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Niva Bupa (Formerly Known As Max Bupa) Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India
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Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India

Max Bupa, now Niva Bupa Insurance, is one of the most popular and leading health insurance companies in India. It was formed as a joint venture between True North, an Indian private equity firm, and Bupa (a UK-based healthcare company). Niva Bupa Health Insurance boasts of a large network of hospitals that form part of the Max Bupa network hospital wherein you are assured of getting cashless treatment across the nation.

With a claim resolution ratio of 89.46 percent, Niva Bupa offers a variety of health insurance plans depending on the individual needs of a person, that are listed below:

  • Niva Bupa Health Companion Insurance
  • Niva Bupa Heartbeat Health Insurance
  • Niva Bupa Criticare Health Insurance
  • Niva Bupa GoActive Health Insurance
  • Niva Bupa AccidentCare Health Insurance
  • Niva Bupa Health Premia Insurance
  • Niva Bupa Arogya Sanjeevani Policy Health Insurance


Max Bupa Health Insurance Hospital List

The cashless claim settlement can be accessed quickly and easily by policyholders of Niva Bupa if they get admitted to a hospital in Max Bupa cashless hospital list. One need not worry about the huge hospital bills or periodic cash payments that one has to give while being admitted to a non-network hospital. In that case, one needs to keep a track of the pending payments that one has to make. Instead, you can focus on your recovery and getting the best treatment without worrying too much about the hospital formalities by choosing a hospital from the Max Bupa health insurance network hospital list.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Hospital List

To find your nearest hospital from the Max Bupa network hospital list, all you have to do is choose your city on their official webpage at https://transaction.nivabupa.com/Pages/hospitalnetwork.aspx and click on search. Once you select an appropriate city and state, you will be able to view the complete list of hospitals including directions and addresses, that are part of the network.

Those who do not have access to the internet or want information on the max Bupa cashless hospital that are present in their area may contact their customer service number at 1860-500-8888 or email customercare@nivabupa.com

Cashless Claim Filing Process

For an insurance company to process the claim, the insured must be admitted to the hospital for at least 24 hours. If the insured person is not hospitalized for at least 24 hours, the chance of your claim getting rejected is high even if it is in Niva (Max) Bupa health insurance network hospitals.

Cashless Claim Filing Process

When it comes to filing a medical insurance claim after getting hospitalized in a hospital, you have two options, to opt for – Cashless Claims or Reimbursement Claims. The cashless claims are settled if you are hospitalized in any of the Niva Bupa health insurance hospital lists. If you choose to get admitted to a non-network hospital, then reimbursement claims are your only choice, wherein, the expenses of treatment and hospitalization are paid to the policyholder, after he/she is discharged from the facility.

Documents for a Cashless Claim

The hospital insurance desk at any Niva Bupa network hospital usually handles cashless claims so the policyholder does not need to submit many documents. They will require only a few documents before they can start the process of cashless claim settlement. But whatever be the health insurance claim, you will need to submit the following documents to inform them about the interest to utilize a health insurance claim for that particular treatment. They are:

  • Hospital admission form, filled and signed
  • All necessary KYC documentation (Aadhar Card and PAN Card)
  • A doctor’s prescription or letter that recommends hospitalization, surgery, or any other treatments.
  • Pharmacy bills in their original format, if availed before hospitalization
  • Original policy documents, TPA cashless health card
  • Documents that provide a detailed description of the patient’s condition and the need for hospitalization.


Tips for a Faster Cashless Claim

Opting for a cashless claim is one of the most common options availed by the policyholder, to pay for the insured person’s medical expenses. While it is not required for the insured person to present all the required documents at the hospital at the time of admission while getting admitted to any hospital from the Max Bupa health insurance cashless hospital list, it is always recommended to follow the procedure to ensure faster cashless claim. Once the treatment is completed, the insurance company shall pay the charges directly to the hospital with zero or minimal intervention from the policyholder.

For a faster and smoother cashless claim processing, the following steps should be undertaken without fail as the chance of claim rejection is high, if you miss out on a few important formalities, which are explained below:

  1. You won’t be able to file cashless claims if you visit a hospital that is not on the insurers or TPA network list. So, the first thing is to make sure you are getting hospitalized in a hospital within the network.
  2. Inform the TPA about the expected hospitalization and the medical condition in advance, before getting yourself admitted to the hospital.
  3. After visiting the hospital, present your health card or policy number at the hospital`s insurance desk form to process your cashless claim directly.
  4. Complete the cashless claim form at the hospital desk along with the documents required after getting necessary approvals from the hospital management and TPA.
  5. Once the verification is complete, ensure to retain an extra set of documents for your future reference for faster approval of the cashless claim, after your discharge.


After the above formalities are completed by the hospital, the insured person doesn’t have to worry about making any more payments to the hospital towards treatment. The hospital shall start the process of claim settlement directly with the insurer as the hospital has all of the documents necessary to move ahead with the cashless hospitalization in a smoother manner.

The Conclusion

If you don’t have health insurance for your life, it is certainly a risk but even riskier is not getting yourself familiar with the details of network hospitals and the claim settlement process of the insurer. Knowing them in advance will help you avoid spending too much time searching for the right hospital or getting admitted to a facility that is not listed on the network.


Is Niva Bupa and Max Bupa same?

Yes, the Niva Bupa was formerly known as Max Bupa health insurance company. It is one of the most trusted and eminent health insurance companies in India.

Why did Max Bupa change to Niva Bupa?

In February 2019, Max India, the erstwhile majority stakeholder in the company sold its share to True North. Due to this change in shareholding pattern, Max Bupa needs to create a new brand identity as part of the evolution. Thus, the company has restructured and rebranded itself by changing its name.

Which health insurance has the highest hospital network?

SBI health insurance has the highest network hospitals (6000+). All reputed health insurance companies have their network hospitals where they offer hassle-free cashless treatments to their policyholders.

How to do Niva Bupa login?

1. Visit the official website of Max Bupa
2. If you are an existing customer, then click on ‘Existing User’ under the Login tab.
3. Now, enter the user ID and password.
4. Click on the login
But if you are a newbie customer, then you need to create an account with Max Bupa simply by entering the Policy No. and Date of Birth. After that, you can log in with the details.

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