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The Truth about “Super Pneumonia”


Rahul was in his office when he got a fever. He came back home and was chilling at home. He even took paracetamol to treat his fever. But the next day, his condition became worse when he showed to a doctor it showed symptoms of pneumonia, but it did not get healed with the medicine provided.

The doctor saw other symptoms other than pneumonia, so they decided to keep him in observation. After studying him for several days, a new variant of pneumonia was discovered, super pneumonia.

What Is Super Pneumonia?

Super pneumonia is a mightier version of regular pneumonia. It is an infection in the lungs. It is commonly known as the SARS virus too. It is a virus or condition that infects the respiratory tract of a person. It makes you feel sick, pain in the chest or might feel fatigued. The causes are mainly bacteria, fungi or viruses.

What Are The Causes Of Super Pneumonia:

Influenza A and B: the leading cause of super pneumonia is generally influenza virus A and B. They are primarily responsible for super pneumonia caused in people who are adults.

Coronaviruses: SARS is a deadly virus that can cause super pneumonia. It is also the new variant of the virus responsible for the cause of covid 19.

RSV (Respiratory syncytial viruses): children and infants are mostly the victims of this virus.

How is the diagnosis?

The diagnosis of super pneumonia dramatically depends on the severity of the virus. The severity ranges from mild to severe diagnosis is done at labs, ensuring they are taking proper care and sanitizing the place. It is either done by routine blood tests or by taking a sample and then running in the lab to detect any trace of the super pneumonia virus.

What are Super Pneumonia’s symptoms?

  •  Fever is the first symptom that someone will develop. Generally, a high fever above 100 degrees is observed in the affected person, along with chills and watery eyes.
  • Slowly they will start losing their smell and taste
  • Dry cough, cough, which is dry, and constant coughing are some of the significant signs of super pneumonia, differentiating it from other pneumonia.
  • Chest pain, due to the blockage in the respiratory tract a sudden chest pain might be experienced by the patients suffering from it.
  • Heavy breathing in case pneumonia has taken a bad shape, and they will experience bad breathing problems.


Where did Super Pneumonia originate?

The first case of super pneumonia was seen in China at a place called Wuhan. And slowly, pneumonia spread to other parts of the world, making it a pandemic. Since it was a contagious disease, people were not aware of the virus. Still, the topic where it originated is debatable and how it developed is also a big question mark.

How is it spread?

It can easily travel in tiny water droplets if closer by 6 feet, or it can spread by touch. It reaches your lungs by entering through the passage of lungs and mouth. It can also apply if you touch any object that the infected person feels, and then you put your hand near your mouth or nose. Therefore, those infected are always advised to wear masks or cover their faces whenever they cough or sneeze.


Super pneumonia is very big in shape. It created an epidemic in the world, and it is often termed one of the deadliest pandemics. The truth about super pneumonia is revealed in this blog with certain treatments and precautionary measures that you can take even before you get in contact with it.

It is highly advised to take your flu medicines yearly and do not try to treat yourself at home as this pneumonia is very deadly in its action and can affect your whole health. In case of any difficulty, do contact your local doctor.

FAQs: Super Pneumonia

How to know if I have super pneumonia?

You can very well understand the symptoms by yourself. You will experience a fever that lasts more than three days, severe chest pain, difficulty in breathing. Or else contact your doctor if you see symptoms that are not common. Your doctor will suggest medications and will ask you to do tests, and the tests will ensure if you have super pneumonia.

How to prevent it?

Adults and children are also eligible to get vaccinated against the pneumonia infection so that in the future, they don't get it. It helps in making the immune system strong and doesn't allow germs to enter the body easily. The vaccine is the first priority, but you can also protect yourself from pneumonia by eating a healthy diet and maintaining proper hygiene.

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