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Tips to keep up with your physical and mental health during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed many people’s lives. This is an unexpected pandemic, which the entire world would not have predicted to happen. This pandemic situation has impacted many people’s lives in terms of their family, jobs, career, business, health, and not the least mental health too.

Shankar, a young 30 years man, was severely affected due to this pandemic. He was forced to stay home due to continuous lockdown for months, and he also lost his job. This, in turn, created mental stress and affected mental health during the pandemic. This slowly started affecting his physical health too. To come out of this risky situation that happened in his life, he has to gain back both physical and mental health and gear up his career again.

Luckily, unlike Shankar, some people have their jobs safe although they work from home. But there is nothing to deny that the significant population lost their physical activity during the pandemic, which in turn caused physical and mental health issues during the lockdown. We are not sure if such a pandemic would repeat again with a number of COVID-19 waves. Still, now we have a significant responsibility of regaining our lost physical fitness during the pandemic and mental health.

How is this going to become possible? What should we have to do to regain our mental and physical health? 

The following tips and guides could help you to understand the importance of fitness during pandemics and regain them quickly.

What are the pandemic effects on mental and physical health?

4 Mental Effects during COVID 19 Pandemic

  • Loss of Income: This is mainly due to the loss of a job or limited or no opportunity to go to work. This primarily affected the mind in terms of how a person is going to feed his family.
  • Locked in the home: Keeping locked inside the home round the clock and for weeks and months would obviously cause mental stress and depression. Being locked inside the house continuously for days together will limit the opportunities to breathe fresh air from the outside environment, limits the opportunity of social communications, limits the opportunity of moving outdoor.
  • Seeing each other: Just seeing each other’s faces within the family might at one point cause irritations and an increase in fights and misunderstandings among them. This has, in fact, led to an increased number of divorces after the lockdown.
  • TV News: When everyone is limited from moving out or from any other opportunities to relax, the only option they have is to watch TV. Here again, when all channels giving news only about the deaths and risks of Covid-19 happening across the world, the fear of life and longevity of life has affected many people and thus causing extreme stress and fear in their minds.


4 Physical Effects during COVID 19 Pandemic

  • Exercise: The opportunity to go out for walking and physical exercises are limited when locked indoors for months together. This has resulted in many people put up their body weight and finally resulted in diseases like diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, and many others.
  • Tend to eat more: Since there was no other entertainment, many people started trying to cook different recipes and ended up eating more, which in turn caused them physical health problems. 
  • Couch Potato: Sitting and working in the same place for long hours. The work-from-home culture has further worsened the lifestyle and health of many people by forcing them to sit in one place for long hours without any break to relax. This has resulted in pain in the neck, back, increased stress levels, eyes problem, and many other health issues. 
  • Gone lazy: We should undoubtedly accept this fact, that the physical health during pandemic has majorly got affected with lack of regular works, which one was doing when going to the office and his routine lifestyle like washing clothes, cleaning the house, cooking, etc. This laziness, in other terms, has caused increased body weight and fattiness.


5 Tips to Regain Mental Health During COVID 19

Here are the tips to regain the mental health that you lost during the pandemic: 

  1. Get back to your regular routine: No matter if you are continuing with work from home or start going to the office, you need to now get back to your everyday routines without any compromise. This can help you to regain your mental health and refresh your mind 
  2. Avoid news media: It is the news across TVs and social media that is causing the threat and fear of the pandemic. Therefore, to make yourself relaxed and live confidently, stop watching the news from any sources and simply follow your life 
  3. Try to stay busy throughout: Even if you don’t have any jobs to do for a while, try to engage yourself with some productive works like hobbies, listening to favorite music, read books, learn cooking new recipes, spend time with your family members, and more 
  4. Build positive thoughts: Try to build more positive thoughts that will encourage you to move on in your life ahead. Also, spread good thoughts among your family members to make everyone around you happy and healthy. 
  5. Mediate or just stay quiet: This is another essential thing you need to do to relax your body, soul, and mind. Simply staying quiet with no thoughts in mind is meditation. This will not only align your body, soul, and mind but will also detox and refresh your brain. This, in turn, will boost up your thinking ability and skill to handle your life easily. 


4 Tips to Regain Physical Health During COVID 19

  1. Sleep Enough: Make sure that you sleep enough every day. Avoid mobile phones and unwanted stuff around you while sleeping that might disturb you. 
  2. Regular physical exercise and activities: Try to do exercises and physical activities by engaging yourself with some household work or any other work daily. This will refresh your mind and body and make you healthy over the days 
  3. Eat healthy foods: Ensure your food contains enough fiber, protein, and nutrition-rich. 
  4. Take a medical checkup: only if you feel you might need to ensure that blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels and other health factors are normal. However, if you think that such diagnoses might disturb your mind, then try to avoid them and stay happy and joyful with your family and friends.

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