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United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator

When you go out to buy insurance, you want to get the best possible deal when it comes to your insurance premium. After all, it is the only component of the health insurance situation that can be bent or moulded in any way – the need for health insurance and the possibility of health emergencies are after all out of your control. But you eat healthy and work out regularly, you say? 

But do you eat on time? Do you get enough sleep? Do you lead an entirely stress free existence that keeps stress-related illnesses at bay? Are you vice free? Do you have no family medical history of chronic and critical illnesses? No diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure or cardiac issues on either side of the family? And do you have a 100% effective version of the Covid-19 vaccine that the rest of the world is yet to hear about? 


Well then health emergencies are a reality for you too. That’s right, even the most health-conscious among us require health insurance. 

But there’s some hope for your increasingly lighter pocket, because while health emergencies and the need for health insurance cannot be argued, you can actually haggle a little (or scour the internet for a better deal than the best deal) when it comes to your health insurance premium. 

The main tool used for this process is a health insurance premium calculator, like the United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator. 

How can the United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator help you

You can get a quote from United India Health Insurance  by using the United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator Premium Calculator without having to feel bad about saying no. Research has proven that we have an easier time rejecting an offer suggested by a machine rather than an actual human. 

When you use the United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator, you key in a few details that give the insurer information linked to factors that determine how high risk a policyholder you will be and your requirements. This allows for the automatic generation of a health insurance premium estimate. 

Remember that this is a ballpark figure or an estimate. All the information that you have supplied will be verified by medical tests and then you will get an actual offer.  

Which begs the question – Why bother with the calculator if it can only give you a ballpark figure. Well, because that ballpark figure can be put to work. Here’s how…

Benefits of using the United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator

When you use a premium calculator, you can: 

  1. Plan to curb or adjust your splurging (or investing, if you’re the financially responsible sort) so that you have sufficient funds to pay your health insurance premium. 
  2. Make adjustments to the add ons and sum insured so that you can arrive at a premium that you can actually afford. 
  3. Use the ballpark figure to make apples to apples comparisons with policies from other brands that come with the same benefits 
  4. Better yet, use the estimate to negotiate with other brands or any insurance sales people who approach you (or whom you have been giving business to, without a second thought, for years). 
  5. If you are the kind that shuffles between two cities for work, you can figure out which city you’re getting a better rate in. 

How the United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator determines your premium

The United India Health Insurance Premium Calculator determines your health insurance premium on the basis of a few factors that all insurance companies consider before making a commitment to support you financially in a health emergency. 

Some background: the higher the chances of the applicant getting hospitalised, the higher the insurance premium. Of course insurance companies need to play it smart or else how will they have the resources to actually pay out claims?

Now let’s have a look at these factors. There are two categories; some factors are linked to you and others are linked to the policy and its benefits. 

Factors linked to the policy and its benefits: 

You can play around with these fields in the form

  • Sum insured or the maximum amount that the insurance company will support you with in a health emergency
  • Riders and add ons like critical illness cover 
  • Policy term, or validity period of the policy
  • Number of family members included in the policy

Factors linked to you and your health. 

Obviously these factors are static. 

  • Age 
  • Health status
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Family’s medical history particularly with chronic or critical illnesses
  • Weight/BMI 
  • Regular cigarette consumption
  • Regular alcohol consumption

Got your quotes? Other factors to consider: 

Once you have rounded up a few estimates from various insurers, you must consider a few important factors linked to your insurer. Let’s evaluate the insurer at hand, United India Health Insurance: 

It has a 78.03% claim settlement ratio. You are looking for a moderate claim settlement ratio because too low a ratio obviously means that the insurance company is rejecting too many claims. But too high a ratio is also a red flag because you want the insurance company to stay in business by the time you make your claim. If they are indiscriminately approving claims, that too could prove problematic. 

United India Health Insurance has a network of over 7000 hospitals – this is important so you can find one near you. 

Other factors you should check is Covid-19 coverage and the presence of a partner hospital in your vicinity. 

Why do I have to pay higher premiums for smoking just 1 cigarette a day? 

Regular consumption of tobacco increases your risk of various health issues that could result in hospitalisation and surgery. These include respiratory illnesses and even cancer. 

Do I need health insurance even though I have an LIC policy? 

Life insurance is a financial security against loss of life. They give your family a pre-agreed sum in case you meet with an early death. They are especially useful for sole breadwinners. Some life insurance policies even pay out a sum if you survive the policy term. However any life insurance policy is useless if you need to be hospitalized or need surgery. That’s exactly why one needs health insurance. 

Health insurance supports you by reimbursing hospitalization costs or even cashless hospitalization in partner hospitals. 

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