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Why Should You Buy ICICI Lombard Cancer Insurance Policy
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Why Should You Buy ICICI Lombard Cancer Insurance Policy?

Karthik works in a factory in Mumbai. He recently went to a clinic for a regular health check-up. But the doctors recommended visiting another hospital to diagnose the symptoms of cancer due to lack of facilities. At last, he found that he has an initial stage of cancer. Since he comes from middle-class family background, some of his relatives recommended he buy a cancer insurance policy to claim amounts for diagnostic tests and treatment procedures, which worked well in his favor. 

Buy ICICI Lombard Cancer Insurance Policy

Cancer can occur anytime that will affect your normal life. Not only that, it can lead to high expenses when you want to diagnose the symptoms and undergo a treatment procedure in leading hospitals. Buying a cancer insurance policy will take care of all your expenses that will help reduce your mental worries. On the other hand, you should consider choosing the right policy such as the ICICI cancer insurance plan that caters to your requirements. This will help a lot to claim amounts as soon as possible to ensure peace of mind. 

Why Should You Buy the ICICI Pru Cancer Policy?

ICICI is a leading insurance company that offers a variety of health insurance policies in markets. They provide coverage for cancer which will help you to reduce high expenses related to diagnostic tests and treatment. ICICI Pru cancer insurance allows you to get coverage for major cancer illnesses with various features. You can ensure coverage against all stages of cancer that will help manage your medical costs with ease. Not only that, it comes with an income benefit feature enabling you to overcome the loss of income when you have advanced cancer. 

What are the Features of ICICI Pru Cancer Insurance?

You should know the features of a cancer insurance plan before buying it from an insurer that will help make an informed decision. You can also ensure maximum protection from medical inflation and other problems considerably.

1. Pay-out on Diagnosis 

ICICI cancer insurance plan allows you to get the sum insured amount on the first diagnosis when you suffer from cancer symptoms. It makes it feasible to manage your expenses by addressing the exact needs.

2. Waiver of Premium 

You can get a waiver of premium amounts when you are diagnosed with cancer symptoms, and there is no need to pay any outstanding premiums. That means you can enjoy the full coverage at no cost. Apart from that, waiver of premiums allows you to reduce expenses significantly.

3. Increased Cover Benefit

One of the features of ICICI prudential cancer insurance is that it lets you get increased coverage every year. Since the medical costs are increasing due to inflation, you should consider upgrading your coverage to manage them. The policy provides ways to increase the coverage amount by 10% each year. You will get up to 200 % of the sum insured amount while buying a policy.

4. No Co-Payment 

Many cancer insurance policies come with co-payment where you have to pay a certain amount of the sum insured amount. ICICI health insurance for cancer is available with no co-payment enabling you to avoid spending money from your pocket.

5. Loss of Income Benefit 

Advanced cancer such as stage 4 can result in loss of income that will result in additional burden. If you are not able to work due to cancer, the policy enables you to get 1% of the income benefit of the sum assured amount. It is available for five years that gives ways to reduce your family’s financial struggles.

6. Discounts for Your Family

The insurance policy allows you to ensure 5% discounts when you buy the same with a combined premium. This feature is available if you want to include your spouse in the plan that will help minimize high medical costs.

7. Tax Benefits

You will receive tax benefits under the income tax act after purchasing this plan that will help save your money. 

What are the Benefits Of ICICI Pru Cancer Insurance?

  • You will get a 25% pay-out for all types of cancer when it is in the minor stage
  • The policy allows you to ensure 100% pay-out if your condition is in a major stage
  • You can buy ICICI Lombard cancer insurance at affordable prices
  • You can get overage for your spouse 
  • It provides coverage for all cancer stages 
  • Allows you to undergo treatment in listed hospitals 
  • It enables you to receive a daily cash benefit on hospitalization for cancer disease 
  • Reduces your financial burden while undergoing a medical procedure or treatment 


Things To Consider While Buying a Health Insurance Policy

You should keep certain things in mind when you want to buy a health insurance plan from an insurer. Besides that, they allow you to select the best plan which caters to your budgets and requirements. You should calculate the premium amounts before purchasing a policy from the markets. It is wise to check whether health insurance comes with pre-existing coverage. This is because most insurers don’t provide coverage for pre-existing illnesses, and some offer coverage with a waiting period. You should also check entry age because it will greatly influence your premium. Also, make sure that you don’t have sub-limits or other restrictions while claiming the amounts. 

Where To Buy ICICI Cancer Insurance?

The best place to purchase ICICI prudential cancer insurance plan is online because it allows you to get maximum discounts that will help reduce expenses. Moreover, the document processing is very simple, enabling you to get approval as soon as possible. You can even know more about the details of the plan from the customer care team to handle complex issues. 

The Conclusion

Cancer is a critical illness that can lead to potential threats when you don’t get high-quality treatment in a hospital. Read ICICI cancer insurance reviews online when you want to pick a policy for your treatment and diagnostic tests. You should also know the features of health insurance with more attention before investing money. Buying this policy enables you to safeguard your family from debts and other problems. 

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