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Top-Up vs Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan - Which is better?
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Top-Up or Super Top-Up Health Insurance Policy – Which is better?

People have started understanding the importance of health insurance, especially in the last two years. Health insurance is an extraordinary additional financial security that one can use to secure his family against medical expenses. Undeniably the medical cover can help meet any unexpected emergency that one comes across in his life.

There are many types of health insurance policies providing a variety of benefits. However, selecting the right one that perfectly suits your expectations is crucial. In this aspect, the top-up health insurance plans are categorized into two major types – super top-up health insurance and top-up health insurance.

Top-up and super top-up health insurance options are designed to get maximum coverage amount without any compromises and at a lower premium. In addition, these plans help to increase the sum insured amount over your existing cover; therefore, the need to buy completely new health insurance is eliminated.

There might be situations when you buy your insurance plan with a limited sum insured amount. But over the days, mainly when an unforeseen crisis like the corona pandemic happened, you might have thought if you could have gone for a better sum insured amount to meet your expenses in case of an unexpected hospitalization and medical treatments. In order to help you increase your sum insured and cover amount, both the top-up insurance cover and super top-up health insurance provide you the best options.

Here we see more in detail about what is super top-up health insurance plans and health insurance top-up plans:  

What is a Top-Up Health Insurance Plan? 

The top-up insurance plan is the best choice for a health policy with a low sum insured. This is because this top-up plan will help you increase coverage over and above the existing initial sum insured at a low cost. Therefore, when buying a new policy with a higher sum insured, for increasing the sum insured of your base policy is not economical and profitable. In simple terms, this top-up plan provides you protection even after your basic cover limit is breached under your standard policy.

What is a Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan? 

Unlike top-up health insurance, the best super top-up health insurance plans provide cover over the limits in multiple cases. In contrast, the top-up plan provides the cover limit only when it exceeds on single hospitalization. In simple words, the super top-up health plan has the benefit of providing multiple claims, which are not offered in the regular top-up plan.


Top Up vs Super Top Up Health Insurance

Although both the plans appear similar, they certainly have some differences in them. Therefore, it is essential that you understand the differences between super top up and top up before you choose your medical aid top-up cover.

Top 5 differences between top-up health insurance and super top-up health insurance

S. No. Top-up Health plan  Super top-up Health plan 
1 This plan provides additional coverage beyond the threshold limit of your existing health insurance. This plan is more or less similar to a top-up plan, but when the top plan covers only a single claim, the super top-up covers multiple hospitalization bills over the threshold limits
2 If you don’t have any chronic ailments or any risk of terminal illness, then you can choose top-up plans. But, if you have a risk of being hospitalized many times a year for chronic disease, then it is better to choose super top-up plans.
3 But, when there arise any unforeseen life-threatening situations, notably more than once a year, then this plan might not help you. Although you end up paying a little higher premium for this plan, when compared to your overall hospital expenses, this will not impact your savings and thus will keep your peace of mind without spending from your pocket.
4 In this type, the policy will lapse after 1 claim for the cover is provided In this type, the claim is settled when the total bill amount exceeds the deductible limit.
5 It works only per claim or per hospitalization. It works for multiple claims.

What is the right time to opt for Health Top-up plans?

This is a very common question that many people come across. Besides knowing the real advantage of opting for medical top-up cover, choosing the right time to update your standard policy with the same is crucial. Here are a few facts that help you to identify the right time to opt for top-up plans:

  • When you realize that your regular health plan doesn’t provide you adequate protection, then it is time for you to consider moving to top up to enhance your protection cover
  • If you feel that you want to increase your cover without any increase in your premiums, then it is time to upgrade for top-up plans
  • Remember, top plans are cheaper than paying your premium for your standard health plans with the same cover. This can also help you to save money.


Apart from the above-said differences, the taxations and other types of benefits are going to remain the same for both the plans. Therefore, it is absolutely your decision to choose the one that best suits you. Try to surf online to understand better about the top-up plans offered by different insurance companies. Try also to compare the health plan benefits and specifications before you choose to buy. This will help you to buy the right top-up health plan for you and your family.

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