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Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Network Hospitals List in India
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Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Network Hospitals in India

Royal Sundaram Insurance, by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited (formerly known as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited), is one of the oldest private sector general insurers in India. Initially launched as a joint venture between Sundaram Finance and Royal Sundaram General Insurance, they now offer affordable health insurance plans through the Royal Sundaram list of hospitals wherein policyholders and their family members are promised good treatment facilities. 

Top health insurance plans offered by Royal Sundaram Insurance:

  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline Classic
  • Lifeline Supreme
  • Lifeline Elite


Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Network Hospitals List

City No. of Hospitals
Ahmedabad 3041
Bengaluru 4695
Chandigarh 515
Chennai 5684
Cochin 98
Ghaziabad 1003
Gurgaon 1317
Hyderabad 6098
Jaipur 2253
Kolkata 2675
Lucknow 1266
Mumbai 4189
New Delhi 4737
Noida 721
Patna 889
Pune 4148

As the insurer is present across India, policyholders can look for the Royal Sundaram health insurance network hospitals list so they could have access to cashless treatment instantly and without the need to spend hours looking for the right hospital. Instead, you can concentrate on your recovery and not worry about large hospital bills or other formalities.

Once you have made your choice of the hospital, you can collect the complete list of addresses and directions. Alternatively, you can also contact the customer support department at 18602580000, 18604250000, or email them at grievance.redressal@royalsundaram.in for a list of hospitals covered under their health insurance policies.

Required Documents for the Cashless Insurance Claim

While looking at the Royal Sundaram network hospital list, it is also required for you to prepare the necessary documentation that has to be produced at the hospital for admission. The number one reason that an insurance claim could be denied is the inability to provide all the required documents. Although most of the claim settlement is done digitally, valid reports and documents are still required because India has yet to fully adopt digital documentation. 

For cashless claims, the policyholder does not need to provide many documents as they are typically handled by the hospital insurance desk. But still, they will require a few documents from you to begin the cashless claim settlement process.

  • KYC ID proofs (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc.)
  • TPA cashless card/ Membership ID/ Num/ Health insurance documents
  • Signed claim preauthorization form or Royal Sundaram claim form
  • Letter of reference or recommendation from a doctor for treatment, medical tests, hospitalization, or other purposes.
  • Diagnostic tests, medical reports, as well as any other documents/reports that shall support your medical condition.


Tips To Quickly Settle Cashless Claims: 

No matter what insurance policy you choose or whichever hospital you get to choose from the Royal Sundaram health insurance cashless hospital list, make sure it covers cashless claims. As a policyholder, a health policy that does not provide cashless claims could be detrimental to your health. This would force you to pay for hospital expenses out of your own pockets each time.

  • Choose a Network Hospital: Cashless claims are only possible if the hospital is featured in the Royal Sundaram cashless hospital list. If the hospital is not on the network list, you won’t be eligible for cashless treatment and may have to bear the costs from your pocket or opt for a reimbursement claim. And in extreme cases, if you choose to be hospitalized in a hospital that is not part of the network, your insurance company may also reject your claim.
  • Notifying Your TPA: Many health insurances have a third-party administrator (TPA) to manage the health insurance claims. Your TPA must be notified as soon as possible after you choose a hospital from the Royal Sundaram health insurance network hospital, which will allow them to decide on admission for a specific medical condition. Following this and after getting hospitalized, it is required to inform about your details, including TPA name, membership number, and member id at the hospital’s health insurance desk. Along with this, a pre-authorization form must also be completed, signed, and handed over to the hospital.
  • Exclusion List: A health insurance policy usually lists the services that are not covered by the cashless procedure. This will allow you to understand the terms and conditions of cashless treatment even before getting admitted to a hospital in the network. For example, most health insurance policies do not cover OPD consultations, prescription costs, ambulance costs, or other medical expenses. These expenses may be covered depending on which plan you choose and you must verify that your claim for illness or injury is covered by the policy as well as the hospital. If not, your claim could be denied.
  • Provide Necessary Proofs: All your information and any KYC documents must be provided at the hospital when filling out the cashless pre-authorization forms. Attach all the valid documents to the claim form before handing it over to the concerned department. This includes your cashless card and insurance policy because insufficient proof can also cause delays in the approval of cashless claims.
  • Keep a Copy of All Documents: Even though you are not entitled to receive any cash from the hospital at the time of hospitalization, directly from the hospital, it is always best to keep all the original records of statements, reports, letters, scans, etc., for your reference or to submit it to your insurer or TPA at a later date. In some cases, the TPA or insurer may approach you and request additional documentation. When you have the required copies with you, you can respond promptly to the officials by producing the necessary copies, instead of approaching the hospital or doctors.


The Conclusion

By choosing not to have a Royal Sundaram health insurance policy, you are taking a big risk on your life. Once you have purchased the policy, it is, therefore, a priority to be clear about the list of network hospitals approved by the insurance company or TPA while understanding the process for settling claims. This will ensure that your time and energy are saved and prevent you from having to decide which hospital to get admitted to at the last minute or being admitted to a hospital that isn’t on the network list.

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