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OPD Treatment Vs Day Care Treatment
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OPD Treatment vs Day Care Treatment: Which one is better?

Buying health insurance involves several things and one should know more about them in detail. It is important to know the inclusions and exclusions of a plan with more attention that will help the right decision.  Medical technologies are advancing these days offering solutions for various problems to restore conditions. One may choose an OPD treatment or a treatment at a daycare hospital. However, not everyone can afford the expenses for such treatments, and having a health insurance policy will help a lot to manage the same with ease.

OPD Treatment Vs Day Care Treatment

This is because it covers expenses for different things allowing a person to reduce the financial burden significantly. Not all health insurance plans are the same and one should evaluate them with extreme care that will help gain more ideas. A policy buyer should know the things covered in a policy that gives ways to proceed further.

What is OPD Treatment?

The most important term used in a health insurance plan is OPD where a patient gets treatment in a day based on his/her condition. The Outpatient Department is the OPD full form in the hospital. Patients don’t require any hospitalization and they can return home at the end of the day. Most insurance plans offer coverage for outpatient department treatment letting a policyholder claim an amount for the same. An example of OPD treatment is a root canal that is usually done in a dental clinic.

What is Daycare Treatment?

A daycare treatment does not need hospitalization for at least 24 hours. Some examples of daycare treatment include dialysis, chemotherapy, and cataract surgery. The costs of this treatment may vary depending on the disease and other factors.

Daycare Treatment

A patient should understand what daycare treatment from different sources will help claim the amount accordingly. Another thing is that it gives ways to lower expenses while undergoing treatment.

3 Major Differences between OPD and Day Care Treatment

A policy buyer should evaluate the differences between OPD and daycare treatment when buying a plan. It enables a person to select a policy depending on the specific needs and other things.

  1. Level of Coverage: A daycare procedure involves no sub-limits and offers coverage up to the sum insured amount chosen by an insured person. On the other hand, not all insurers provide coverage for OPD treatment. Some of them offer OPD coverage within the sub-limit and overall sum insured amount.
  2. Waiting Period: Daycare treatment has a waiting period that can go up to 4 years when it comes to any pre-existing condition. Furthermore, it also has a waiting period of 2 years for specific diseases. The waiting period for OPD is less than 90 days. However, it is not applicable for accidental injuries.
  3. Nature of Procedures: The costs of daycare treatments are very expensive and it is ideal for those who require treatment during emergencies and planned treatments. On the other hand, OPD cover is the right option for patients who don’t require in-patient hospitalization. It is suitable for a person who needs regular hospital visits.


Claim Process of OPD & Day Care Treatment

Let us understand how does the claim process for an OPD and Day Care Treatment varies:

OPD Treatment

A policyholder should submit various documents when claiming the amount for OPD and he/she should understand the same properly. It is important to submit an application form with the necessary documents. The reimbursements are subject to sub-limits mentioned in a plan. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to receive the amount.

Day Care Treatment

Daycare treatment claims are very similar to hospitalization and a policyholder should inform an insurer well in advance. It is the right choice for those who want to avoid cash payments for treatment. A policyholder can get the amount within a week in the claim process.

Things to Consider When Choosing Day Care Treatment Coverage

Listed below are some crucial factors worth considering when choosing a day care treatment coverage:

  1. List of Network Hospitals: When choosing daycare treatment coverage, a policyholder should gather the details of listed hospitals. This will help a lot to select a daycare hospital in a location based on the choices.
  2. Coverage Amount: A policyholder should check the coverage amount wisely while selecting day care treatment coverage. This, in turn, gives way to claim the amount as soon as possible.
  3. Co-Payment: Some health insurance policies come with a co-payment clause and a policyholder has to bear a certain percentage of treatment expenses.
  4. Type of Policy: Whether it is an individual or family-floater option, policy buyers should select a cover that suits their requirements.
  5. Medical Procedures: Policy buyers should know what daycare is and the types of medical procedures covered in a health insurance plan. This will help a lot to buy a policy according to needs.


Things to Consider for an OPD Treatment Coverage:

Listed below are some pointers to keep in mind when going for OPD coverage in your health plan:

  1. Documentation: The documentation process for health insurance with OPD coverage is lengthy and a policyholder should keep the bills and documents properly.
  2. Choosing a Comprehensive Policy: A policy buyer should consider choosing a comprehensive policy that offers care OPD coverage. It is wise not to buy the coverage as an add-on policy.
  3. Terms and Conditions: A person should read the terms and conditions when looking for an OPD because some insurers don’t offer coverage.
  4. Adequate Coverage: Policy buyers should make sure that a plan provides adequate coverage for OPD because it has a sub-limit.  They should know what does OPD means in the hospital in detail and that will help a lot to claim the amount quickly.



Buying a health insurance plan is not an easy-going job and one should understand what is OPD. Similarly, he/she must know what daycare is when purchasing a policy. New policy buyers should carefully examine the terms used in a plan. This, in turn, gives ways to get coverage for both OPD and daycare expenses to ensure peace of mind. They should also focus more on the costs and other things while purchasing a policy from an insurance policy. Customers should consider reading reviews of insurance plans in detail that can help select the right one. It becomes easy to purchase a policy online at the best prices which will save money.

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