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Importance of Star Health Insurance with OPD Cover in India
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Star Health Insurance with OPD Cover

We constantly hear about the skyrocketing expenses related to healthcare and that it increases every year. However, it would all seem vague until and unless we put some numbers to it. Medical inflation, or the constantly increasing medical expenses, stands at 18% – 20% every year. In simple words, a procedure that costs INR 10,000 today might cost you INR 12,000 next year. 

To counter these ever-increasing healthcare costs, buying health insurance is a must. Health insurance plans offer you immunity against healthcare related expenses. It covers the expenses for illnesses as well as injuries and ensures that you do not waste efforts in trying to figure out money for medical procedures. 

Star Health Insurance 

Star Health is one of the most prominent names when it comes to health insurance in the country. You can either opt for an individual plan or a family floater plan to keep everyone at home protected. 

Star Health insurance plans also give you flexibility in terms of payment. You can pay for the medical procedures from your pockets and reimburse them with your insurance provider. Alternatively, you can avail of cashless services in network hospitals.

Importance of Star Health Insurance with OPD Cover in India

The Star Comprehensive insurance policy is your one stop solution for everything related to healthcare. Here are some salient features of the policy.

  • The plan does not have any cap on room rent. Thus, you can get the desired treatment in a private room in the hospital as well.
  • The plan offers maternity coverage and covers for the new-born, irrespective of whether it is a normal delivery or caesarean delivery.
  • For every year that you do not claim the policy, you are entitled to a free health check-up.
  • The plan offers additional covers such as domiciliary hospitalisation, expenses related to organ donation, AYUSH treatment, air ambulance, etc.
  • The plan offers 100% automatic restoration for hospitalisation even for the conditions for which claims were made previously.
  • The plan covers expenses in the OPD.
  • For a claim free year, you can increase the sum insured by up to 100%. 
  • You can reduce the waiting period for certain medical conditions by paying a small premium.
  • The plan allows you to add your spouse or child even during the policy tenure as well, by paying a small premium. 


Star Health Insurance With OPD Cover

Star health comprehensive health insurance offers OPD cover as a part of the policy. The Star health OPD cover is ideal for a lot of scenarios and can save you a considerable amount of money as well. Star Health OPD cover offers coverage for expenses related to consultation with doctors, regular diagnostics, minor surgeries, fractures, etc. 

Any of your dental treatments and ophthalmic treatments are good examples of OPD related treatment. And the policy covers hose expenses as well. Senior citizens will particularly benefit from the Star Health OPD insurance. Since the possibility of them frequenting the OPD is relatively higher. 

A Health insurance with opd cover is also ideal for people starting with workouts or gyms. People new to workouts, even seasoned campaigners for that matter, are prone to injuries and niggles. And they are majorly treated in the OPD department. Thus, an OPD cover would make things easier and lighter on their pockets.

People who frequent OPD either due to chronic diseases or regular need for medication can also opt for Star Health OPD insurance. The OPD cover acts quite like a standard health insurance plan. You can pay for the expenses from your pocket and claim for reimbursement. Or you can opt for cashless benefits as well.

Benefits of Star Health Comprehensive Insurance

Star Health OPD cover comes integrated with the Star Health comprehensive insurance, thus the benefits are shared. Here are the most significant ones, that you need to be aware of.

  • Inpatient Hospitalisation: If a patient is admitted for more than 24 hours, inpatient hospitalisation comes into the picture. Expenses related to room rent, nurses, medicines, drugs, surgeon, anaesthesiologist, consultants, etc. are taken care of.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation: This allows you to claim for expenses before and after a medical procedure is conducted. Expenses up to 60 days prior to admission and 90 days after admission is covered.
  • Hospital Cash: The policy pays cash benefits for each day of hospitalisation up to a maximum of 7 days.
  • Accidental Coverage: The policy has your back in the event of accidents as well. The plan covers accidental death and disability caused due to an accident. The cover is applicable to dependant children and parents above 70 years as well.


The lack of health insurance can hurt you a lot financially, given the fact that healthcare costs are always on the rise. Opting for a sturdy plan like Star Health comprehensive insurance will give you the confidence to tackle any health-related issues in the future.

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