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Top 10 Cardiac Care Health Insurance Plans In India For 2022
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Top 10 Cardiac Care Health Insurance Plans In India For 2022

Ravinder, a 50-year-old man, was diagnosed with a serious heart condition, requiring an expensive surgery. He did have health insurance but his existing plan was insufficient to offer coverage for the entire cost of treatment. He was confronted with the possibility of liquidating an asset to make up the difference. 

Top 10 Cardiac Care Health Insurance Plans In India For 2022

Experts say that the presence of a cardiac care insurance plan is always important in order to tackle these situations later in life. Not having a cardiac care insurance policy may lead to sizable costs later on, not to mention possible coverage issues as well.

Why is Cardiac Care Insurance Important? 

Getting cardiac care health insurance is highly necessary since many people are susceptible towards heart ailments with age owing to lifestyle disorders, bad habits, lack of physical activity, and high stress levels. At the same time, fatality rates have also gone up in the country over the last few years owing to cardiovascular diseases. Considering this scenario, it is also pertinent to mention that these treatments and surgeries are quite costly for the average Indian household.

Hence, putting in some efforts towards finding the best Mediclaim policy for heart patients is always recommended. These policies will offer financial coverage for surgeries, hospitalization, and other treatments of insured policyholders. Comprehensive coverage will keep the family worry-free in terms of the quality of healthcare and the costs of the same simultaneously.

Coverage Provided By Cardiac Insurance Plans

The usual coverage scope includes the following: 

  1. Expenditure on hospitalization and treatments exceeding 24 hours. 
  2. Pre and post hospitalization costs (usually 30 and 60 days respectively). 
  3. Costs of domiciliary hospitalization if required. 
  4. Costs of yearly health check-ups. 
  5. Cost of ambulance transportation. 

There are tax deductions available under Section 80D as well. 

List of 10 Best Cardiac Care Health Insurance Plans in India

Here are some of the top cardiac insurance plans that you may wish to check out: 

  1. ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect Insurance– Coverage is offered for cancer or heart ailments with a premium waiver for certain conditions. There is demarcated sum assured amounts for cancer and heart coverage along with optional benefit (hospitalization cash) for Rs. 5,000 each day. There is also an optional income benefit of 1% of the sum assured amount. There is a survival period of 7 days for heart coverage. 
  2. Bajaj Allianz Critical Illness Insurance– The plan offers coverage for 10 critical ailments including heart attacks along with expenditure for treatments both domestically and abroad. It also offers an option to increase the sum insured at the time of renewal. 
  3. Care Heart Insurance– There is no entry age limit although a deductible is present, depending on the type of plan. It covers hospitalization, while providing family coverage too (floater/individual). It also comes with an automatic recharge facility and is suitable for those who have already gone through cardiac surgeries earlier. 
  4. Star Cardiac Care Insurance– This plan is ideal for those who have already undergone such procedures over the last 6-7 years. It also offers non-cardiac disease care and personal accident insurance. There is no medical evaluation before acceptance along with lifetime renewability options. There are Gold and Silver plans with 10% deductibles only applying for non-cardiac diseases and accidents in case of patients who are 61 years or higher. 
  5. Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance– This plan comes with a specific death benefit minus any waiting period. It also works as a life insurance plan. There is a 5-year premium waiver upon the diagnosis of specifically listed moderate/minor conditions along with an optional premium return facility. Other features include optional maturity benefits and multiple claim benefits. 
  6. New India Floater Mediclaim– This ensures coverage for those between 18 and 65 years of age. Children from 3 months to 25 years also get coverage if they are the policy holder’s dependents. There is coverage for heart attacks and other critical illnesses. 2-6 people are covered under the policy along with newborn babies. Room rent is covered along with nursing expenditure till 1% of the sum assured per day while ICU charges are covered up to 2% of the sum assured. 
  7. IFFCO Tokio Critical Illness Benefit Plan– Lifetime renewability is a key feature of this policy. A single policy ensures coverage for all members of the family with a maximum of Rs. 1,000 per day as an allowance. The maximum sum assured may be Rs. 1 crore while any individual of 50 years or less may buy the same without medical testing. There is coverage for organ transplants and surgeries along with 25 other critical surgeries/illnesses like heart attacks. There is also coverage for Aorta surgery, CABG, and open-heart replacements. 
  8. Max Bupa CritiCare– The policy offers coverage till Rs. 2 crore which is customizable along with payouts for benefits pertaining to child-care. It is a well-tailored policy for cardiac care needs. 
  9. HDFC Ergo Optima Vital– This critical illness plan covers various ailments including heart attacks. It covers 37 ailments and also heart attacks with no expiry age for the coverage as well. Lifetime renewability is also available for customers under this plan. 
  10. Oriental Insurance Individual Mediclaim– Available for those between 18-70 years, it comes with lifetime renewability. This plan offers a maximum sum assured till Rs. 10 lakh. It also covers hospitalization owing to illnesses, hospitalization and surgeries. There are no medical tests needed for those up to 55 years. 


As you can see, there are numerous options available with regard to cardiac care insurance plans. You should check the benefits, exclusions/inclusions carefully before taking any final decision. Most policies will come with their own waiting periods, while some may have deductibles. It is essential to stay in the loop about these factors as well. 


Can a heart patient get health insurance in India?

Heart patients may avail of health insurance plans in India without any hassles. Critical illness plans are available for covering expenditure related to treatment and hospitalization due to heart ailments including CABG (coronary artery bypass surgery), heart attacks, heart valve surgery and so on. There are many plans which do not have entry age limits or where you can fit into these guidelines. 

Is heart attack covered by health insurance?

Yes, many critical illness plans offer coverage for heart attacks. You can purchase separate cardiac care plans for covering hospitalization and treatment expenditure in such cases. You may be able to purchase these plans as add-ons to your regular policy in some cases as well. 

Can I get life insurance if I have a heart condition?

Yes, you can get life insurance even after undergoing heart surgery or getting a heart attack. There are various types of life insurance that may be suitable for diverse needs, risk levels and life stages. Term insurance is usually available for offering coverage for a particular duration in this regard. 

What is a pre-existing heart condition?

Any pre-existing heart disease is a condition that you were suffering from earlier, prior to getting pregnant, i.e., a heart ailment that you had when you were born (congenital disease) or diagnosed with sometime later. This may include heart issues that have been solved in the past as well. 

Can I get health insurance after angioplasty?

You can apply for a health insurance plan after getting your angioplasty done as well. This procedure involves restoration or revival of the flow of blood via the arteries. This condition should have been diagnosed/tested by a cardiologist with therapy or treatment taking place for a minimum period of six months. 

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