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Oriental Health Insurance Renewal Process in India

Oriental Insurance Company Limited, an Indian public sector general insurance company, started operations in 1947. With its headquarters in New Delhi, the company at present offers insurance policies through 31 regional offices throughout the country as well as more than 1800 office branches in major cities of India. Oriental Insurance has insurance plans under various categories, such as Car insurance, Two-Wheeler Insurance, Health insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Travel insurance, Property insurance, etc.,

Popular Oriental Health Insurance Policies are listed below: 

  • Individual Mediclaim Policy
  • Happy Family Floater Policy
  • Oriental Health of Privileged Elders Policy (HOPE)
  • Overseas Mediclaim policy
  • Janata Personal Accident Policy
  • Oriental Jan Arogya Plan
  • Oriental Happy Cash Policy
  • Oriental Pravasi Bharti Yojana Policy


The Necessity of Health Insurance Renewal: 

Your inability to make Oriental health insurance policy renewal at the correct time could result in the cancellation of policy coverage leaving you with no protection. So, if you’re currently in the grace period provided by the insurance company, there’s no reason to fret as it allows you to complete the renewal. The biggest benefit of making the Oriental insurance mediclaim renewal on time is that you can take advantage of the reduction in premiums due to no-claim bonuses and less waiting time for filing claims. You may have to forgo these benefits if the policy is not renewed within the grace time.

Oriental Insurance Online Renewal Payment Process: 

To ensure that you are always secured for the future against medical emergencies, completing the Oriental policy renewal is required.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for Oriental insurance online payment:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Oriental insurance company, orientalinsurance.org.in
  • Step 2: Choose the “Renew” option from the menu at the top of the page.
  • Step 3: Enter the policy number in the field provided and click on the ‘renew now’ button.


Select an appropriate payment option from the choices available after confirming the policy details, premium to be paid, personal details, etc. After the Oriental Mediclaim renewal is completed, an acknowledgment letter from the insurance provider will be sent to your registered email address confirming the Oriental health insurance renewal online, which has to be preserved for future reference.

Oriental Insurance Offline Renewal Payment Process: 

To provide policyholders who do not have access to the Internet, the OICL policy renewal is also possible through an offline method. Here, the policyholder may contact the call center of the oriental insurance company, provide them with the required information on the health insurance policy and follow the given instructions on renewing the policy. The customer contact centre can be reached at 1800-118-485 for more detailed information on Oriental health insurance renewal through offline mode or an inquiry can be mailed to portal.support@orientalinsurance.co.in

Planning to Switch to a New Policy? 

According to IRDA guidelines, insurance policyholders may move to another insurance company without having to give up the benefits accumulated through the existing insurance company. If one wishes to move to another health insurance plan, while continuing to make use of the benefit, the health insurance portability option is available. So, before you proceed to pay the renewal premium, check the Oriental insurance mediclaim policy status to know the exact date of expiry, bonuses generated and the coverage available. Based on these findings, you may choose to port your policy before the renewal, so you can be sure that all benefits that had been accumulated with the existing insurer are still intact and are available for transfer to the new insurer. In most cases of health insurance portability, the ‘waiting-period ‘ condition for pre-existing diseases is also transferred to the new insurance policy in addition to the no-claim bonuses.

Avoiding Non-Renewal of Health Insurance Plan: 

If you fail with Oriental mediclaim policy renewal, your health insurance policy that is available with the Oriental insurance will cease to exist making you ineligible for any benefits or insurance that are a part of your insurance plan. 

It is strongly suggested to make sure that you pay the premium for renewal ahead of time to avoid getting into the same circumstance. To implement this, most insurance companies send reminder emails, SMS messages, posts, etc., to your contact details in file to ensure that you aren’t late in renewals. You can also create reminders so that you don’t go over the deadline to expire. However, there are occasions when you won’t receive the reminders on time and during such situations, your notes that you had created mentioning the renewal dates, will come to your rescue. It is essential to ensure that your existing health insurance policy is in good order, before the deadline keeping clear of any miscalculated actions or decisions. 

If you are renewing your health insurance by yourself via the internet, make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions of the policy. Also, make sure you read through any modifications for the policy that were implemented to the plan or coverage, if any, on their official website. In the current times, these regular checks of your insurance coverage are crucial. It is essential to determine if the insurance policy you have selected will be able to cover the medical bills you need within the shortest amount of time. Also, keep an eye on the claim settlement ratio, which is an important parameter to gauge the claim clearance process of the insurance company. To accomplish all these, you must take the necessary steps before the date for renewal that the plan provides health coverage to determine whether you would like to stay with the current insurance company or switch to another policy to receive additional benefits.

The Conclusion:

Oriental Insurance Company offers a wide selection of health insurance plans that are designed to meet all of your health emergencies. It shall help you plan for all the medical expenses, by selecting an appropriate health plan which can cover your entire family’s hospital costs. With a good health insurance plan in an active status and proper renewal, you will not have to fret about medical costs and instead pay attention to recovering from the health condition peacefully. For a matter of comfort, opt for Oriental online renewal.

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