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Physical Activity during COVID-19 Induced Lockdown
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Physical activity during COVID-19 induced lockdown

Ishaan loves to exercise. He has one goal in life and that is to always maintain his physical health. Sadly, he feels that his goal is slipping away from him due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Do you sympathize with Ishaan? Are you going through the same thing that he is going through? If yes, then we understand and are here to help you out.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful, strange, and emotionally exhausting for all of us. We have been stuck in the same positions for months and going to the gym, hitting the pool, or running outside is no longer a viable solution to stay fit. This is why it is now time to be creative if you want to stay healthy.

But How Can You Maintain Your Physical Fitness during Lockdown?

If you don’t have an exercise bike or treadmill at home like Ishaan, then you can do simple activities around your house to stay healthy. These activities are:

  • Clean with All Your Might!

Just like Ishaan, you can make vacuuming fun by doing indoor lunges. You can make the chore of cleaning a real workout by even doing sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the windows one after the other. This could burn up to a few hundred calories at a time!

Imagine how much of a positive effect this could have on your health if you do it every day for months. If you want to make things more fun, you can also make the following adjustments to your cleaning routine.

  • Do side lunges while making the bed
  • Balance on your toes when reaching for higher spots and don’t forget to engage your core muscles
  • Use household items like bags of rice, bottled water, or tins of beans as weights. You can also choose heavier items as weights
  • Resistance Exercises Around the House

In the gym, you have various equipment that helps you with resistance exercises. You need to bring the same strategy to your home. Get inventive and perform:

  • Air squats
  • Single-leg step-ups on the stairs
  • Lunges
  • Sit-to-stands from a sturdy chair
  • The Body Coaches on TV

If you are anything like Ishaan, then you have spent hours watching and flipping through the channels on your TV due to sheer boredom. To be more productive, you can turn this into a lockdown physical activity.

Simply follow a body coach on your TV. Most coaches have regularly scheduled programs that take place roughly every day of the week. Follow the coach that you like the best and try different exercise routines.

You can even hop on YouTube and follow some fitness coaches there. Fitness coaches on YouTube teach everything from exercise routines to dance routines to help you burn those extra calories.

  • Gardening

Do you have a garden? If you do, then the normal maintenance of your garden counts as a workout too! Just try to make a few changes by squatting during weeding and focusing on your cores and glutes while planting.

You can also tone your arms by carrying around the watering can. Mowing the lawn can be a good cardio workout too. Ishaan loves this exercise because it is also good for the health of his heart.

  • Join Online Workout Communities

There are days when Ishaan misses his workout buddies and wants some motivation. He realized a few weeks back that keeping in touch with those people helped him stay focused on his workout plan. But what can he do now?

Ishaan is smart so he formed a workout community of his own. You can do the same and go on any social media channel and find like-minded people. From yoga to fat burning, dance to HIIT, there are workout groups that suit everyone’s tastes and abilities. And if you don’t find anything to your liking, then make your own online community.

  • Try New Apps

Ishaan loves checking out new apps that can help him with his exercise routine and even bring a little change into it from time to time. This keeps things fresh for him. If you share the same opinion, then you can do this too.

Simply hop online and get any workout or fitness application that suits your fancy. You can try that application for a few days. If you like it, then you keep following it. And if you don’t, then you uninstall it and find something else.

  • Head Outdoor for that Breath of Fresh Air

Between all the working out and eating healthy, don’t forget to get some fresh air too. Ishaan makes it a point to go out on his balcony early in the morning and breathe in the clean and fresh air. This helps clear out his lungs, rejuvenates his body, and keeps him fresh for a long time.

Avoid this if you live in a zone with a lot of COVID-19 infected patients or if you do not have space in your personal property to step out. If government protocols allow you to step out for a bit, then follow all precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy whenever you go out.

Staying healthy during COVID-19 induced lockdown is just as easy as that!

Engage in Lockdown Physical Activity to Stay Sane, Healthy, and Happy!

It is difficult to stay fit and continuously moving during the lockdown. The lockdown has also imposed a big change on all of us by placing several restrictions that none of us were used to. However, if you want to stay sane, healthy, and happy, then you need to adapt and make the best of the situation that you are in.

Be creative and inventive so that you can always come up with new ways to stay physically fit. Don’t forget to focus on your psychological well-being by engaging in your hobbies or learning new skills.

At the end of the day, make sure that you do what is best for you. And don’t forget to have a great time while you are at it.

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