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Reliance Health Insurance Claim Settlement

Reliance General Health Insurance is popular for having some of the best health insurance policies in the market. The Reliance Health Insurance claim settlement ratio is also quite high and because of this, the organization also has a very strong reputation.

Reliance General Health Insurance provides claim settlement through two methods, including cashless treatment facility and reimbursement method. Most plans provided by Reliance Health Insurance cover a maximum of 4 members of the family, including 2 adults and 2 children.

Apart from the high Reliance General Insurance claim settlement ratio, the company also provides lifelong renewal, no sub-limits on room rent, pre-hospitalization cover, post-hospitalization cover, and health checkups. Other benefits like no co-payment and pre-existing disease cover are also provided.

Also, if you check the Reliance Health Insurance claim settlement status, then you will be able to see that the incurred claim ratio is 94%. There are also over 4,000 hospitals in the company network.

Reimbursement Treatment Claim

If a policyholder avails of treatment at a network hospital, then he or she can use the cashless treatment facility. But if one is getting a treatment done at a non-network hospital, then one should opt for the reimbursement claim after paying the bills from one’s own pocket.

The steps required to proceed with reimbursement treatment claim are:

  • Intimate about the Reliance General Insurance call center or email as soon as you are admitted into the hospital
  • Pay the hospital bills according to what is the requirement
  • During the time of discharge, collect all the original bills, documents, and reports
  • File for claim with RCare Health for processing and reimbursement
  • The claim form should be filled with all the correct details and submit it to RCare
  • If the claim complies with the regulations set by Reliance General Health Insurance, then it will be approved

Documents Required for Filing a Claim

Before checking the Reliance Health Insurance claim settlement status, you need to make sure that you have filed for a claim with all the right documents. If you don’t know what these documents are, then you should refer to the list given below.

  • Copy of health card original
  • Original investigation report
  • Final hospital discharge summary
  • FIR or post-mortem report, if required
  • Pharmacy bills
  • Original prescription bills
  • Receipts and discharge reports
  • Indoor case papers
  • Duly-filled claim form
  • Original hospital bills
  • Valid photo ID proof
  • Treating doctor’s report
  • Original consultation notes
  • Nature of operation performed
  • Surgeon’s bill and receipt
  • Test reports
  • Attending doctor’s or surgeon’s report
  • Identification card of the patient
  • PAN card of the insured individual
  • Canceled cheque – CTS 2010 format
  • Scanned copy of the 1st page of the passbook
  • Scanned copy of the 1st page of bank statement

Reliance General Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

The Incurred Claims Ratio (ICR) is defined as an indication of how well a particular health insurance company is. According to this, one can make an informed decision about the health insurance policy. As of now, the Reliance General Insurance claim settlement ratio is 94%!

Cashless Claim Requests

Till now, we have looked at the Reliance General Insurance claim settlement ratio, how to apply for reimbursement claim, and documents required for reimbursement claim. Now, let’s look at how policyholders can proceed with cashless claim requests.

For making a claim on a cashless basis, the treatment should only be availed of at a network hospital of Reliance General Insurance. One would have to seek authorization according to the procedures that have been laid down in the form. The steps that have to be followed here are:

  • The insurance company should be informed in advance
  • The documents like prescriptions, discharge summary, claim form, and bills have to be submitted
  • The claim will be approved or denied

Apart from this, you should also know about the important details that you need for claim intimation. These details are:

  • Phone number of the insured or policyholder
  • Email ID of the insured or policyholder
  • Address of the insured or policyholder
  • Landmark of the insured or policyholder
  • Name of insured who is admitted to the hospital
  • Name of the hospital
  • Name of ailment
  • Nature of accident, date, time, and location
  • Commencement date of the symptoms of the ailment

If a claim for cashless treatment is denied, then the policyholder or the insured can also apply for a reimbursement claim. Because of this reason, the Reliance Health Insurance claim settlement ratio is very high.

Reviews and Ratings

The reviews and ratings given to Reliance General Health Insurance have always been very good. This is not surprising considering the number of benefits the company offers to its customers. If you don’t believe us, then you can go through some of these reviews and ratings, which are given below.

  • Amazing Health Insurance by Devraj Chandra (4 stars / 5 stars)

I’m very happy with my Reliance General Health insurance infinity plan. The plan is completely affordable and I’m very happy with the services that I have received till now. I have already recommended this insurance plan to most of my friends and family members!

  • Wide Health Insurance Plan Options by Varun Harjai (5 stars / 5 stars)

Reliance General Health Insurance has a lot of options when it comes to health insurance plans. I really liked the options and it has made it really easy for me to select my health insurance plan. Keep up the good work.


In case of cashless treatment, does Reliance General Insurance pay the complete amount?

Reliance General Insurance pays towards all the admissible charges up to the limit of the sum insured.

My claim request has been denied. Where can I file a complaint?

Yes, you can file a complaint if you feel that there is a lapse on part of the insurance company in processing the claim proposal.

Can I check Reliance General Health Insurance claim status online?

Yes, policyholders can check the claim status of their Reliance General Insurance health policy. While checking the status, make sure that you keep the claim reference number handy.

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