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Medrol Tablet For Covid-19

With the end of 2019 brought a tragedy with itself, a fatal pandemic the world had never seen. Patients choking to death, people losing their loved ones, abandoned children crying for food and endless queues for oxygen cylinders and hospitals were some of the devastating scenarios that the world had witnessed in the last two years. 

According to WHO, the total number of globally confirmed cases as of now is 230,418,451 including 4,724,876 deaths due to COVID-19. Thousands of hospitals and medical staff worked day and night with a dedication to save and treat each life. Despite rigorous precautions, the alarming number of global deaths was unstoppable until the experts found a few steroids that showed good results towards saving covid patients’ lives. It was found that dexamethasone and Methylprednisolone or Medrol tablets for covid-19 have shown effective results. 

What are Medrol tablets?

A synthetic glucocorticoid, methylprednisolone is a medically prescribed drug for its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. Medrol tablets are widely used to treat severe conditions of arthritis, blood disorders, certain cancers, allergic disorders, and immune system disorders. 

Medrol tablet for covid-19

It was in the mid of 2020 that the mortality rate due to COVID-19 was increasing dangerously and doctors were incapable of saving people who were severely infected. It was found by the experts that the major reason for covid patients’ death could be the cytokine release syndrome. It was important to recognize and immediately stop this cytokine storm within the patients’ bodies to save their lives.

Medrol tablet for covid-19 patients proved to be a life-saving drug after which it showed great results when used on critically infected patients. The role of glucocorticoids in the treatments proved good due to their properties of suppressing immune response or cytokine storm in patients who had low oxygen saturation levels. 

Effects of Medrol tablet for covid-19 in India

Soon after India found out about the good effects of dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, they started treating their critical patients with the same. Meanwhile, continuous experiments in the Territory Care Hospital of Mumbai showed results that methylprednisolone or Medrol tablet for covid-19 was given to 7 critically infected patients out of which 6 were saved. Moreover, the experts of Kokilaben Hospital of Mumbai said that the drug was given to the patients in dual doses of  30mg each which visibly improved their oxygenation levels and helped patients recover at a faster rate. 

Today, India is regularly using Medrol tablets for covid-19 infected moderate and severe patients and has been able to treat many. 

Side effects of Medrol tablets

Although the Medrol tablet for covid-19 treatment has proved to be a boon by saving thousands of valuable lives, still it is a drug that needs attention during and posts its consumption. It is strictly recommended to avoid the usage of this drug until prescribed by a doctor and follow the dosage instructions carefully. 

Even a controlled usage of Medrol can leave certain side effects on the human body, including :

  • Skin problems
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • Relocation of body fat
  • Slow wound healing 
  • Dizziness, etc. 

This drug can sometimes also have a long-term effect on the patient’s bones and can cause osteoporosis. 


There has been no permanent solution derived yet to stop the spread of this deadly virus, however, there are certain drugs mainly from the steroid family that have shown effective results in lowering the symptoms and bringing back some of the hospitalized covid patients from the deathbed. Besides methylprednisolone, some more widely used drugs are a part of the treatment regime, including dexamethasone, Hydroxychloroquine, Covifor, Fabiflu, and Cipremi. Moreover, the release of effective vaccines has now lessened the number of worldwide covid cases.

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