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Star Health Insurance for Family : Check Features and Benefits
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Star Health Insurance For Family

You must have already heard of Star health insurance for family. What is it all about? Star health insurance plans for family are designed to ensure prompt and seamless medical coverage for all members of the household without any hassles. The best part about choosing Star health family insurance is that you can pay only a single premium and get coverage for everyone. It naturally maximizes overall convenience and comfort at the end customer level.

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Learning More About Star Family Health Insurance 

The Star family health insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage which lowers your costs greatly while bringing the entire spectrum of family Star health insurance under a single roof. No longer do you need to purchase a separate Star health insurance for parents or yourself and your spouse and children. It is not just about availing of the Star health insurance family policy; you can choose to go for the individual plan as well.

The Star Mediclaim policy for family comes as a floater policy with coverage for those between 3 months and 65 years of age. You can get benefits for yourself, your dependent children, and your spouse within the aegis of the policy. Another benefit of the Star insurance family plan, you can get coverage for dependent children till they are 25 years of age.

Key Features of Star Family Health Insurance Plans

Here are some of the main features of the Star Health Mediclaim policy for family:

  • Options between Rs. 5-25 lakh as the sum insured. 
  • No capping or sub-limits. 
  • Automatic sum insured restoration up to 100%. 
  • Newborn and maternity cover. 
  • Guaranteed renewals for a lifetime. 
  • 15-day Freelook period for all customers. 
  • Free health check-ups for every 3 years which are free of claims. 
  • Pre-acceptance medical testing only for those above 50 years. 


Coverage Scope 

  • Hospital cash facilities. 
  • 405-daycare treatment coverage. 
  • Pre and post-hospitalization costs. 
  • Ophthalmic or dental coverage on an OPD basis. 
  • Air ambulance costs. 
  • Pre-existing ailments. 
  • Costs of bariatric surgery. 


Eligibility Criteria

The entry age should be 3 months at least and the maximum limit is 65 years. Dependent children will get coverage till they are 25 years old. 

Exclusions under the policy 

  • Pre-existing ailments till 48 months in succession (4 years) from the start of the policy. 
  • Any ailment in the first 30 days of the policy from the starting date. 
  • The costs of tonics, vitamins, etc. unless they are included in medical treatment. 
  • Usage of alcohol, smoking, drugs, and other intoxicants and resultant ailments. 
  • Diseases or injuries resulting from nuclear materials or weapons. 


You should go through all the policy details without rushing the process. Finalize the policy only when you are clear about the exclusions. 

List of Star Health Insurance Family Plans

  • Family Delite (minimum 5 months to a maximum of 65 years)- Rs. 2 lakh as sum insured. 
  • Medi Classic Insurance (minimum 5 months to a maximum of 65 years)- Rs. 2 lakh as sum insured. 
  • Star Comprehensive (minimum 3 months to a maximum of 65 years)- Rs. 5 lakh as sum insured. 
  • Family Health Optima (minimum 16 days to a maximum of 65 years)- Rs. 3 lakh as sum insured. 
  • Star Health Gain (minimum 91 days to a maximum of 65 years)- Rs. 1 lakh as sum insured. 


Now that you have the right idea about available Star Health insurance plans for the entire family, consult the experts and get coverage for every member without any hassles. 

Star Family Health Insurance FAQs

What are the age groups covered under this family floater policy? 

The age groups covered under the Star Health Insurance family floater policy are between 3 months (babies) and 65 years (age limit). 

What is the waiting period under the Star Health Insurance plan for pre-existing diseases? 

The waiting period is 48 successive months (uninterrupted) or 4 years in total. During this period, you cannot claim coverage for treatments and hospitalization arising due to any pre-existing disease or ailment. 

Is Bariatric surgery covered under the Star Health Insurance plan? 

Yes, the family health insurance plan offers coverage for treatments like bariatric surgery. 

What is the stance of insurance companies towards ailments arising due to the consumption of intoxicants? 

In most cases, insurance companies take a strict view on ailments, hospitalization, treatments, and other procedures happening due to the consumption of intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. They do not offer medical coverage for such types of ailments. 

Can you keep renewing the Star Health Insurance plan for life? 

Yes, you can get the lifetime renewability feature at Star Health Insurance along with enjoying periodic renewal benefits alongside. 

How much is the sum insured under this policy? 

The sum insured hovers between Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 25 lakh on average. 

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