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4 Reasons why should you buy comprehensive health insurance for your father
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Why should you buy health insurance for your father?

These days, many people prefer a family floater plan that will cover all members, including parents. That’s why they dishonored individual policy plans. But if you opt for a personal policy plan for your father, it will give him dedicated coverage with comprehensive and extensive protection under any emergency. Moreover, for an individual policy, you need to pay a lesser premium than a floater policy.

Certain healthcare conditions could be very disastrous and expensive. Without any insurance policy, these ailments may drain out your parent’s all hard-earned retirement funds. A health insurance policy will act as a shield and protect your parent’s savings during any emergency. With a comprehensive health policy, your parents can also lead a worry-free retirement life.

Many industry experts recommend that you choose a health policy for your father that offers critical illness cover, cashless hospitalization and also comes with no sub-limit option. Moreover, there are certain features (OPD plans, claim protector cover, etc.) that you should check while purchasing a health policy for your father.

An OPD plan will minimize your pocket expenses and help your father receive the maximum out-patient care to maintain his health. By choosing a claim protector cover, you can minimize the out-of-pocket expenses by lessening deductions in the case of a claim. Also, choose policies that offer lower waiting periods for pre-existing diseases.

Before investing a single penny, always ensure that your selected policy will offer comprehensive coverage for alternative healthcare treatments like AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy), Domiciliary Hospitalization, Organ Donor Expenses, and advanced treatments like Robotic Surgeries, Stem Cell Therapy, etc.

4 Reasons why choose a comprehensive health insurance policy for your father

  1. With comprehensive health insurance policies, you can reload the sum insured
  2. Covers routine healthcare check-ups
  3. Covers Daycare procedures and treatment taken abroad
  4. Provides cashless mediclaim facility


With comprehensive health insurance policies, you can reload the sum insured

As he grows older, your father will become more prone to various diseases. If you already crossed the sum insured amount in a specific year, then by opting for a comprehensive insurance policy, you can enjoy the benefit of “Reload of Sums Insured.” This means you can reload your sum insured conveniently. For example, your father has been hospitalized in a year for the first time and the hospital handed over a bill of Rs. 2 lakh against his existing policy of Rs 2 lakh. Now, he needs to be hospitalized again in the same year, and you need to pay Rs. 1 lakh for his treatment, then the insurance company will recharge his sum insured of Rs 2 lakh to pay the bills of Rs.1 lakh.

Covers routine healthcare check-ups

Time diagnostics are mandatory to avoid medical emergencies. To detect health conditions at the earliest, your father needs to do proper screening on an interval basis. This will help you to manage his medical conditions and ailments in advance. A comprehensive health insurance policy comes up with regular annual check-ups coverage. With this type of policy, you will get other benefits like ambulance coverage, coverage for daycare surgeries.

Covers Daycare procedures and treatment taken abroad

Day Care Treatments are healthcare treatments that are performed under general or local anesthesia in a hospital or a daycare center, and the entire procedure takes less than 24 hours. Common treatments like dialysis, chemotherapy, angiography, radiotherapy, eye surgery, lithotripsy, etc., belong to daycare treatment procedures. Most of these treatments are covered by a comprehensive health policy. Choose a health insurance policy that covers more daycare procedures so that the policyholder can avail of all the benefits of the policy. In addition, many policies compensate for the treatments (certain medical conditions) that are taken abroad.  

Provides cashless mediclaim facility

Comprehensive health policies encourage treatment facilities in their network hospitals. This means your father doesn’t need to worry about his financial condition in the case of hospitalization in your absence. The insurer will settle the claim in a hassle-free way. Every insurance company has a list of network hospitals where they offer cashless facilities. If your father gets admitted to any of these hospitals, he will get the best treatment without investing a single penny.

These are some reasons that you should purchase a comprehensive health insurance policy for your father. To know more about health insurance for your father, you can visit iiflinsurance.com and get the right one for him.

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