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SBI Health Insurance Network Hospitals in India

Mr. Tarun works (57-years-old) in a private company as an accounts manager. Though he doesn’t earn a humongous amount, he made some savings for his daughter’s education and marriage. Now, last year, Mr. Tarun spent Rs. 7 lakh on his daughter’s marriage. But this year, he was diagnosed with some heart problems and the doctor recommended surgery as the treatment. The costs of the treatment along with hospital charges are Rs. 1.2 lakh. But Mr. Tarun didn’t have enough cash in his hand. Mr. Tarun selected a network hospital for his SBI health insurance policy and thus, the entire cost was reimbursed by the insurance company. Mr. Tarun had to pay only the exclusion charges that were not covered by the policy. SBI health insurance is a renowned health insurance company and the SBI health insurance hospital list is very impressive and big.

A network hospital is a hospital that is partnered with your health insurance company. Nowadays, most Indian health insurance companies are tied-up with these network hospitals so that they can offer easy access to healthcare services to all insured policyholders. Health insurance companies select these hospitals based on certain parameters including the quality of services offered at the hospital, experience of the faculty, patients’ reviews, background checks, and so on.

Insurance companies often scrutinize the lists of network hospitals so that they always offer the best quality health services to their customers. So, insurance companies like SBI keep changing their lists from time to time. Currently, the SBI General Insurance hospital list is wide and at present, the company has partnered with more than 6,000 network hospitals across India. If a policyholder selects a hospital from the SBI general health insurance hospital list, he can enjoy cashless treatment facilities without paying a single penny even in time of emergency.

Not only in an emergency but the insured policyholder can also select an SBI general insurance network hospital for planned hospitalization and enjoy cashless facilities without compromising the quality of the treatment. But as a policyholder, you need to inform your insurance company (SBI general health insurance) in both cases.

To save your time in emergencies, you should be equipped with the SBI general insurance cashless hospital list so that you can rush to these hospitals without wasting any time. While purchasing your SBI insurance plans, you must select a cashless hospital for your treatment. By visiting the official website of SBI health insurance, you can select the SBI health insurance cashless hospital list and enter your location. After submitting all your details, you can see the SBI cashless hospital list for cashless treatment. The list will also provide the addresses and directions of the hospitals.

List of SBI Health Insurance Hospitals for Cashless Treatment

Now, let’s take a look at various SBI health insurance network hospitals for cashless treatment. For your convenience, always select your nearby hospitals. 

City Hospitals
Ahmedabad 3041






















New Delhi









Why SBI Health Insurance Plans?

Health insurance plans have become an integral part of everyone in this modernized era due to the skyrocketing cost of healthcare expenses and the treatment costs of various diseases. Moreover, the present lifestyles of people have made them more susceptible to various diseases and ailments. Most of these diseases demand proper medical care and attention. The healthcare treatment costs are spiraling upwards, but there is no significant growth in the income of the common man. Many people even face financial crises when they met a medical emergency. Here enters a health insurance policy that will give you protection against various medical contingencies that may arise.  SBI health insurance offers the best cashless health insurance policies that will support customers in their financial crisis. These types of health insurance policies provide coverage for all medical expenses. Thus, the medical costs don’t become a headache for the average middle-class man.

How to Avail of the Cashless Hospitalization Facility under your SBI Insurance Plans?

Cashless hospitalization works in two ways.

Planned Hospitalization

In the case of planned hospitalization, follow the below-mentioned steps for a cashless claim.

  • Check whether your selected hospital comes under the empanelled list of network hospitals or not.
  • You need to submit the pre-authorization forms (available on the website of SBI health insurance/network hospital website/TPA office) along with all required documents to the insurance provider. You must inform the health insurance company (here, SBI health insurance) before 48 hours of the treatment.
  • Fill out the form carefully and get it authenticated by the concerned physician
  • Get the authorization letter from the TPA. This will mention the name of the insured policyholder, the hospital, the nature of the disease and the approved cashless claim amount.


Unplanned Hospitalization

For an unplanned hospitalization, you need to follow the same steps, but the requirement for prior intimation and approval is relinquished. But you need to inform the insurer (SBI health insurance) within 24 hours of emergency hospitalization.


These days, the popularity of cashless hospitalization is rising because most people are aware of medical inflation and healthcare expenses. A cashless policy is more affordable and accessible in the country. But before applying for a cashless claim, go through all policy-related documents carefully to avoid hostile surprises.

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