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Star Health Insurance Renewal: Check Online and Offline Process in India
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Star Health Insurance Renewal Process in India

Star Health Insurance is considered one of the most trusted health insurers in the country. It has a massive network of 9,900+ Network Hospitals and serves over 16.9 crore customers to date by successfully paying claims worth over 12,739 Cr. The company boasts of 90% cashless claims settled in less than 2 hours with the help of its in-house claims settlement department, which makes it quite popular among the public. They also offer a facility to store medical records in electronic format, which can be made use for future needs.

Star Health Insuranc


Before knowing about Star health insurance renewal, here are some of the popular health insurance plans offered by them for various categories of people: Star Comprehensive, Senior Citizens Red Carpet, Corona Rakshak Policy, Corona Kavach, Super Surplus Top-up, Family Health Optima, Medi-Classic, Star Health Gain, Diabetes Safe, Star Cardiac, Star Cancer Care Gold, Star Critic Care Plus, Arogya Sanjeevani, etc.,

Why Renew Health Insurance?

The mistake of not renewing Star health renewal could lead to grave consequences of losing your financial security and insurance coverage, especially during emergency medical situations. Star health insurance renewal grace period allows you to have a period that entrusts you with the opportunity to renew your insurance in case you have missed the date on which your policy expired.

Why Renew Health Insurance

The benefits of continuing the policy after the Star health insurance policy renewal are completed include reduced waiting time for pre-existing diseases, wellness programs, no-claim bonus, etc., which you may have to miss if the policy is not renewed within the grace period.

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Star Health Online Renewal Process

Similar to purchasing health insurance via the internet, it is possible to make a Star health insurance policy renewal also online sitting at the convenience of your home. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to remember when renewal dates are due, to make payment on time.

Star Health insurance online renewal can be done in the following 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Website: Visit the official website of Star Health insurance and click on the ‘Renewals’ tab to open the health insurance renewal page.
  • Step 2: Enter Policy Details: Fill in the Policy Number and Date of Birth and click on the ‘Renew Now’ button
  • Step 3: Make Online Payment: After the premium for a health insurance policy is chosen online, enter the required details in the spaces provided and complete the payment from the options given.
  • Step 4: Renewal Confirmation: After the online renewal of Star Health, you shall receive an email confirming the successful renewal of the policy which you need to download for future reference.


Offline Renewal

You can walk into any of the nearest Star Health Insurance branches and pay your premium using Cash, Cheque, and Demand Draft. For making premium payment through cheque, you must write your Policy number and Mobile number at the backside of your cheque.

You may also choose to renew the Star Health Insurance policy through offline mode by calling on the toll-free number of Star Health Insurance, which is 1800-425-2255 or 1800-102-4477, and following the said instructions.

Remember that Star health insurance online payment allows you to conserve time, energy, and can also offer you discounts that are attractive when compared to cash deposits made through offline mode.

Know the Renewal Conditions

At the time of Star health insurance policy renewal, they shall send you a renewal reminder via email or post containing a declaration that shall consist of details about the number of claims made during the policy year, nature of the claim (if there was any) and the amount of insurance coverage and the no-claim bonus (if there is one), apart from the total premium amount that you have to be paid. The policyholder must read the document to make sure there aren’t any factual errors before proceeding for renewal.

Switching to a New Insurance Policy

As per IRDAI guidelines, the insurance policyholder is eligible to transfer the policy to a different insurance company without having to forfeit the benefits that were accrued through the previous insurance policy. So, if you wish to switch to Star health insurance from an insurance company that is different and would like to reap all the benefits offered by the policy, insurance portability is an option that can be utilized before the expiration of your old policy. If the policy portability option is selected it will guarantee that you will keep the benefits you accrued with the previous insurer but through the new insurer.

Non-Renewal of Health Insurance

If you do not renew the star health insurance policy by the due date, the policy will be canceled and coverage shall cease to exist. This means that you can no longer opt for cashless hospitalization or make claims for any surgery/ treatment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be sure you pay your premium for renewal in advance to avoid being in the above scenario. The majority of insurance companies, like Star health insurance company send reminder emails and texts to your contact details in the registered account, to ensure that you won’t fall behind on renewals.

Non-Renewal of Health Insurance

With an easy facility of Star online renewal, you must renew your policy before the deadline and stay away from expiry or termination of policy benefits. It is also possible to create reminders to ensure that you do not forget the date of expiry. Similarly, if you decide to renew health insurance yourself via the internet, be sure you’re aware of the conditions and terms of the policy while being aware of any recent changes to the coverage or plan through the official site.

The Conclusion

In the current scenario, it is necessary to keep a close eye on your Star health insurance policy as you never know about its time of usage. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether your insurance policy will be able to pay for medical expenses shortly or not, which is why necessary actions must be taken before the expiration date on your star health insurance plan to ensure your existing coverage is intact through Star health instant renewal.

FAQs Related to Star Health Insurance Renewal

Can I Renew my Star Health Policy after the expiry date?

There is a grace period of 30 days offered by Star Health Insurance to the policyholders to renew the payment even after the expiry date.

What are the benefits of Renewing Star Health Insurance Policy?

By renewing the Star Health Insurance Policy, you can continue to reap the following benefits of the policy:

• Reduced Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Diseases
• Wellness Programs
• Policy Riders and Benefits
• No Claim Bonus
• Tax Benefits

3. Does the star health insurance renewal premium increase every year?

No, the Star Health Insurance Renewal Premium doesn’t increase every year. It increases on certain conditions like the number of times you have claimed during the year. In most of the policies, Star Health Insurance increases the premium after every 5 years.

What happens if I don't renew my Star Health insurance policy?

Those who don’t renew their Star Health Insurance Policy on time within the grace period lose out on the benefits of the policy. The policy will lapse and ultimately, they will have to buy a new one to enjoy the same benefits with a renewed waiting period.

Does health insurance premium increase with age?

Yes, there is a direct link-up between the health insurance premium and the age of the policyholder. The policy premium increases with the increase in the age of the policyholder. The younger the policyholder, the lesser would be the premium for the health insurance plan.

How do I renew my Star Health insurance online in India?

Follow the below steps to easily renew Star Health Insurance policy online in India:

1. Visit the official website of Star Health Insurance
2. Fill up the policy details like policy number, and so on
3. Click on ‘Renew Now’ Tab
4. Pay the premium online
5. Receive the Confirmation for a successful Renewal on your registered mobile number or your registered email ID

How do I download my Star Health policy renewal receipt?

To download the Star Health Policy Renewal Receipt, you need to follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of Star Health Insurance
2. Fill up the required data like policy number, date of birth, etc.
3. After entering the details, you will see a receipt on the screen, ensure all the information there is accurate, else get it rectified
4. Download the receipt and feel free to take a printout of the same

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