anxious about the side-effects of this vaccine. People fear exposure to the chemical compounds in this vaccine. But thankfully the vaccines are proving their worth.

Lifelong Protection Through the Vaccines!

There is ample proof to suggest that the covid-19 vaccines enhance immunity and thus can keep us safe from the coronavirus for a long time.

  1. Boost Your Immunity
    When you get vaccinated, the vaccination interacts with the immune system of the body and creates two important types of white blood cells in the body, named B cells and T cells that help to produce antibodies. It generally takes a few days before the body starts to produce these antibodies actively. Hence, the health experts recommend two doses of the vaccine,  to speed up the process of immunity building. The memory T cells linger on in our bodies for decades. They are chemically designed to identify a particular pathogen and then wipe it out.

On the other hand, the plasma B cells divide promptly and create an imperilling defence system against the pathogen. These cells increase the production of antibodies and protect us from the harmful effects of the disease. But they are short-lived in absence of a second dose. Hence, along with boosting our immunity, the Covid-19 vaccine offers lifetime protection against this deadly virus.

  1. Double Protection
    The great news is that the vaccine provides immunity not only for coronavirus but also,  other serious diseases. The first dose of vaccines guarantees an effectiveness rate of 64.1%. But if a person gets the second dose too they would be protected up to 90% by the invasion of coronavirus on their respiratory and immunity system.

    The vaccine has the capacity to protect against other serious diseases after a period of 9 -12 weeks of administration. Hence, you can be doubly assured of being safeguarded against covid-19 and other illnesses that can wreak havoc on your health.

  2. Have a Long Range

Many people have doubts regarding the functionality and range of the covid-19 vaccines. They might find it difficult to comprehend how the composition and reaction of chemicals trigger the immune system to launch an attack on the virus. So, it might soothe them to hear that the covid-19 vaccines have a functionality range that can last from a few months to a lifetime.

What needs to be understood is that the Covid-19 vaccines are like any other vaccine shots available such as a tetanus shot or BCG shot that protects you from getting infected by certain diseases. The vaccine needs to be strengthened with the second shot for maximum efficacy. Hence, one can be assured of lifelong protection against Covid-19 by getting the two shots of the vaccine. The sooner, the better!

  1. Ensure Safety

Many vaccines of Covid-19 are still undergoing trials in labs, all across the world. It would be too early to comment upon it being a foolproof version. So far people have reported few allergic reactions after getting the shot like fatigue, pain at the injection site, fever and headache. But all these reactions are mild and generally disappear within a few days. These symptoms are normal for a body that is producing antibodies. Hence, we can say that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and do not pose any health threat. These vaccines can prove to be our best companions in this ongoing battle against coronavirus.

  1. Enhances Survival Chances

There is a constant concern about the new variants of coronavirus. Its mutation keeps boggling the mind of health experts and people alike. Everybody is trying to figure out whether the vaccines are effective against all the variants. It is difficult to answer that, at this moment, as the research and investigation are constantly evolving. One thing the doctors and health experts are sure about is that the vaccines available protect you against severe illness, need for hospitalization and death. Thus, increasing your chances of survival even if you are infected by any of the variants of coronavirus. The vaccines will give a boost to your immune system and enhance its ability to curb the adverse effects this virus has on your body.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Covid-19 Vaccines

Q- Will the vaccine save me from getting infected?

Answer:  Based on the research done so far, it is believed that vaccines available are 100% effective against getting severely ill, hospitalization and death from coronavirus. It definitely prevents people from spreading this virus further. It helps to strengthen the immune system of the body.

QCan I achieve immunity without the vaccine?

Answer:  Once infected by covid-19, the body produces the antibodies naturally, but it is unsure for how long.  Some cases have been reported where the patients got infected more than once. Hence, it is recommended that one gets vaccinated even if infected once.

Q- Can I get infected by the vaccine itself?

Answer:  It is impossible that the available vaccines infect you with the coronavirus. As none of the vaccines has the live virus in them. On the contrary, they enhance your immune system and protect you against infection.

Q-  Can the vaccine alter my DNA?

Answer:  No, the Covid-19 vaccines do not change or even interact with your DNA in anyways. They never enter the nucleus of the cell, hence it is impossible for the vaccines to alter your DNA.

Q- Should the older get vaccinated?

Answer:  Most definitely. As older people have weaker immunity they are at higher risk of getting infected by the virus.

QDo I need to get vaccinated if I have been infected by Covid-19 before?

Answer:  Yes, there have been reports of people getting infected more than once. It is not yet known how long the person can stay protected before getting infected again.

Q- Can I get the Covid-19 vaccine and other vaccines simultaneously?

Answer:  No, it is not recommended. You need a gap of at least 2 weeks between both vaccines. It is better to consult your physician before scheduling the vaccinations.

Q- Is the vaccine safe for me if I am allergic?

Answer:  it has been observed that a great majority of people, even those suffering from severe allergies, have shown tolerance to the covid-19 vaccine. But it is advisable to get in touch with your health care provider before getting vaccinated.

Q- Do I need to wear a mask after getting fully vaccinated?

Answer:   Everyone is required to wear a mask and follow the guidelines issued by the local health authorities, irrespective of their vaccination status.  Washing hands regularly, social distancing and maintaining hygiene even after getting vaccinated, need to be followed to help curb this pandemic.


Some viral infections like chickenpox or measles infect us only once in our lifetime. They activate an immune response that provides protection by antibodies for a lifetime. Viruses like flu have the skills to escape untraced by the surveillance of our immune system. They are the masters of disguise, as they mutate rapidly. And viruses like colds have faces that easily dwindle from the memory of our immune system, thus revisit us from time to time.

Covid-19 can become a virus like flu, a type that flares up in society from time to time. It seems highly possible, the genetic mutation of the virus will make it a challenge for the body’s immune system, health workers and vaccine manufacturers, all across the world to overcome.

Given the mutation character of coronavirus, it becomes imperative for each one of us to get fully vaccinated, as promptly as possible. This will prevent mortality and enhance the chances of survival. Though it is not possible to be over-optimistic about the virus being wiped out anytime soon, the vaccine gives us a ray of hope. It will definitely combat all different strands of the coronavirus, comprehensively.

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