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Should you buy Health Insurance from New-age Digital Insurance Providers
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Should you buy Health Insurance from New-age Digital Insurance Providers?

Digital technology is a robust tool that is used by many companies to overpower conventional business approaches and strategies. With the advent of this digital technology, the insurance industry has evolved utterly. Though the insurance industry runs by simplicity, this digitization has changed the way insurance companies offer insurance policies to their customers and the way customers purchase various policies from insurers.

Should you buy Health Insurance from New-age Digital Insurance Providers

In this steep digitalized era, health insurers are offering digital insurance to their customers so that customers can manage their finances and investments without visiting the offices of insurers. By using digital insurance platforms, health insurance companies are streamlining their businesses and also, improving efficiencies.

With the help of the right digital platform, health insurers are educating customers about the importance of health insurance so that they opt to open insurance for their health emergencies. By offering them real-time data using non-intrusive methods, insurance companies are motivating policy buyers to lead a healthy lifestyle. These days, insurance providers obtain health-related data through customers’ activity monitors and manage risks more efficiently. So, digitization has changed the image and perception of insurance. Companies are adopting various customer-driven approaches and offering better services to policyholders.

Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned points that distinguish new-age insurers from conventional insurers.


The cost of conventional insurance is on the higher side because most of the work was done from the office. For any kind of information, customers need to visit various branches of the company. This is quite a daunting task for customers, especially for aged customers. But new-age insurance works on digital mode, thus it saves a plethora of time for customers. Moreover, new-age insurance policies are cost-effective. To survive in this steep competitive era, every insurance company is adopting digital technologies and trying to improve its online presence.

Health insurance companies are organizing various campaigns on social media platforms to inform, educate, and promote the importance of health insurance in today’s scenario. New-age insurance policies come with a plethora of options and they are also easily accessible. Customers’ queries are solved within 24hours. But for traditional insurance, this could take a longer time.

Insurance Buying Process

Earlier, it was a daunting task to purchase an insurance policy as compared to today’s time. The process of purchasing insurance in the past was lengthy, intricate, and time-consuming. Moreover, earlier people were not aware of the importance of health insurance and they used to get irritated during the time of purchasing an insurance policy. The purchasing process was not affordable at that time as you need to pay the broker, agent, and middlemen. Moreover, you need to invest a lot of time by visiting the offices of insurance companies for any doubts or clarifications.

Health Insurance Digitally

But purchasing a new-age insurance policy is quite simple and convenient. Now, customers can purchase most policies online through companies’ websites or online brokers’ sites. These days, customers can scroll through various plans and choose the most suitable one according to their preference without any intervention. Customers get instant quotes from insurers and can make an informed decision quickly.

The digital insurance platform helps them to get rid of paperwork also. Moreover, you don’t need to pay anything to any agent or middlemen during the purchase process. Today, every customer has become digital-friendly especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies prefer digital technologies so that they can give the best offers to their customers amid this COVID-19 pandemic.

Communication process

For many to open insurance is a concept, hence people find it difficult to understand it. Insurance companies should present all information accurately so that customers can understand them. Conventional insurance policies are crammed with jargon to explain the advantages and features of a particular health insurance plan. Customers often feel those plans are monotonous and dull. But new-age insurance policies display information in a witty and understanding way along with infographics, images, etc. So, customers find them more intriguing and easier to understand.

Moreover, insurance companies are running various online campaigns on social media channels to grab the attention of potential customers. Social media also helps companies to spread awareness regarding insurance among people. By using digital technologies, companies can stay connected to their customers and may uplift their market value in front of their audience.

Insurance Claim Process

The prime purpose of a health insurance policy is to safeguard you and your loved ones in case of healthcare emergencies. If you can’t utilize the benefits of your insurance, then there is no necessity to purchase an insurance policy.

Insurance claim

An insurance company’s credibility depends on its claim settlement process. Earlier, people didn’t have adequate knowledge about this claim settlement process and very often, they experienced claim rejections from insurers. But with new-age insurance policies, the claim settlement is no more a roadblock. New-age insurers don’t want to tarnish their image and market reputation. They always offer hassle-free and customer-friendly claim settlement processes to make their customers happy and content.

Less Paperwork

To open an insurance health policy, you need to complete a lot of paperwork. The traditional approach is to purchase a health insurance policy offline. This means you need to fill up lengthy forms and documents. On the other hand, the digital insurance platform is a new-age method. So, a new-age insurance policy demands minimal paperwork without compromising your convenience and efforts.

The Final Verdict

The above article depicts all about insurance and how technology is improving efficiency in the field of the health insurance sector. Before purchasing a health insurance plan, always go through the terms and conditions so that you are aware of the inclusion and exclusion.

With new-age insurance, you can get 24X7 customer support from your insurer. If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact them through emails or chats. Moreover, purchasing new-age insurance is simple, easy, and convenient as compared to the traditional procedure.

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