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morning routine
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Start Your Day With These Healthy Habits For The First 60 Minutes

Vikram wakes up early in the morning with a drive to start a day that only a few people seem to have. Although most people think it has something to do with the previous day or the day to come, it has more to do with how he starts his days. So, what’s the secret behind his magical mornings? Let’s find out.

People consider mornings as a villain against your heroic good night sleep, but it is a fact that waking up early has always seemed like a trauma. With the right attitude and positive out-looking, you will realize that morning is a blessing in disguise. It may seem very difficult for one to get up in the morning, and so many people put around gazillion alarms but yet feel lazy to wake up.  Hours are very special, and they give you a new chance for a new start. Every morning you get up gives you a chance to live again, to be happy again, and to have an abundance of hopes, dreams, aspirations again. 

Even though mornings may not be your favorite, but beginning the day with the right things to do is important. Every night before you sleep, you shall set a list of the goals you need to achieve tomorrow. It helps you give a motive for waking up tomorrow with a positive mind. Some of the things one shall do in the morning every day are given below. 

Some healthy habits one shall follow every morning

Following good habits always helps a person, in the long run, it indulges good habits in yourself from the start. If you have been consistent with the health tips being followed, it prevents one to suffer from various hazardous diseases like heart stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, and more. Some of the healthy tips that you need to follow every day since you wake up are –

  • Gallons of water

After waking up the first thing you need to do is drink a glass or two of water. It immediately rehydrates the body as you have had a gap of 6-8 hours of sleep without any consumption of water which is a very long span. Water helps to increase your alertness thereby, making you feel less sleepy and lazy. The consumption of water also boosts your metabolism as well as helps you in the digestion process efficiently.

  • Splash

The next important thing is splashing cold water on your face, now this may seem not at all necessary but there are various benefits. Coldwater splash is also known as skin icing. The benefits of this are –

  • Reduces acne.
  • Boosts the skin’s glow.
  • Reduces sunburn.
  • The puffiness of the eye is lesser thereby, reducing signs of aging.

Apart from this, the cold-water splash also comes as an immediate shock to wake up thereby, releasing adrenaline and increasing the blood flow to the brain for responding.

  • Brush

No one likes having a bad breath and thus brushing your teeth in the morning is very important. It removes the bacteria and acid that has built up in the night. If one does not brush for a long time, a substance named tartar appears on the teeth’s surface. The substance is very difficult to be removed.

  • Meditate

Meditating in the morning helps you to look at life positively. It helps to give oneself a feel-good factor. We all have a very busy life and do not have time to give to ourselves, but being consistent in yoga helps you feel more energized and relieved. A 15-minute 

  • Exercise

A 10 minutes workout helps in boosting your muscles and joints, releasing adrenaline, and increasing one’s stamina, weight loss, and overall well-being. Early morning exercise helps in beginning the day with a lot of energy, focus, stamina, and optimism.

  • Enjoying the Sun

Vitamin D is very important in our life. If you are working indoors, you may lack vitamin D. Early morning enjoying 5 to 10 minutes of the sunlight by just standing near a window, maybe while sipping your morning tea. Nature is a source of boosting your mood, and this will help. Vikram generally takes the newspaper with him in the morning to enjoy the rising sun topped with an insightful editorial.

  • Breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of a person’s life. The term means that after 6-8 hours of starving, you are breaking the fast. Breakfast is the first meal in the morning that needs to be full of nutrients thereby, being healthy. Junk food or heavy breakfast just makes you laze around, and thus consider your breakfast choices wisely. Breakfast helps in energizing you as well as helps you concentrate.

The above-mentioned tips are to be followed for the first 60 minutes of your day as they are very crucial and one needs to stay calm and energize themselves before beginning the day. These are the basic health tips one shall allow, along with which one can also undertake productive ways to begin their day. One can follow these tips if they have a longer time frame before they begin their work and go on with their life. Some of the tips one can easily undertake are:

  • Stretch

This may seem very common but once you wake up, you shall stretch your body from your arms overhead and your toes. The body has been asleep for 6-8 hours, and a stimulus is important before beginning your daily routines.

  • Journal

Writing a journal can be relieving as you can write about anything that you feel or you face in your day-to-day life. It also helps in clearing your head thereby you will be able to take more control of your life today. Vikram keeps his journal on his bedside table so that he doesn’t miss a day of journaling.

  • Avoid screens

It is a good practice to not see any screen until breakfast time. Checking your emails, social media first thing in the morning is a bad habit as it leads to a frantic start of the day. The moments before beginning your activities are considered to be precious and one shall utilize it to the fullest for setting a positive tone of the day.  

  • Read a book

Reading a few pages of your favorite book helps you receive positive vibes. Let the category be self-help or fiction, it helps you not let any negative thoughts enter your mind. Reading a good book helps you become a better person and enhance your skills like increase your vocabulary, reduces depression, and more.

  • Soothing music

Music lifts your spirit, what else can be a better way to begin your day? Listening to your favorite playlist helps you boost your mood thereby, leading to an increase in productivity levels. You can also listen to podcasts as they are equal to reading a book or listening to some audio. 

  • Hate to love

Every day at the beginning or end of the previous day it is important to make a list of the tasks that you wish to complete the next day. Once you have made the list, it is important to always start with the task that you do not like much or hate as those difficult things will be done in the beginning and will motivate you to complete the remaining tasks that may be simpler.

Vikram has a great way to arrange his to-do lists. He first prioritizes the list on the basis of the task’s enjoyability and then turns the list upside down.

These tasks can be added, along with the healthy activities one can do in the beginning 60 minutes of your day.


Doing a single task every day gives you consistency thereby, turning it into a habit. Science states that if you become consistent in doing an activity for 21 days, it becomes a habit. The idea was originated by Dr. Maxwell Maltz in 1960 in a book named- Psycho-Cybernetics. Good habits are always winning, so choose and make something your habit wisely. Even if you start developing these morning habits one at a time, you will start waking up with a morning high like Vikram.


Is morning work-out better or evening?

Working out, in general, is a great concept, although not everyone is comfortable with one particular time frame in a day, and thus, the most common time frames in which people work out are morning and evening. There is no ideal time frame to be working out in, it depends on per person’s time availability. In my opinion, the morning workout is a tad better idea than the evening one. It is because giving yourself time before beginning the actual work of the day is better as in some cases by the end of the day you might be exhausted thereby leading to skipping work-out and lacking consistency. The AM hours are considered to be crucial and work-out during that time is better.

What are some affirmations one can read in the morning?

Morning affirmations are a powerful way to begin a day. It helps you feel more positive vibes and increase your self-esteem. Although, in some cases, morning affirmations do not work in people’s favor yet one shall remember not to lose hope. Some morning affirmations that create a positive mindset are:

I am open. I am healing. I am happy.
The best is yet to come.
I am in charge of my happiness.
If you want it, act on it.
Be 100% responsible for my life is a thing no one can steal from me.
Grateful for everything.

The list of morning affirmations never ceases, and so one shall choose their quote wisely. These are subjective quotes, and you need to just do what you feel and stay happy.

What are some questions I can ask myself to understand how I want to spend my day?

We all are 100% responsible for our life, and so you have the authority over everything you decide to do in a day. 3 very important questions one can ask themselves are –
How do I want to feel?
What do I want to be?
The method of living I want to apply in my life.

The answers to these questions will give you a purpose and a goal to pursue.

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