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Top Activities To Indulge Yourself In Covid-19 Lockdown

Coronavirus has affected more than 180 nations around the globe and individuals have been forced into self-quarantine and isolation to obstruct the spread of this harmful virus. While initially many of the working people felt delighted to operate from home, taking pleasure from the lack of human contact, soon irksomeness and boredom started to sink in. The second wave that was far deadlier than the first one, has once again forced us inside our homes. With all the free time that everyone has, the lack of social interactions, the inability to plan outdoors for entertainment or indulge in any type of entertainment, is having quite a terrible impact on individuals.

Living within the limitations of the house for months now, staying sanguine and optimistic is becoming a challenge for a lot of people. While the lockdown has been an incredible period for those who can be with the family, it can be quite perverse for those stuck alone in the four walls of their homes. Utilizing this latest free time, you can do and try things together or by yourself so that it would help you break the monotony of a long stay-at-home day.

Top activities to indulge yourself during Covid-19 lockdown

The most significant way to use all this extra, forced, isolation time while practising self-quarantine and social distancing is to choose a few new things and also reconnect with some old ones. here are some interesting activities and hobbies that you can try to indulge yourself in.  

  1. Take up a craft

Many apps enable you to receive classes online in almost everything under the sun, from woodshop to knitting. Learn from an online class and get to know the sides of your individuality you didn’t realize existed.

  1. Learn to cook

Whether you’re a pro or a learner, those who are foodie must learn how to cook food. If you feel you are a pro in the kitchen game, take it to the next level and explore different recipes, ingredients, and cuisines. There are tonnes of recipes and courses available online. Get cooking.

  1. Get fit 

This would be an incredible period to get into home exercises like high-intensity training, yoga, stretching, etc. Avoid being lazy or inactive and make sure to perform at least 30 minutes of workout. This will not just keep you healthy but also boost your mood. There are many fitness apps that you can use to track your progress. 

  1. Mental exercises 

The brain may often break, and in order to keep ourselves attentive and sharp, it is important to indulge in activities that arouse excitement. That is why it is highly suggested to learn new things and pose interesting challenges to your brain, such as solving puzzles. Learn something new or solve sudoku, crosswords, puzzles etc.

  1. Experiment with new things

The family is home, and everyone at some point in the day is exhausted. Trying a new recreation such as dancing, singing or painting will be a wonderful way to involve in a recreation that keeps you excited. It also offers the family a nice way to connect.

  1. Stay home but stay socially active

It has always been believed that going out is the only way to remain associated to your loved ones. However, a person can also spend some time engaging with friends and family over text messages or calls. This way it enables the mind to calm and provides the enjoyment of being connected. Being socially active enables one to deal with the feeling of separateness, thereby enabling anxiety.

  1. Reconnect with old interests

The restrictions and routine can stress the mind and influence your mental and physical health. Therefore, it is crucial to be involved in things that will keep the body and mind active. Reconnect with an old way of recreation and that way you can keep the mind active.

  1. Skincare session

Try homemade recipes for a beauty and skincare session. Use your extra time and get back your delicate skin texture. Ask your siblings or parents to engage in the skincare session. It will be a great chance to connect with your dear ones. 

  1. Finish a novel

A lot of us are regretful of purchasing a novel, swearing to read it, and then eventually forgetting it or being forced to put it away. Lockdown is the time to clean the dust from those novels and go into an amazing globe without leaving the house. 

  1. Dress up

Coronavirus lockdown has left most of us with no feeling to create a new look every day. For working people, it has become an even bigger source and burden of distress. Dressing up can boost your productivity and encourage you as well. Wear elegant outfits during working hours,  instead of sitting in your pyjamas and sweatpants, and your mood will get an automatic boost.

  1. Gardening 

Grow some plants in your house or garden or the balcony. It would not just add beauty and greenery to your surroundings but also bring in a lot of benefits. Planting peepal and neem saplings can also be tried if there is enough space in your garden. Neem, tulsi, and giloy are plants that thrive effortlessly and will keep you safe from infections also. Put some pleasant colour into your garden or house and plant some flowers. Some stocked seeds from the fruits and vegetables also can be utilized to make a thriving garden.

  1. Clean your house

Pick that broom out of its dirty corner and get cleaning. The home isolation gives sufficient time to dig through that pile of accessories, shoes, and clothes, and set them back in their proper places. Cleaning proves to be a big stress-buster and a great form of exercise.

  1. Learn a new language

Learn a new language and get prepared for the next outing. It will be one of the most amazing things to do during the Covid-19 lockdown. It will enable you to know a new nation and its individuals. It can wipe out a lot of discomfort in a new nation and improve your trip experience. With a ton of websites and apps that provide you with courses for free, it would be an interesting activity. 

  1. Join online workshops

From gardening to yoga, one can upskill himself during this Covid-19 lockdown. Search through online workshops and know what catches your taste. Train yourself with e-learning sites and acquire new talents during the Covid-19 lockdown. By learning more, you will be utilizing your free time in the most useful way.

  1. Become an e-volunteer

Use your talents during the lockdown to enrol for various reasons. If you are a social media expert or a skilled graphic designer, these volunteering chances are yours to take.

  1. Write blogs

Blogging is the latest way of reflecting your creativity on the internet. You can begin a blog about anything that you are interested in.

  1. Marie Kondo your closets

Anything that “doesn’t spark happiness” belongs in spare cartons. After the Covid-19 lockdown is over, give these books, accessories, shoes, toys, old clothes, etc to those who appreciate and need them.

  1. Get those unnoticed places cleaned

Some random places- like corners of the ceiling, in nooks of windows, or behind the TV, get ignored during everyday cleaning. Utilize the free time to clean them to prevent any illnesses or dust allergies.

  1. DIY organisers and hand-made home decor

Give your house a new look with decor that you created yourself. 

Messy drawers, cluttered socks, and entangling wires often make the house look super messy. DIY things made from waste. It doesn’t consume much time to create them. Make beautiful DIY organisers with trash. Make candles, make mats from old dresses, bookshelves by converting cardboard, revive furniture- the chances are unlimited.

  1. Spare an idea for birds

Summer is upon us in India and birds might be searching for water and food more than usual. Put containers of food or water or create a bird feeder for that feathered creature on the balcony or terrace.

  1. Play traditional games 

Several houses will have a ludo board or a chessboard or both! Improve your mental abilities with chess and win against your siblings and for some household entertainment, indulge in some ladders, snakes, and ludo!

Since ludo requires four individuals, it can fully entertain all your family members during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Card games can be played that once had you occupied for hours. Relive those innocent recollections with your flatmates or family members by playing them daily.

  1. Work on your immunity

To fight against coronavirus it is also important to have an increased immunity system. Some of the immunity-boosting superfoods include  Indian gooseberries, giloy, ashwagandha, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, etc. Many herbs like basil leaves, garlic, and black cumins also enable to increase immunity.

Most of these natural supplements are the common components in the Indian snacks and kitchen. 


We all need to take care of our physical as well as mental health during these Covid-19 days. With some easy changes in everyday habits, such as getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising and connecting with individuals, we can improve our mood and stay healthy.

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