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Star Health Insurance For Maternity
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Star Health Insurance For Maternity

Considering Star health insurance for maternity? Looking for Star health insurance with maternity coverage no waiting period? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely check out maternity coverage in star health insurance for the plethora of benefits that are available. You can always expect more convenience and comfort when you have sufficient coverage for maternity expenditure under your health insurance plan.

Insurance For Maternity

This will give you ample room for taking care of expenses incurred on hospitalization for childbirth and other related procedures, treatments, and associated costs. Star health insurance pregnancy cover is highly popular amongst Indian families and you will soon learn why!

Claim Settlement Ratio 78.62%
Network Hospitals 9,900+
COVID-19 Cover Available 
In-House Claim Settlement Yes
Renewability Lifelong Renewability Facility 
Policies Sold 37,34,365 till date 


Star Health Insurance for Maternity- Learning more about the plan

The Star Health Comprehensive Insurance Policy offers extensive features for the policyholder and his or her family. There are exclusive benefits for would-be moms including coverage for newborn babies and maternity costs. It is a total health insurance plan for the family without any caps or limits. 

Main Features of the Star Health Insurance Maternity Policy

  • You can get coverage for yourself, your dependent children, and your spouse under the basic floater plan. 
  • Those below the age of 50 will need pre-acceptance medical evaluation/screening. 
  • There are no caps on the room rent in case the patient gets treatment in a single AC (standard) room. 
  • Renewability features are available for a lifetime. 
  • The sum insured may be automatically restored by 100% subject to certain conditions. 
  • There is also the hospital cash benefit available for policyholders. 


Coverage Scope

  • Coverage for maternity costs including both Cesarean and normal deliveries. 
  • Coverage for bariatric surgery, delivery, and newborn costs will be given only after the 36-month (3 years) waiting period. 
  • Coverage for newborn baby costs. 
  • 400+ daycare procedures have coverage under the policy. 
  • Pre and post-hospitalization cost coverage under this plan. 
  • Expenditure on health check-ups after every 3 years if there is no claim. 
  • A second medical option is also available under this plan. 


Those between 18 and 65 years of age may purchase the Star Comprehensive Insurance plan with coverage for dependent children up to 25 years of age. 

What is Excluded from the Policy?

  • Any pre-mentioned diseases, ailments, or treatments that are not eligible for coverage within the waiting period of 2 years or 24 months. 
  • Pre-existing ailments are only covered after the passage of the 48-month or 4-year waiting period. 
  • Costs related to any non-allopathic treatment are also not covered under the policy. 
  • Naturopathy treatments do not have coverage within the plan. 
  • Injuries arising from self-harm are also not covered in the policy. 


Make sure you carefully read all the finer points mentioned in the insurance policy before coming to a final decision. Also, ensure that you consult a professional or expert for guidance. The plan is called Star Comprehensive with the sum insured being Rs. 5 lakh. The age limits, as mentioned earlier, are 3 months to 65 years. You can also check out the provisions for Star Health insurance infertility treatment coverage if applicable or pre-existing pregnancy coverage. Consult an industry professional or check the key inclusions and exclusions of the policy yourself.

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Can I get maternity insurance while pregnant? NO, you can reach out to Star Health Insurance for coverage under the comprehensive plan. You should always compare premiums before finalizing the policy. Remember that maternity coverage is always essential to save costs and mental hassles at the time of the procedure. 


Does Star Health Insurance offer maternity insurance? 

Yes, you can get additional maternity coverage in your family health insurance policy with Star Health Insurance. It offers coverage for maternity costs including hospitalization and pre and post-hospitalization care along with newborn baby costs as well. You should check the terms and conditions carefully before opting for this specific cover. 

What is the age limit for the policy? 

For the overall policy, the minimum age limit is 18 years while the maximum age limit is 65 years. Dependent children can get coverage under the plan till they are 25 years of age. 

What is the waiting period for pre-existing diseases? 

When it comes to the waiting period for any pre-existing ailments and diseases, it varies across insurance companies and schemes. In the case of Star Health Insurance, the waiting period is 24 months or 2 years. Claims will not be acknowledged for any hospitalization or treatment arising from a pre-existing ailment before the expiry of this waiting period. 

How long can I renew my health insurance policy? 

You can renew your life insurance policy every year as you already know. Most insurance companies offer lifetime renewability features for customers. This means that you can retain these policies for your entire life span. 

What is the sum insured offered by Star Health Insurance under this policy? 

Star Health Insurance offers a sum insured amount up to Rs. 5 lakh under the policy. 

Can I get maternity coverage if I am already pregnant? 

NO, you cannot get this add-on cover in your policy if you are already expecting a baby. However, you should check the terms and conditions carefully as to which insurer allows for the same. Compare premiums before choosing a final insurance plan for yourself.

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