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Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in India : How affordable is it?
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What is the Cost of Limb Lengthening Surgery in India?

Limb lengthening surgery is often required to address deformities that may arise due to mishaps/accidents and even genetic reasons. Limbs which are not proportionate may result in painful experiences for people, hindering their mobility as well at times. However, surgical procedures often help in easing pain and discomfort, while fixing the problem for affected individuals. 

Know More About Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening surgery in India helps with the replacement of bones that are missing. It also includes lengthening or straightening of bones which are deformed and these are sometimes caused owing to mishaps or congenital issues. The best limb lengthening surgery in India will help in the treatment of deformities of a complex or serious nature and is availed by several individuals as a result. The surgery is mostly done for those between 18-25 years of age unless there is any emergency resulting from an accident. 

Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in India

You should be aware of the limb lengthening surgery costs in India along with other aspects like height increase surgery cost in India or APR surgery costs in the country. These are all complex procedures which require sizable funds in order to be carried out at hospitals throughout the country.

The surgery may require anywhere around Rs. 1.5-8.5 lakh, depending upon the type of treatment and various other intricate aspects. In most metro cities, the costs will usually hover between Rs. 4.95-6.11 lakh if you are getting the procedure done at any reputed private hospital. The success rates for these surgeries usually stand at 95% and hence they are steadily attaining popularity amongst affected people. 

How affordable is limb lengthening surgery in India

If you consider the overall costs of limb lengthening and reconstruction surgery, then it may add up to a whopping amount in total. The question then arises- How affordable is limb lengthening surgery in our country? In comparison to other global nations such as the United States, European nations or the United Kingdom, those choosing this treatment may save close to 30-40% of the total expenditure while doing it in India. The final figures of course depend on preferences, needs and lengthening aspects. 

There are other aspects which also need to be factored in, while determining the cost, including the hospital type (private/public) and the reputation/credentials of the surgeon in question. Several foreign citizens come to India to get this surgery done since it is comparatively affordable from a global perspective. However, the money required is still sizable and it is not easily accessible for several citizens in India who may not always have ready funds at their disposal. However, several health insurance policies offer coverage for this type of treatment which is a major boon for them. 

When do you require this type of surgery? 

Limb lengthening surgery is required if someone has unequal or disproportionate limbs. These usually happen due to defects at birth, cerebral palsy, injuries to the bones and so on. They may happen due to developmental or congenital defects. Some of the other causes include fractures, tumors, infections of the bones or even arthritis in some cases. 

Many people now choose to increase their height through surgery as well. This is called surgery for lengthening the bones. The entire mechanism helps an individual attain better alignment of the bones and functioning of the joints with the help of various surgical/medical treatments. They include two correction types, namely Acute Correction (cutting the bone in a procedure called osteotomy and manually shifting the sections of the bones) and also Gradual Correction (spurring growth of the bones via applied osteotomy tension). LLD or limb length discrepancies, as they are known, may lead to varying arm or lower leg lengths as well in some cases. Differences of more than four centimeters between the legs may lead to something known as the short leg syndrome and lead to enhanced discomfort/pain in walking in tandem with back pain and poor posture as well. 

Health Insurance: A Financial Antidote for these Surgeries

Be it limb lengthening surgery or even a surgery for increasing your height, health insurance is the best way out for getting these done without bearing the financial burden. Several health insurance companies offer coverage for these surgeries but this is only limited to accidents. Many insurance companies do not offer coverage for congenital or birth defects. Any case of disproportionate limbs owing to any mishap will always be covered since these are medical treatments of a restorative nature, according to the insurer. These are vital for the insured individual to survive and function normally. In such scenarios, health insurance policies do not mandate waiting periods and patients can immediately get these surgeries performed. 

Some insurance companies also give an option for covering costs in order to increase height via bone lengthening surgery. However, the additional premium has to be paid by the policyholder. Yet, this is not always offered as an option by many insurance companies. You should always check the fine print carefully while choosing your health insurance plan. Daily life and functionality are greatly hindered due to imbalances at a physical level. Unequal or disproportionate limbs may be painful and hamper your quality of life as well. If you choose the right health insurance policy, then you will get financial coverage for these surgeries and you can get them performed in order to live a healthier and smoother life overall. Hence, getting health insurance is non-negotiable in all such cases.


What is limb lengthening surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery is the process of fixing or combating disproportionate or unequal limbs. Such instances may happen due to accidents or even genetic/birth defects at times.

What is the meaning of LLD?

LLD means limb length discrepancy and this refers to the condition that is fixed through limb lengthening surgery. The varying lengths of the lower legs or arms are usually meant by this term.

Is limb lengthening surgery covered by health insurance?

Limb lengthening surgeries are covered by many health insurance plans, subject to certain terms and conditions. They usually offer coverage for these surgeries in case such conditions arise due to accidents. Congenital defects usually do not get financial coverage. You should carefully check your policy for more details in this regard.

What are some of the causes behind limb length disorders?

Unequal or disproportionate limbs often result from congenital or birth defects or even serious accidents. Some of the other causes include arthritis, bone injuries and infections, cerebral palsy, fractures and even tumors in some cases.

What is the average cost of limb lengthening surgeries in India?

The average cost may hover around Rs. 1.5-8.5 lakh and depends on several factors including the reputation of the surgeon, the type of hospital (public/private), the location (metro city or tier-II city), the type of treatment required, personal requirements and preferences, and so on.

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