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Why Should You Buy HDFC Cancer Insurance Policy
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Why Should You Buy HDFC Cancer Insurance Policy?

Kamala is a middle-aged woman who works in the government sector in Chennai. She faced some health issues and went for a general check-up. Unfortunately, doctors found out that she was suffering from stage 2 cancer and asked her to undergo treatment in a hospital that covers special facilities. Although she is a government employee, her family is worried about high medical costs. Fortunately, she had bought a health insurance policy 6-months ago, which helped her to manage medical costs more efficiently without causing any financial burden. 

HDFC Cancer Care Insurance


Several factors will influence cancer symptoms that can affect your life in many ways when you don’t manage them properly. Moreover, cancer will lead to potential hazards which require high medical care in a hospital. At the same time, the costs of diagnostic tests and medical treatments are high and can empty your savings. Hence, you should consider buying a health insurance plan that comes with cancer coverage like the HDFC Cancer Care Insurance plan. It allows you to safeguard your family from expensive medical costs. 

Buy HDFC Cancer Care Insurance to Get Maximum Coverage.

When choosing cancer health insurance from the markets, you should find a reputed company for meeting your exact needs. HDFC cancer care insurance comes with the best features allowing you to ensure maximum coverage. It makes feasible methods to lower your financial burden significantly while undergoing a diagnostic procedure. Not only that, it enables you to safeguard your family from stress and mental worries. The plan is available in three variants, and you can choose the right one which suits your needs.

What are the Features of HDFC Cancer Care Insurance?

You should know the features of HDFC cancer plans from different sources that will help you to make an informed decision.

1. Features of Silver Option 

The silver option offered by HDFC cancer policy allows you to get 25% of the sum insured amount as a lump sum benefit. If your cancer is in early-stage or carcinoma in situ, you can avail this feature. Moreover, you can receive a lump sum benefit of the total sum assured amount when you have been diagnosed with a major stage. Apart from that, you will get a waiver of premium amounts for three years that can save your expenses.

2. Features of Gold Option 

The gold option available from HDFC Cancer health insurance covers additional features when compared to the silver option. You will get 25% of the sum assured amount as a lump sum benefit for the minor stage and a lump sum benefit of the total assured amount for major stage cancer. Furthermore, your coverage will be automatically increased by 10% every year, allowing you to gain more advantages.

The increased sum benefit will become 200% of the sum insured, enabling you to ensure high protection for your family. It even lets you get a waiver of premium amounts for three years.

3. Features of Platinum Option 

The platinum option provided by the insurance plan allows you to get the same features that are available under the silver and gold options. In addition, it comes with a monthly income of benefit of the 1% of sum assured for a person of 5 years. In addition, you will receive discounts on premium payments when your sum assured amount is over ten lakhs. 

What are the Benefits of Buying an HDFC Cancer Care Insurance Plan?

  • The policy allows you to get coverage for all stages of cancer 
  • You can avail of high discounts while buying the plan online 
  • Allows you to undergo treatment in listed hospitals
  • Enables you to get income tax benefits under income tax acts 
  • You will receive emergency funds in case of cancer diagnosis
  • Death benefit for your nominees upon the premature death 
  • A wide network of hospitals in India where you can get the best treatment for your cancer 
  • Affordable premiums that allow you to buy a plan easily 
  • High claim success rates 


Where to Buy an HDFC Cancer Care Insurance Plan?

You can buy HDFC life insurance cancer care policy directly from the company or online that will help meet your exact needs. Buying a policy online is a wise decision because it allows you to compare the prices easily and that will help save your money to a large extent. Another thing is that it allows you to invest your money depending on your needs. Moreover, buying the right type of insurance lets you safeguard your family from medical inflation and other problems.

What are the Factors that can Influence HDFC Cancer Insurance Premiums?

Here are the top 5 factors that can influence the HDFC Cancer Insurance Policy Premiums in India as mentioned below:-

  1. Pre-Existing Condition: Medical history plays an important role in affecting your premium prices. If you have any pre-existing condition, then you should check whether the policy offers coverage for the same before buying the same.
  2. Age: Age is another factor that can influence your HDFC cancer insurance premium, and you have to pay more when you are an elderly person. You should check the premium prices and eligibility before buying the policy.
  3. Sum Insured: Sum insured amount can impact your health insurance premium, and you have to pay a high premium for a high insured amount. On the other hand, having a high insured amount enables you to maximum coverage.
  4. Gender: Gender is the most important factor that will impact HDFC cancer insurance plan premium. You should check the same before purchasing; that will help proceed further accordingly.
  5. Profession: Your profession will also influence your premium prices, and you have to pay more when you are in a risky job. Check the details of professions that can impact your health insurance plan. 


The Conclusion

Cancer is a terminal illness that can lead to various symptoms, and you should buy a policy that caters to your requirements. HDFC life insurance cancer care policy is the right option for you because it comes with several features enabling you to overcome unwanted problems. At the same time, you should read the terms and conditions while buying this policy online. A health insurance plan lets you get coverage for all terminal illnesses, including cancer. It also helps you to save your money from high expenses. 

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