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SBI Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans in India
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SBI Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

Families have often been exposed financially and bemoaned their vulnerability owing to sudden medical emergencies. If you closely study this phenomenon, then you will understand how all of us know at least one family that has been severely affected by severe healthcare costs related to treating critical or serious ailments of any family member. Many families have lost their hard-earned savings in the bargain as well. And it is not just about getting a health insurance plan. It will offer the basic coverage you need, but it may be insufficient for the high costs involved in treating critical illnesses. 

So, what do you do in this scenario? The best bet would be to take a critical illness insurance policy. Such a policy will help you get extensive coverage for treatment costs of these serious illnesses, bringing mental peace and financial stability alike to families in such situations. If you are convinced about the efficacy of opting for critical illness insurance plans, then you can check out SBI critical illness insurance options in this regard. 

Features of SBI Critical Illness Insurance

  • 66.08% is the claim settlement ratio for SBI general insurance critical illness plans. 
  • There is a dedicated team for settling claims which will enable a smoother experience for customers of SBI critical illness policies. 
  • There is COVID-19 coverage available for policyholders under the SBI critical illness rider as well. 
  • Those opting for SBI health insurance with critical illness may avail of a network of more than 6,000 hospitals in the country too. 
  • SBI has already sold more than 7,56,443 policies till date and the figures keep increasing steadily. 
  • Customers can keep renewing their plans for a lifetime. 


SBI Critical Illness Health Insurance

The SBI critical illness insurance policy helps greatly with the treatment of ailments such as kidney failure, strokes, cancer and more. These are ailments which are highly expensive to treat and maybe covered smoothly under the umbrella of the SBI critical illness insurance policy as well. Costs include periodic health check-ups, medicines, recuperation assistance, doctor check-ups, medical procedures, treatments, and hospitalization among other heads. Treatment may lead to other financial goals and savings getting compromised if there is no sufficient coverage. That is where the SBI general insurance critical illness policy comes into the picture, helping customers avoid such situations entirely, while gaining higher mental peace as well.

SBI critical insurance has been specially tailored for those who get diagnosed with specified types of diseases or critical illnesses. It enables the payment of a lump sum amount to policy holders irrespective of the actual costs of medical treatments. The amount may help in covering costly medical procedures and treatments. There are 13 such potentially-fatal ailments which have coverage under the policy such as heart attacks, failure of the kidneys, cancer, organ transplants and coma among others. 

Advantages of Choosing the SBI Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Some of the biggest advantages are naturally the financial security and peace of mind for patients and their families. The plan helps patients cover costs of treatment while not compromising on the quality of healthcare in the bargain. It covers all costs of medical surgeries, treatments, hospitalization and related expenditure including ambulance costs, medicine costs, fees of doctors and so on. At the same time, if you have any other loans and pressing expenditure to meet, then the payout may also help you meet the same. The policy has reasonable premium amounts while offering 1 and 3-year options to customers as well. 

Some of the main features include renewability for a lifetime, the option for easy portability, cashless treatment at network hospitals, support with settlement of claims, and a 30-day grace period for the renewal process. The plans include the Critical Illness Insurance Policy which comes with a sum insured of Rs. 2 lakh along with minimum and maximum age criteria of 18 and 65 years respectively. 


Hence, as you can see, you should go for the SBI critical illness policy in order to safeguard your family from any costly hospitalization or treatments for these diseases in the future. At the same time, you will also be mentally free with this coverage. You can also conveniently renew it for your lifetime.

SBI Critical Illness Health Insurance FAQs

What is the claim settlement ratio at SBI?

SBI offers a claim settlement ratio of 66.08% for its health insurance plans.

What is the basic sum insured under the critical illness insurance policy offered by SBI?

The sum insured amount is Rs. 2 lakh although it can be increased depending on your specific coverage requirements.

How many critical illnesses are covered under the SBI Critical Illness Insurance plan?

There are a total of 13 such critical ailments which have coverage under this plan offered by SBI.

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