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Star Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India
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Star Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India

Star Health Insurance is considered to be one of the most reliable health insurance providers across the country. If you are specifically looking for a star health insurance hospital list, they boast of a huge network of over 9,900 Hospitals and have served over 16.9 million customers. With a record of paying claims totaling over 12,739 crores, the company assures to settle cashless claims in less than two hours through their in-house claims settlement department. This makes it quite beneficial for people to choose hospitalization in a Star network hospital rather than any other hospital.

Star Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India

A few of the most well-known health insurance plans provided by Star health insurance, to various categories of individuals:

  • Star Comprehensive,
  • Senior Citizens Red Carpet,
  • Corona Rakshak Insurance,
  • Corona Kavach,
  • Super Surplus Top-up,
  • Family Health Optima
  • Medi-Classic Star Health Gain,
  • Diabetes Safe,
  • Star Cardiac,
  • Star Cancer Care Gold,
  • Star Criticare Plus,
  • Arogya Sanjeevani, etc.,


Star Health Insurance Hospital List

A policyholder of star health insurance can access cashless treatment quickly and easily without spending hours searching for the right hospital since the insurer has a Pan-India presence. You simply need to get admitted to any Star health network hospital in your vicinity and get approved for the type of treatment that you need to undergo with them. For this, you can search for a Star health insurance hospital list near me on the internet or Google Maps. In this way, you don’t have to worry about paying huge hospital bills and instead can focus on your recovery, rather than worrying about hospital formalities.

Star Health Insurance Hospital List

To find your nearest Star health insurance cashless hospital list, all you have to do is choose your city on the star network hospital page at https://www.starhealth.in/network-hospitals. After you’ve made your selection, you shall receive a complete list with addresses and directions.

Also, you may contact the customer support department at 1800 425 2255 / 1800 102 4477 (Toll-Free) or email them at support@starhealth.in for a list of star health insurance coverage hospitals.

Documents for the Cashless Insurance Claim

The most common reason for an insurance claim to get denied is the lack of necessary documents. While most of the claim settlement payment is now digital, valid documents and reports are still required as India has not yet fully adopted digital documentation. A policyholder is not required to submit many documents for processing a cashless claim since they are usually handled by the hospital’s insurance desk. But to start with the cashless claim settlement process, the hospital will need to get a few documents from your side, which are as follows:

  • KYC ID proofs (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc.)
  • TPA cashless card/ Membership ID/ Health insurance documents
  • Filled and signed claim preauthorization form
  • Letter of recommendation by a doctor for treatment, medical tests, hospitalization, etc.
  • Statement of diagnostic tests, medical reports, or any other documents/ reports that support your medical condition
  • Receipts or bills of related services.


Tips to Get Cashless Claims Quickly

No matter what insurance plan you choose, getting admitted to a Star health cashless hospital will ensure that you are provided with cashless claims. A health policy without cashless claims is not beneficial in the long run as it burdens with a lot of work and may have relied on reimbursement claims.


Tips to Get Cashless Claims Quickly

This would lead you to pay hospital expenses out of your pocket each time. To avoid getting in such situations at any given point in time, here are some important tips that you can follow:

  • Choose a Network Hospital: Cashless claims are only available if it is listed under the star health insurance network hospital list. Check for them on the official website or in the policy document. By opting for hospitalization in a non-network hospital, there are high chances for your insurance cashless claim to get rejected by the insurance company.
  • Informing the TPA: Most health insurances have a third-party administrator (TPA) for claim management and settlement. You need to inform your TPA as soon as you choose the star health insurance network hospital and decide on your hospital admission for the specified medical condition. Inform the third-party administrator about the details of your insurance coverage, TPA name, membership id, or number at the hospital’s insurance desk and provide them with a pre-authorization form that is completed, signed, and faxed to the hospital.
  • Exclusions and Inclusions: The policy document generally contains a list of services that are included in the cashless procedure. This will help you understand what’s included and excluded from the list of cashless treatments. OPD consultations, prescription fees, ambulance costs, and other medical expenses are not covered by most health insurance policies until specifically specified by the insurer. These may be included depending on the plan that you may choose. Therefore, it is important to verify that the illness or condition you are claiming is covered by the policy. If not, then your claim may be outright denied.
  • Produce all Required Proofs: At the time of filling out the cashless pre-authorization form at the hospital, you must provide all your details along with any KYC documents. All valid documents must be attached to the claim form, including your cashless card, insurance policy, doctor’s report, diagnosis report, and other relevant documents. Lack of proper proof may also lead to delay in approving the cashless claims, even if it is a star health insurance hospital.
  • Make Copies of all Submitted Documents: Even though your claim is cashless and you have submitted all required documents, it is still important to keep the originals for your records. There are possibilities that the TPA or an insurer might approach you or ask for additional documentation.


The Conclusion

By not opting for a health insurance policy, you are taking a risk on your life but it is important to be clear about the network hospitals list and the claim settlement process after you have taken the policy. This shall help you avoid spending too much time in deciding the hospital at the last minute or getting admitted to a hospital, where cashless claims are not supported.

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