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Universal Sompo Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India
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Universal Sompo Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India

Rakesh lives with his parents in Ahmedabad. Suddenly Rakesh’s mother got a stroke and she was admitted to a private hospital. Rakesh purchased a health insurance policy for his parents a few years ago and it saved him during this health emergency. Rakesh admitted his mother to a network hospital of the insurance company. Thus, Rakesh didn’t spend a single penny for his mother’s treatment. Since it was a network hospital, the treatment was cashless and all the bills were settled directly by the insurance company. This is the benefit of a network hospital and that’s why customers prefer a universal sompo health insurance provider that has a wide range of network hospitals.

Universal Sompo Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India


A network hospital is a hospital that is partnered with an insurance company. Once you are admitted to a network hospital of your insurer, your treatment will be sponsored by the company. You will get the best treatment without paying anything. The insurance providers usually select network hospitals depending on the services of the facility, efficiency, market reputation, etc. All reputed insurance companies used to review their network hospital lists from time to time and the list keeps changing. The Universal Sompo hospital list is also motivating and all Universal Sompo network hospitals offer holistic services to the insured policyholder.

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Universal Sompo General Insurance Company

Universal Sompo General Insurance Company is an eminent insurance company in India. This is a private-public joint venture of Allahabad Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Karnataka Bank Ltd., Dabur Investment Corp, and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. This Mumbai-based insurance company is the first private-public partnership in the general insurance industry.

Universal Sompo General Insurance Company

This insurance company offers a spectrum of insurance products to customers that fulfill their varied requirements. The company offers health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance.

Why Choose a Universal Sompo Network Hospital?

The Universal Sompo network hospital list is very large and the company is tied up with more than 4,000 hospitals. These are the hospitals where you will enjoy the best quality treatment without paying a single penny from your side. But note that you will only get cashless facilities at these hospitals if you follow the terms and conditions of the policy. By visiting the company website and entering your location, you can check the Universal Sompo health insurance hospital list at your convenience. Always choose a nearby network hospital for your future treatment.

Why Choose a Universal Sompo Network Hospital

You select a network hospital if your policy covers you for the same, and then submit the cashless form to the TPA and initiate a cashless claim. After the approval of the claim from the insurance company, you can start your treatment. The insurer will settle all your medical bills at the hospital. You don’t need to submit any bills or documents for the same. You only need to pay off those expenses that are not covered by your policy.

If an insurance company has a big network hospital list, you can easily find the nearest hospital in your vicinity. So, while purchasing a policy from an insurance company, don’t forget to consider the list of network hospitals near you.

Universal Sompo Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio (CSR) portrays the number of claims settled by an insurer against the total number of accumulated claim requests in a financial year. A higher claim settlement ratio indicates the authenticity and credibility of an insurance company. Discard a company that doesn’t have an impressive claim settlement ratio. Check the Claim Settlement Ratio of Universal Sompo Health Insurance Company.


Financial year

Claim settlement ratio
FY 2018-2019


FY 2019-2020



How to make a Universal Sompo Health Insurance Cashless Claim?

Check the below-mentioned steps to initiate a cashless claim to the insurer.

Step 1: Get Hospitalized

Choose a network hospital in your locality and show your health and a valid photo ID. Intimate Universal Sompo health insurance company by dialing its toll-free number 1800-200-5142. You need to inform 72 hrs. before hospitalization if it is planned, and within 48 hours in case of emergency.

Step 2: Submit the Cashless Claim Request Form

Now, you need to fill up and submit the cashless claim form to Universal Sompo General Insurance Company.

Step 3: Document Verification

After submission, your documents will be verified by the company. Once satisfied, the company will process your claim.

Step 4: Claim Settlement

The insurance company (Universal Sompo Health insurance) will pay all your healthcare bills directly to the network hospital. This payment doesn’t include inadmissible expenses like telephone charges, food, etc. You need to pay these expenses from your side.

Why purchase a health insurance policy from Universal Sompo Health Insurance?

If you purchase a health insurance policy from Universal Sompo health insurance, you can avail of the below-mentioned benefits.

  • A Wide Range of Sum Insured: The company offers various health insurance plans that come with a wide range of sum insured. The range of sum insured is between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1 crore. This means you can enjoy the maximum benefits from your policy.
  • Customized Plan Variations: The company embraces its customers with plenty of health insurance plans that cater to the diverse requirements of the customers. These plans offer different coverage features, sum insured amount, and deductibles.
  • Portability Benefit: The company offers portability benefits to its customers. If you are not satisfied with your present health insurance company, you can migrate to Universal Sompo health insurance at the time of renewal. You will also not lose your accumulated benefits under the previous policy.
  • Lifetime Renewability Guaranteed: The company welcomes you with health insurance plans that possess lifetime renewability benefits. If you pay your insurance premium in time, you can enjoy all the benefits of your plan throughout your lifetime.


The Bottom Line

Universal Sompo health insurance holds an unparalleled market reputation in the field of health insurance. If you want the best treatment without investing a single penny, you can purchase a health policy from this insurer as Universal Sompo cashless hospital list is vast and remarkable.

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