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New India Assurance Health Insurance Network Hospitals List in India
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New India Assurance Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India

Gautam (26-years-old) works as an executive in a private company. He is planning to get married within 2 years and thus, he focuses on his savings. At the same time, he wants to purchase a health insurance policy from an established insurance company that will embrace him with cashless facilities for his treatment. One of his friends suggests that he should get in touch with New India Assurance Health insurance as the company has a wide range of network hospitals. Gautam also finds out that the New India Assurance hospital list is very big and inspiring.

New India Assurance Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India


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New India Assurance Co. Ltd. was established in 1919. This Mumbai-based insurance company is one of the five assurance companies that are utterly owned by the government. New India Assurance is the largest general insurance provider in the country. In 1973, the company gained nationalized status. This insurance company runs its operations not only in India but also in foreign countries. New India Assurance is tied up with many eminent Indian banks (State Bank of India, United Western Bank, Corporation Bank, Central Bank of India, etc.) to uplift its distribution network. The company welcomes its customers with a spectrum of insurance policies, such as personal insurance, commercial insurance, industrial insurance, liability insurance, and social insurance.

What are New India Assurance Network Hospitals?

Network hospitals are those hospitals that are tied up with insurance companies. You can only enjoy cashless facilities at network hospitals. An insurance provider chooses network hospitals based on their background details, efficiency, and expertise in the field of healthcare science. New India Assurance network hospital list is quite large, and the company is tied up with more than 1,500 network hospitals across India.

What are New India Assurance Network Hospitals


The company reviews its New India Assurance cashless hospital list from time to time. The company also updates the list based on the services offered at these network hospitals. This means that New India Assurance network hospitals are those hospitals that offer quality treatment to patients.

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There are myriad advantages if you choose a hospital from the New India Assurance Health insurance hospital list.

1. Firstly, you don’t need to pay anything from your pocket, and yet, you will get the best treatment with the New India health insurance hospital list. Thus, you won’t get any additional stress at the time of healthcare contingency.

2. Secondly, the risks are also minimal with cashless treatments, unlike reimbursement. You will be eligible for cashless treatment once you submit your request for a cashless claim and the request will be approved by the insurance company. But in case of a reimbursement claim, first, you need to pay all expenses from your pocket and then initiate a claim that involves a lot of risks.

So, choose a health insurance plan from New India assurance as the New India health insurance hospital list is huge and very impressive. From the New India assurance hospital list, you must choose a nearby hospital for your treatment.

New India Assurance Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio (CSR) shows the number of claims settled by an insurer against the total number of accumulated claim requests from policyholders in a financial year. A higher claim settlement ratio indicates the company is loyal and will not betray you in your claim settlement process.

New India Assurance Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio


It would be a prudent decision if you buy a policy from an insurance company that has a wholesome claim settlement ratio. The claim settlement ratio of New India Assurance Health insurance is 92.68%.

How to file a claim at the New India Assurance Hospital list (Network Hospitals)

  1. You can conveniently initiate a claim at network hospitals of New India Assurance Health insurance company. After the admission of the patient under the insurer’s cashless network, the family members of the insured policyholder should get in touch with the concerned officials on New India’s Toll-Free number or they can log into the TPA (Third-Party Administrator) website.
  2. You need to submit all necessary documents, such as the doctor’s certificate to the TPA.
  3. After your treatment and discharge, all the bills will be directly sent to the insurance provider (New India Assurance) from the hospital.

Exclusion under New India Insurance Network Hospital Services

  • Pre-existing disease won’t be covered till 48 months from the date of the policy purchase
  • If you contract any disease within the first 30 days of the beginning of the policy
  • Injury in war, invasion, contamination by radioactive material, nuclear weapon
  • Plastic surgeries other than recommended by a doctor for an accident or an illness
  • Dental treatment (including implant, braces, prosthetic treatments, etc.)
  • Eyeglasses, spectacles or contact lenses, hearing aids including cochlear implants, durable medical equipment
  • Congenital diseases (internal and external)
  • Obesity management and treatment
  • Treatment for infertility including impotence or any psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders
  • Self-harmed injuries like suicide
  • Injury caused due to consumption of excessive drugs or alcohol
  • Injuries for participating in life-threatening sports
  • Treatment of an illness or injury sustained due to participation in a criminal act
  • Cost of supplements or vitamins that are not included as a part of the treatment
  • Naturopathy treatments
  • Genetic disorder treatment, stem cell therapy, and implantation
  • Acupressure, acupuncture, and magnetic therapies
  • Any changes in treatment (from one medical system to another if not recommended by the doctor)
  • Treatment methods including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), External Counter Pulsation (ECP), Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR), and Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) are excluded


The Conclusion

Cashless facilities are ideal for those who are not financially stable for their treatments in private hospitals. New India Assurance is a prodigious company that holds an impressive market reputation. Purchase a health insurance policy from New India Assurance and enjoy cashless treatment facilities at the best network hospitals in India.

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