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Top 7 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Policy Online in India
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Top Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Online

Health insurance plans are gaining more attention in recent days. Primarily, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many people to buy health insurance plans that could well suit their expectations and lifestyle. But, undeniably, 2020 and 2021 have created massive awareness among people across the world to hold proper health insurance to cover any unforeseen emergency medical expenses like COVID-19.

Prakash, a 50 years middle-aged family man, is the only bread earner and has 5 members in the family to support their livelihood. His elder parents, wife, and two children who are about to complete their higher education depend just on Prakash for their education, medicine, and livelihood. Prakash, due to aging, is unable to work actively like in previous years. However, he has no other choice but to continue his work to make money until his children complete their graduation and take the family’s lead. In between, the COVID-19 pandemic has also created a significant impact on his family. Luckily, although none of his family members got affected, the happenings in the surroundings made him realize that he must get complete protection for his family members and be prepared with sufficient funds to meet any unexpected medical expenses.  

In this aspect, Prakash started searching for the best health insurance policies in India. It is not only Prakash, but today many people like him are in search of a reliable medical insurance plan.

Here are a few points detailing the importance and reasons to buy a health insurance policy: 

Importance of buying health insurance in India

  • This is the most important investment you can make to safeguard the lives of your loved ones at any moment. 
  • There is no guarantee that you will always have sufficient money ready in hand or in your savings to meet any unexpected medical expenses. But, when you hold a family health insurance policy in India, you can relax and be prepared anytime to meet unforeseen medical emergencies without compromising the quality of treatments. 
  • With medical insurance, you can get the best quality and complete treatments in the city’s top hospitals across India. 
  • Health insurance will help you to get immediate treatment from the hospitals without cash. This cashless treatment can give you peace of mind even in case of any emergency, particularly at times when you don’t have sufficient money on hand 
  • The medical health plans are also available for outpatient treatments, limited only to specific types of treatments. Perhaps, even such mediclaim plans can help you to save a lot of money from your pocket 


Top 7 Reasons to buy health insurance online in India

Here are some valid reasons why you need to buy health insurance online:  

  1. Unlimited Options: Online creates a space to find multiple options that you can manually find on the field with direct visits. You can find many top health insurance companies online that provide a competitive range of policies. Therefore, by surfing online, you get ample options to surf and pick the one that will suit your expectations and requirements 
  2. Quick Comparison: When multiple options are available, you might get confused about which one suits you the best. However, the online sources can help you quickly compare the affordable health insurance plans available from different insurance companies and buy the best one. In addition, you can easily compare the cost, specifications of the medical policies, number of family members covered, and other details. This comparison can help you pick a perfect online health plan. 
  3. Low Premium: The health insurance policies are available at the best low premium possible. Unlike the pure life policies or ULIP plans, the health plans are available for even a few hundred. But, at the same time, the sum insured or the medical coverage you get for your family will also be higher. Therefore, this is another primary reason why you should choose to buy an online mediclaim policy.
  4. Round-the-clock support: The medical insurance online can be accessed anytime you want it. This is especially very helpful when there is an emergency situation. Unlike the pure term plans or other insurance plans, you need not wait for the working hours to raise your claim or use the policy cover. The hospitals that accept your medical policy will immediately access them and provide you with medical facilities without delays. 
  5. No or Minimal Human Intervention: This online mediclaim policy for the family can be easily accessed online; human interventions are significantly less. Therefore, you can quickly access the policy and get the relevant benefits immediately. As a result, your waiting time is nil to use the benefits of the health plans. 
  6. Best Financial Coverage: Health plans provide you strong financial support, particularly during a medical emergency. Any critical illness like cancer, heart problems, or any other life-threatening severe health problems can be covered under the health insurance plan. Such health problems will undoubtedly cost lakhs, which is not affordable to most of the people in India. But with a proper medical plan, you can now relax and stay with peace of mind while still continuing with the best quality treatment. 
  7. Tax Benefit: The most important highlight of the medical insurance plan is that it provides you with relevant tax benefits for the premium you pay. Many people have misunderstandings about the tax benefit, which a health plan might not provide. But almost all medical plans will give you a tax deduction for the premium paid regularly. 


All these factors emphasize the importance of buying a health insurance plan for your family. However, taking some effort to ensure that you have chosen the right insurance plan that will cover almost all health problems and your entire family is protected is essential. Try to approach a reliable and reputable insurance company in your city. 

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