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What is Patanjali Corona Kit

Ayurveda has long been used to cure various ailments. It is an ancient form of traditional Indian medicine that helps to control the symptoms in different kinds of illnesses such as cold, cough, and flu, among others. Patanjali is a renowned ayurvedic company in India, founded by the very famous personality in the Ayurveda space, Baba Ramdev.

The company carried out research and then formulated a corona kit, which contains medicines that reportedly cure covid 19. The Patanjali Corona Kit is available for about INR 500 and many people have been using it ever since it was launched in June 2020.

Components of the Patanjali Corona Kit

Here are the contents of the Patanjali Corona Kit:

  1. Tablet dosage-
    Two tablets are there in the kit. These are to be taken with warm water after meals. People above the age of 18 can take two tablets each, while those under 18 are advised to take one of each tablet at a go. Children below the age of 6 are not advised to consume this medicine.
  2. Liquid medicine-
    Apart from the two tablets, there also is a bottle of liquid in the Patanjali Corona Kit. you are supposed to mix a few drops of the liquid in a glass of water and have it.

When had in combination, the tablets, and the liquid work to improve respiratory health and clear out the covid infection. Patanjali has claimed that they have had clinical trials on over 800 people and the results have shown a very effective covid cure.

How to buy the Patanjali Corona Kit?

You can buy the Coronil Kit at any Patanjali Store, or from any chemist shop that sells the Patanjali products. The kit is also available online these days. Priced at around INR 500, it is affordable for most people. However, as per an official announcement by the company, the kit is available free of charge for those people who live below the poverty line. They can get it free of charge and heal themselves and their families of the deadly coronavirus and the complications related to it. 

How does the Patanjali Corona Kit help? 

The medicines in the kit are made up of traditional Indian medical herbs such as tulsi and ashwagandha. These herbs and their extracts are potent and have tremendous medicinal qualities. When you consume these, the infection is treated from the roots and you recover wholesomely. Unlike some other forms of treatment where only the symptoms are addressed and cured, Ayurveda targets the root cause of the disease. As a result, the patient recovers from within and there is rarely any case of recurrence of the disease.

Additionally, the kit, known as Coronil, helps to build up the immunity power of a person. This helps to stay fit in the long run and offers a greater shield against covid. 

A word of caution 

While the Patanjali Corona Kit is widely trusted and used by many Indians, the WHO has not approved it yet. Rather, it has warned people not to use any traditional remedies without the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. The WHO states that early detection and timely treatment are the two main ways in which a person can be saved when affected by the novel coronavirus.

In conclusion 

If you are a believer in Ayurveda, give the Patanjali Corona Kit a try. However, keep a lookout on the oxygen levels, and if your levels drop sharply, head straight to your nearest covid hospital. Consult with a doctor before starting any form of medicine as that will prevent any side effect or aggravation of the disease in the future.

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