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What Is Adventure Sports Insurance And Its Benefits
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What Is Adventure Sports Insurance And Its Benefits?

Vicky (26-year-old) along with his friends, is planning to go to a hill station where they will perform various adventurous sports activities. Being an adventure ardent, Vicky is excited about the trip. But at the same time, he doesn’t want to take any risks with his life and wants to purchase adventure sports insurance that will give him financial protection if there is any mishap. But Vicky doesn’t have any idea which company offers this type of insurance to its customers. Here we are going to find out what adventure sports insurance is and how it offers coverage to your life.

Adventure Sports Insurance


Different individuals want to enjoy their holidays in different ways. Some may prefer to relax on the beaches with a glass of cocktail, while others love to explore the places by participating in various adventure sports activities. Young people are more enthusiastic about various adventure sports activities to maintain their fitness regime.

What is Adventure Sports?

Adventure sports are getting popular among adventure junkies in India. During their holidays or vacations, these people try to explore various courageous sports like bungee jumping, mountaineering, parasailing, snorkeling, paragliding, etc. that will give them the utmost adrenaline rush.

Adventure Sports

Earlier, no travel insurance or personal insurance offered coverage for these types of risks. Since many Indians are interested in these types of adventurous activities hence, insurance companies envision a new market. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is the first Indian insurance company that introduces an add-on adventure sports cover with its Global Personal Accident Plan. This add-on sports insurance cover addresses all the needs of adventure lovers.

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What is Bajaj Allianz adventure insurance cover?

Bajaj Allianz is the first company that offers adventure insurance in India to its customers. This type of cover is ideal for those travelers who prefer various adventurous activities on their vacations. Bajaj Allianz allows its customers to pick from a variety of covers like accident hospitalization and air ambulance evacuation. The company also offers its customers other unusual add-ons like fracture care, loan protector cover, and EMI payment cover, whereas, most other insurance companies only offer air ambulance evacuation in India.

Bajaj Allianz adventure insurance cover

Most conventional insurance products are 40 years old and they hardly meet the interests of new-age customers. The prime aim of this new personal accident insurance plan is to offer something beyond traditional products. It tries to fit all product strategies under one roof by allowing the customers to choose the terms of their policies according to their needs.

If you are planning to do some adventurous activities in India, Bajaj Allianz could be your only one accident insurance for extreme sports. But you may find many adventure insurance, as well as mountaineering travel insurance covers globally. So, you can choose the best one by comparing all the plans.

The Scope of this Add-on Cover

Bajaj Allianz’s adventure sports cover offers a lump sum benefit to policyholders to mitigate the risk of accidents while participating in various adventurous sports activities. You may get a cover of up to Rs 1 crore under this plan. With this type of policy cover, the policyholders stay protected against death or any permanent disabilities that they may face while taking part in the sports.

Terms & Conditions

Let us throw light on some prominent terms and conditions to avail adventure insurance from Bajaj Allianz:

1. This type of plan won’t offer coverage for partial disability or temporary injuries. This means you can’t raise a claim for losing a toe or a finger. Even your hospital bills won’t be paid off by the company. This plan offers coverage only for a total permanent disability.

2. This cover is only for non-professional activities where the policyholder participates in sports activities only for entertainment and leisure.

3. Another imperative condition is that all activities should be performed under the supervision of a fully trained professional. If you perform these types of high-risk sports without the supervision of a skilled professional, the company will reject your claim.

4. Before initiating a claim for your permanent injury, you need to ensure that adequate safety measures were taken.


The add-on plan is related to your base cover. In the case of death or total disability, while participating in high-risk sports activities, you can opt for 25%, 50% or a 100% payout of the sum insured. Your premiums may vary accordingly. If your policy plan offers Rs. 1 crore sum insured where the base cover is only for death, then you need to pay an additional charge of Rs 4,300 for an adventure sports death for a 25% payout, an Rs. 8,600 for 50% payout and Rs. 17,200 for a 100% payout.


You need to pay additional premiums to avail of this cover apart from your premiums paid for the personal accident death cover. The premium also depends on the policyholder’s profession as the plan is linked to base cover. If you are paying Rs. 4,000 as premium for your Bajaj Allianz personal accident cover, then you will get coverage up to Rs. 50 lakh along with air ambulance and accident hospitalization.


  • You will get a maximum of Rs. 1 crore from your insurer under this plan. If you purchased Rs. 3 crore sum insured under the base policy and selected for a 100% payout in the case of permanent disability or death, you will receive only Rs. 1 crore as compensation.
  • Though this plan offers global coverage, the benefits are inadequate as compared to other policy plans.
  • This plan doesn’t offer you any coverage for temporary or partial disability
  • If you already own a life insurance policy, then by opting for this plan, you will only get coverage for total permanent disability


The Conclusion

If you are planning for various adventurous trips in India, then you don’t have any other option rather choose this policy plan. But if you are going abroad where you can participate in various high-risk activities, you can consider other alternatives. Also, talk to the organizations or groups that facilitate these types of trips or activities.

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