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Universal Sompo Parents Health Insurance Plans in India for 2022
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Universal Sompo Health Insurance Plans for Parents

Roshan was over the moon since he was about to surprise his parents with an anniversary gift. He had just started earning at the age of 23 and was employed in a reputed multinational FMCG company with a handsome salary for his age. He did not live with his parents, who lived in his hometown. He stayed alone in a PG with his workmates in a metro city where he held his job. However, he had taken leave and came down to his native place for a couple of weeks with the intent to surprise them on their anniversary. His parents would celebrate their 25th anniversary and they were almost 61-62 years old (having retired just a while back). 

It was cake-cutting time and the guests had already arrived. Roshan unveiled the gift with a dramatic flourish. But lo, it was not what anyone expected! Instead of a gift-wrapped surprise, Roshan handed over a file of papers to his parents. They took a closer look at it and were overwhelmed with emotion thereafter. For Roshan had just gifted them a dedicated health insurance plan of their own. In spite of being far away for the majority of the year, he still knew that their existing workplace plan was to expire soon after retirement, and hence this dedicated gift that he decided to fund himself. It is not the gift but the thoughtfulness that counts. 

If you also wish to secure your parents financially from the cost of healthcare treatments and that too without compromising on the quality of the same, you should consider a dedicated plan like Universal Sompo health insurance. Universal Sompo health insurance for parents offers a uniquely tailored solution that ensures proper coverage for all the members in the family and their healthcare requirements. You can readily get cashless treatment at partner hospitals or reimbursement for medical expenditure in case the policyholder, family member or spouse. It covers daughters, sons, fathers, mothers, siblings and their spouses and also the parents-in-law along with grandchildren and grandparents. 

Features of Universal Sompo Health Insurance Policy

Here are some of the key highlights of these plans: 

  • The Universal Sompo health insurance claim settlement ratio is 70.75%. 
  • There is an in-house facility for settling health insurance claims as well. 
  • There is coverage for COVID-19 related medical treatments and procedures as well. 
  • Customers can avail of cashless treatment at more than 4,000 network hospitals under this policy. 
  • There is lifelong renewal offered by the company and this is a major benefit for customers by all means. 
  • There are a total 2, 67, 221 policies that have been sold by the company till date in the country. 


Benefits of Universal Sompo Parents Health Insurance

There are numerous features and benefits of Universal Sompo health insurance for parents, including the following: 

  • The plan can be purchased individually and also in the family floater format. 
  • The policy duration is 1, 2 or 3 years. 
  • There are three variants available, namely Essential, Basic and Privilege. 
  • There are 13 relationships that have coverage under one policy in this case. 
  • You can choose sum insured amounts hovering between Rs. 1-10 lakh under the plan. 
  • There is only a single premium amount that is payable at your end. 
  • Lifetime renewability is a major boon for customers. 
  • There is also the automatic restoration benefit for the sum insured. 
  • Pre-hospitalization coverage is provided for a maximum of 60 days while post-hospitalization coverage extends till 90 days in all. 
  • There is maternity coverage provided after a pre-fixed waiting period. 
  • AYUSH treatment costs are also covered. 
  • 141 daycare medical treatments are also covered under the policy. 
  • There is coverage for domiciliary hospitalization costs as well. 
  • OPD and organ donor costs are also covered under the policy. 


The proposer of the policy should be a minimum of 18 years of age while the maximum age for entry is 70 years. Some of the exclusions in this policy include injuries taking place due to substances of an abusive nature, alternative medicines or treatments, costs of spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids along with injuries caused indirectly/directly owing to weapons, treatments taking place during waiting periods for treatments, illnesses, maternity and childcare benefits and outpatient medical treatments. 

You can get a minimum sum assured amount from Rs. 1 lakh onwards, and the plan is named as the Complete Healthcare Insurance policy. The minimum entry age is 1 day for family members (infants) while the maximum age limit has already been mentioned above.

Universal Sompo Health Insurance for Parents FAQs

What is the name of the Universal Sompo healthcare plan for parents?

The name of the policy is Complete Healthcare Insurance and it offers sum insured amounts beginning from Rs. 1 lakh onwards.

How many relationships are covered under the policy?

Up to 13 relationships are covered under the policy including parents, parents-in law, siblings and their spouses, grandchildren, grandparents and more.

What are the policy tenures?

You can choose from either 1, 2 or 3-year policy tenures in this case.

What is the maximum sum assured amount?

The maximum sum assured amount is Rs. 10 lakh under this plan.

How many network hospitals are there under the policy?

Universal Sompo offers 4,000+ network hospitals across the country for cashless treatment facilities.

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