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Know Top Features & Benefits of Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan
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Why Should You Buy Max Life Cancer Insurance Policy?

Mr. Iqbal Chauhan (62-years-old) lives with his wife (57-years-old) in Ahmedabad. Mr. Iqbal is a retired employee from a private firm and has just started enjoying his post-retirement life. But unfortunately, his wife has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The news has uprooted the entire world of the Chauhan family. But the cancer was diagnosed in the initial stage and it didn’t spread to other parts of the body. So, the treatment will be less expensive and more affordable as compared to others. Being a meticulous person, Mr. Chauhan had purchased a cancer insurance policy many years ago that offered him a lump sum amount as his wife was diagnosed with a critical disease like cancer. This cancer insurance plan brings a sigh of relief to Mr. & Mrs. Chauhan’s life.  Due to this cancer health insurance, Mr. Chauhan’s hard-earned savings remain intact.

Since cancer is a life-threatening ailment, it can affect you physically, emotionally, and financially. Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan is a non-linked, non-participating health insurance plan that will help you to deal with healthcare emergencies like cancer in advance.

Let us talk more about this cancer policy and Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan Premium Calculator in detail.

What is a Cancer Insurance Plan Max Life Insurance?

If you are diagnosed with cancer, your medical treatment will be prolonged and quite expensive. But Max Life cancer insurance plan details help you to understand the types of cancer covered and conditions to be met for making a claim. This plan offers policyholders a chunk of benefits depending on the stage of the disease. Now, you don’t need to focus on your financial condition; rather, you can focus on your treatment to combat this lethal disease. With the Max Life cancer insurance plan, you can not only safeguard your future but also the future of your family members.

4 Features of Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting features of your Max Life cancer insurance:

  • Long-Term Coverage: Though none of us can predict the future, still, you must choose a policy that offers you long-term coverage. This type of coverage will help you stand against various unpredictable situations. Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan offers you financial protection for up to 75 years.
  • Increased Sum Insured: Max Life’s cancer insurance also offers some additional advantages. If the policyholder is diagnosed with cancer during the first five years, the sum insured will increase by a 10% simple rate. Hence, enhancing the coverage provided under the Max Life cancer insurance plan by 150% of the original cover amount.
  • Covering Multifarious Instances of Early-Stage Cancer: The insured policyholder can initiate claims for multiple instances of CiS or early-stage cancer till the total lump sum amount paid on CiS or early-stage cancer claims in the past does not exceed 100% of the sum insured. Thereafter, the insured person will only get the income benefit after being diagnosed with major stage cancer. This is because the entire lump sum amount (100% of the sum insured) has already been disbursed on multiple incidences of CiS claims or early-stage cancer. The insured can’t raise any more claims for the same CiS or early-stage cancer.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Max Life’s cancer insurance plan is exquisitely designed to cover both the early and major cancer stages with real-world benefits. This insurance plan offers two types of advantages (lump-sum amount and income benefit) to the policyholder if he/she is diagnosed in the later stages of the disease.


Benefits of Max Life Cancer Insurance

  • Max Life cancer insurance offers a lump sum amount to the policyholder if he/she is diagnosed with the early stage of cancer
  • The lump-sum amount is 20% of the sum insured. If the person is diagnosed within 12 months of the policy, the sum insured amount may enhance
  • For the early stages of cancer, the policy plan waives off the future payable premiums
  • If the policyholder is diagnosed in the severe stage of the disease, he/she gets 100% of the sum insured
  • The income benefit is offered irrespective of the policy term or the policyholder’s demise
  • Max Life cancer insurance plan offers coverage for all types of healthcare expenses during the treatment phase of the policyholder. The insurance plan is no more active in the event of the insured’s demise
  • If the insured policyholder passed away within the waiting period of the plan, then he/she receives 100% of the premiums paid. The amount excludes the applicable taxes, cesses, and levies as imposed by the government.
  • All the paid premiums for the Max Life cancer insurance policy plan are deductible from taxation under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961


Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan Premium

Maturity Age Monthly Premium Annual Premium
55 688 7650
60 832 9250
65 1012 11250
70 1210 13450


Why Should You Purchase a Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan?

The number of cancer patients is increasing. According to the ICMR research, there are around 2.2 million people in India who are suffering from various types of cancer. It could be a wise decision if you invest in this cancer insurance plan especially if you have a history of cancer.

Financial Security 

The treatment of cancer will certainly bring a lot of stress to your financial condition. You need to spend a humongous amount on cancer treatment and it will make a hole in your pocket. Financial security will solve your finances under this stressful condition. Max Life cancer insurance plan offers financial security and protection to you and your family members.

Peace of Mind

This is the prime advantage of purchasing this type of policy plan. You can lead a stress-free and relaxed life if you are covered by such a plan.


A cancer insurance policy from Max Life insurance will bring a smile to your face if you are diagnosed with this lethal disease. Max life cancer insurance plan review has received tremendous appreciation from customers. So, purchase this cancer insurance policy plan and strengthen your family’s security against this perilous disease.

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