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Urban Indians have become more active in Health and Fitness
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Report suggests amidst COVID-19, Urban Indians have become more active in health and fitness

The COVID-19 pandemic caused utter destruction to this fast-pacing world. The impact of this pandemic is fathomless, and the government has been forced to impose lockdown and other restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. Many studies have claimed that people are becoming more conscious about health and fitness to stay protected against this menacing virus. People are purchasing various health insurance plans from reputed health insurance companies in India during this pandemic to uplift their financial security and coverage.

Many leading insurance companies are claiming that there is an upsurge in term plans and health policy plans during this time. People are submitting a request for various hospital insurance policies. Urban Indian populations are inclined to use mobile applications that welcome them with discounts on premiums so that everyone can maintain good health and wellness during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Several market studies have claimed that nearly 72% of people are desperately looking for products that will boost their immunity, and 71% of people are paying more attention to health and fitness regimes to keep viruses away from their doorsteps.

The market report has also claimed that urban people are engaging themselves with a spectrum of activities to keep themselves mentally and physically fit and robust. According to the study, nearly 75% of people consumed wholesome, and home-cooked food, 54% people have incorporated exercise like walking, yoga, etc., into their daily routines, 47% people went for regular medical check-ups, and 30% adopted wearables like fitness bank, health monitoring apps, calorie counting apps, etc. This result implies how the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to shift their interest towards health and fitness irrespective of their age and profession. Because of this lethal COVID-19 pandemic, urban people are spending an array of time in health and fitness regimes.

The urban population has proximity towards a healthcare app

COVID-19 pandemic has brought a plethora of healthcare challenges. But, at the same time, this inspired people to focus more on health and wellness. Several market studies have claimed that urban people prefer those health apps that offer lucrative discounts on premiums with respect to certain health and wellness patterns. These health apps are highly appreciated by people who are living in metro cities (nearly 66% of people are using these health apps). On the other hand, in tier 1 cities, nearly 59% of people prefer these apps, and 47% of people from tier 2 cities are considering these apps.

Health and fitness have a direct impact on the premium amount of your insurance policy

Urban Indians are deft and possess a plethora of knowledge regarding health and fitness. They know that the health and fitness of an individual have a direct impact on the premium amount of term insurance plans from various insurers. Nearly 76% of the population from tier 1 cities are aware of the impact of health and fitness on term plan premiums. For metro cities, this consciousness is about 74%, and nearly 60% in tier 2 cities.

Healthy and fitter people pay lesser premium

People who are strong and have good health usually pay a lesser premium amount as compared to those who are sick and suffering from various illnesses. This has motivated the urban population to stay healthy and fit even in this COVID pandemic. To enhance their fitness and stamina, people are indulging in various activities like yoga, meditation, aerobics, and playing various indoor games. They are also conscious about their diet and eating plans.

Several medical surveys have proved that the urban population is changing their attitude towards health and fitness to enjoy discounted premiums on various term plans and health policy plans. Nearly 73% of people from urban Delhi are interested in purchasing various life insurance plans if they get a discount in premium amount for maintaining their health and fitness. Fifty-three percent of urban Kolkata and 40% of urban Mumbai people are interested in purchasing the best health insurance and term plans if they get a discount on premiums for improving their health and fitness.

People are interested in purchasing critical illness insurance policies, but only a few of them want to adopt CI riders

This COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize the importance of having a critical illness insurance policy. Now, nearly 25% of the urban population wants to purchase a critical illness policy to enhance their financial protection and coverage against COVID-19. But pre-covid, only 11% or 1 in 10 Indians purchased a critical illness policy along with their term insurance plans. The situation has drastically changed during this COVID-19 pandemic. These days, 25% of the population or 1 in 4 purchased a critical illness policy to boost up their financial protection.

Though people are interested in purchasing critical illness policies, only a few have shown interest in purchasing critical illness riders. During this COVID-19 pandemic, 31% of metro people bought critical illness riders with their term plans. However, in tier 2 cities, only 24%, and in tier-one cities, only 23% of the population have purchased critical illness riders.

This COVId-19 pandemic has forced the Indian urban population to keep more focus on health and fitness regime. Because healthy people will not only stay protected against this deadly virus but also enjoy several benefits on their health insurance policies. ICICI Lombard health insurance is one of the most applauded health insurance policies during the COVID-19 pandemic as it offers multifarious benefits including cashless health insurance, medical expenditure, and many more.
To lead a wholesome and contented life, never compromise with your health and fitness.

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